Facilities Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Rule R277-471. Oversight of School Inspections. Presents Utah's rules for school inspection oversight, including definitions of and responsibilities of school district building officials, as well as state requirements to develop, distribute,... 05/31/2006
Safety Program Guidelines for Public School Facility Construction and Operations. Facilities management programs at public schools covering capital improvement projects and facility operations and maintenance functions need comprehensive safety programs to ensure that workers,... 04/30/2002
Save a Penny, Lose a School: The Real Cost of Deferred Maintenance. Describes the problem of deferred maintenance for school facilities, especially from the perspective of small rural districts. It examines the extent, causes, and consequences of deferred maintenance... 05/31/2003
School Building Codes: A Basic Guide for Facility Managers. Briefly discusses building code issues and practical building features that apply to schools. These include handicapped accessibility, maintaining egress, energy efficiency, fresh air, fire safety,... 11/30/2007
School Building Utilization: Effective Space Management. Addresses maximizing school space use by examining current usage and demographic trends. A diverse task force should be created to focus on creative uses of facilities and potential for flexibility... 11/30/2007
School Estate Management Plans, Building Our Future: Scotland's School Estate. Offers guidance on facility management plans, describing their purpose, content, scope, and preparation. Clarity and flexibility is emphasized, and a model plan is provided. 12/31/2002
School Facilities Joint Use Cost Calculator. One obstacle to sharing public school facilities is recovering the cost of joint use. This joint use cost calculator helps school districts determine what to charge users to recover costs for joint... 08/31/2010
School Maintenance and Renovation: Administrator Policies, Practices, and Economics. Written for decision-makers in school buildings, district offices, and boards, this book outlines the major aspects of school maintenance and renovation, with a focus on cost-effectiveness. Chapters... 12/31/2003
SchoolDude.com This members-only website is the online home for school facility, maintenance, and operations professionals. The site connects school facility professionals to each other to solve problems, share...
SchoolFacilities.com SchoolFacilities.com is an education facilities infomediary, providing knowledge and focused business development services to industry professionals responsible for school building maintenance,...
Self Control Is Secret to Energy Savings. Provides technical advice to make case that rigorous maintenance of existing facilities can be as effective as upgrading to new systems. 05/31/2010
Showcase: Paints 4-part series on the latest developments in greening paints. Manufacturers have developed the whole package: low-VOC paints that are readily tintable at the point of sale with low-VOC colorant and... 03/31/2012
Smart Spaces. Describes four keys to wise classroom space use: 1) Conduct a thorough inventory of existing space, including who uses them and when, and what the seating requirements are. 2) Know curriculum types... 12/31/2004
Smart Supervision. Three school officials explain why their districts recognize that facilities management requires district-level oversight by trained personnel. Beyond maintenance and construction, facilities... 07/31/1996
Snow and Ice Management Checklist for School Administrators. Offers a checklist to use in preparation for snow and ice removal season. 10/31/2006
Snow and Ice Management: Cold Treatment. Describes changes in snow and ice management from exclusive use of granular materials to luquid anti-icing materials. 06/30/2011
Snow and Ice: An Outside Job. Advises on pricing structures, contract, and insurance coverage for snow removal contractors. Accurate and detailed records of the contractor's work, various fee structures, typical challenges... 09/30/2010
Solving the O&M Equation. Concerning the issue of molds and indoor air quality in school buildings, addresses the importance of planning and design for building operations and maintenance, the effects of indoor air quality,... 04/30/2003
State Laws on Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrest & Defibrillators. Summarizes the benefits of having automated external defibribillator (AED) readily available in public buildings, and the laws in all fifty states regarding their placement, use, and liability issues. 05/31/2006
Stick With a School Maintenance Plan Schools and universities must follow through on their maintenance management plans to ensure that facilities are kept in good shape. Includes a formula for determining how many workers are needed to... 05/31/2012
Stretching Construction Dollars. Describes a three-stage downward spiral that many school districts fall into, consisting of poor maintenance budgets, rushed renovation decisions, and faulty building addition decisions. Warning... 09/30/2004
Summer Is No Vacation When It Comes to Maintenance. Discusses maintenance scheduling in schools that are being used year-round for various purposes. Rethinking maintenance work beyond the traditional summer vacation is described as are school district... 03/31/2000
Take It or Leave It. Discusses survey results that show a school districts aversion to privatize non-educational services. Top reasons why some school districts and colleges turn to, or resist, privatization are provided... 08/31/1999
Taking Safety to a New Level. Advises on safe use of mobile aerial work platforms, or lifts, in facilities maintenance. Adherence to manufacturer guidelines, knowledge of the equipment, thorough training, an environment of... 05/31/2009
Taking the ‘Haz' from Hazmat This reviews a range of challenges common to two major types of facilities — education and health care — and takes a closer look at hazardous materials (hazmat) issues that can provide maintenance... 08/31/2000