Facilities Management

Title Abstract Publication Date
Under Pressure. Advises on the maintenance of pressure washers, which can last many more years than they typically do if properly cleaned and maintained. Instrutions on rinsing out cleaning compounds, oiling,... 06/30/2010
Understanding the Needs of Arkansas School Districts Relative to Building Use and Control, Utility Tracking, Personnel, and Facility Planning. Reports on a study of Arkansas school districts' utilities use that documents community use, and utility use and tracking practices. Concerns over rising costs, differences between large and... 12/31/2006
Unexpected Side Effects. Discusses how the current economic downturn might encourage a fresh look at how we do things. 06/30/2009
Uptime-Minded. Advises on elevator care and maintenance, noting that monitoring of the elevator's performance is critical, with special attention to waiting time and down time. Contents of typical service... 01/31/2009
Using Benchmarking to Analyze M&O Efficiency This study developed efficiency indicators (grouped into price, personnel, productivity, and policy categories) as part of an ongoing internal benchmarking process to help six affluent New York... 03/31/1996
Using Schools in Summer. Advocates the use of school buildings during the Summer for diverse programs, not just remedial education. Adding these three months to the building's use will help justify building a quality... 07/31/2004
Volume Purchasing Strategies. Describes money-saving purchasing strategies that include cooperative buying plans involving several districts, even across state lines, in which significant savings on equipment, supplies, food and... 10/31/2004
Want to Save Big Money on Insurance? Describes self-insurance cooperatives that some districts have joined in order to save money and improve safety. Financial surpluses that result are used to finance additional safety measures. 01/31/2005
Warm Weather, Cool Strategies. [Snow and Ice Removal: Summer Strategies.] Suggests preparations for Winter weather that can be done during warm weather. These include training staff, maintaining equipment, ordering supplies, and securing replacements for equipment that has... 06/30/2009
Where to Start when Previous Facilities Data are Questionable. Reviews the increasing awareness of the importance and difficulty in managing educational facilities as finite resources. The article discusses the clash of the value of research space with a lack of... 09/30/2007
Whitestone Facility Operations Cost Reference 2009-2010. Provides information to assess the cost of operating a facility over its lifetime, the effect of inflation rates on operating costs, regional differences in operating costs, and the effect of varying... 09/30/2009
Winter Maintenance. Describes winter school facility issues in Yakima, Washington; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Ohio. Fowl weather responses, aging facilities, staff and budget shortages, and a state-wide building... 12/31/2009
Wired for Performance The rules of cabling and wiring are changing rapidly these days, and they are creating a series of issues that engineering and maintenance managers are having to address to keep their facilities... 06/30/2000
Your New Role as Chief Sustainability Officer. Discusses the opportunities for facilities managers to become the sustainability officers in their organizations. With their skills in the built environment, operations and maintenance, energy use,... 08/31/2010