Fire Safety

Title Abstract Publication Date
Compatibility, Reliability, and Code Compliance. Provides a set of guidelines for evaluating existing fire alarm systems and proceedes through the decision-making process to manage maintenance and upgrades compliant with National Fire Alarm and... 04/30/2010
Complying with the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act. Reviews particulars of the 2008 Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act, which requires higher education institutions to annually report considerable fire safety information to the U.S. Department of... 12/31/2008
Computer Fire and Egress Modeling. Discusses features of computer egress modeling, including its ability replicate the floor plan, account for the movement and interaction of occupants in an emergency, the behavior of smoke,... 08/31/2009
Controlling Construction Costs of Educational Facilities. Describes methods of reducing construction costs while still including fire protection design and systems. Exemptions to expensive building compartmentation requirements may be obtained if sprinkler... 12/31/2004
Description of the Minimum Adequate Fire Alarm System as Required by the School Facilities Board. Outlines the components of a minimum adequate fire alarm system for Arizona schools, covering wiring, location of equipment, horns, strobes, smoke detectors, and special requirements for kitchens,... 05/31/2004
Designing Schools with Fire/Life Safety Needs in Mind. Describes multi-criteria fire detectors, which use a combination of ionization, photoelectric, and thermal sensing to help ensure accurate fire detection. 10/31/2004
Determining Fire Hazards When Educators Decorate Their Classrooms in Clinton, Mississippi. Discusses what history reveals concerning fires that are attributed to classroom decorations and furnishings, what materials make up the decorations in the classrooms and in what configurations they... 07/31/2008
Door Hardware: Code Considerations. Reviews highlights of major codes regarding door hardware, with particular attention to maintaining both fire safety and security, as well as compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. 05/31/2011
Door Locking Options for Schools. Explains the building and fire code requirements governing doors in schools, discusses existing door locking options, and describes the varied and sometimes conflicting safety- and security-related... 12/31/2008
Dormitory Fires. [Topical Fire Research Series] Each year in the U.S. there are an estimated 1,300 fires in high school, private and prep school, and university dormitories. These fires are responsible for less than 5 deaths, and approximately 50... 02/28/2001
Earth, Wind, and Fire: Managing Risk in Today's Schools, Part 1: Fire! Reviews statistics on the sources and history of school fires, and discusses school-wide responsibility for fire vigilance. Maintenance of fire suppression system and cafeteria-based fires are also... 05/31/2010
Egress and Accessible Egress Planning. Reviews provisions in the International Building Code for refuge areas for the disabled, defend in place strategies, phased evacuations, and use of elevators during fires. 02/28/2009
Emergency Preparedness: Path to Safety An emergency plan is more than just paperwork. A carefully prepared and regularly practiced plan might be the difference between life and death. This discusses evacuation or defend-in-place, facility... 03/31/2005
Explanation of 527 CMR 10.09 Governing School Work. Summarizes Massachusetts' regulations governing the display of teaching materials, student work, artwork, etc. within schools as detailed in the State Fire Code. The State Fire Code applies to... 12/31/2009
Facilitating Fire Safety. Reviews the role that facilities staff play in fire safety, including keeping mechanical spaces clear, maintaining egress lighting and fire suppression systems, testing alarms, and promoting fire-... 04/30/2006
Facilities Evaluation Handbook: Safety, Fire Protection, and Environmental Compliance, 2nd edition. Provides guidance to help plant and facilities managers conduct inspections and evaluations of their facilities in order to pinpoint and solve problems in the areas of maintenance, safety, energy... 12/31/1999
Facility Safety: Focus on Firestops. Discusses the motive for compartmentalization of a building to control fire and smoke, focusing on strategies to maintain the integrity of firewalls that have been penetrated to accommodate building... 08/31/2007
Fight Fire with These Safety Strategies. Provides expert guidelines on ways to keep schools and children safe from building fires, such as maintenance of exits for easy egress in emergencies, maintaining fire protection systems, and... 07/31/1998
Fighting Fire with Fire. School districts are integrating security and life-safety systems into school buildings to protect students and property. This proactive approach includes sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and security... 03/31/1996
Fighting Fire with Forthought. Advises on proper planning and rehearsal for building fire emergencies, noting that every building must have a plan that accounts for its unique features and occupants, and that it is properly... 03/31/2010
Fire and Ice. Reviews typical causes of residence hall fires and suggests steps to reduce them, as well as offering a checklist to use in preparation for snow and ice removal season. 10/31/2006
Fire and Life Safety. Discusses the need to practice lockdowns as well as evacuations at schools. The components of lockdown plans are discussed, as well as the need to get these approved by local officials, just as... 10/31/2009
Fire and the Design of Educational Buildings. Building Bulletin 7. Sixth Edition. This bulletin offers guidance on English school premises regulations applying to safety protection against fires in the following general areas: means of escape in case of fire; precautionary... 12/31/1996
Fire Plans. Many libraries have disaster recovery plans, but not all have prevention and action plans to prepare for an emergency in advance. This article presents the author's review of the prevention and... 12/31/2010
Fire Power. Discusses fire prevention programs at schools. Typical sources of fires are cited, along with standard facility and behavioral preventive measures, fire protection and suppression equipment, and... 09/30/2009