Fire Safety

Title Abstract Publication Date
Fire Power. Discusses the prevalence of school arson, motives for setting school fires, and sex and type of student involvement within the context of a detailed description of the high school burning in rural... 11/10/1998
Fire Power. Discusses the impact hazards of wired glass, and new fire-resistant glazing options offering higher impact ratings without loss of fire protection. These include fire-rated ceramics, glass layered... 09/30/2004
Fire Protection Handbook This authoritative and comprehensive text covers major advances in fire alarm systems, life safety, rescue training, fire risk analysis, and water mist suppression. A chapter on fundamentals of safe... 12/31/2002
Fire Protection in Educational Occupancies. Discusses the origins of school fires and the components of the fire protection code called the Life Safety Code (LSC). Three of the following LSC requirements are described: means of egress;... 12/31/1999
Fire Protection: A Three-Layered Approach. Describes a three-layered approach to fire safety that includes detection, suppression, and building compartmentation. Fire-rated glazing is also discussed. 12/31/2009
Fire Pumps: Time to Change NFPA 25 Weekly Churn Testing. Reviews recent developments with the National Fire Protection Association?s NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Advantages and... 02/28/2010
Fire Safety (FacilitiesNet)
Fire Safety 101: A Factsheet for Colleges and Universities Tips to help reduce and prevent the loss of life and property in dormitory and university housing fires. 02/28/2006
Fire Safety for College Students Information from FEMA's U.S. Fire Administration on campus fire safety. The site includes publications and links of interest.
Fire Safety in Buildings. This describes incorporating fire-safe design in buildings. Such measures must be considered early in the design process and revolve around three objectives: prevent ignition; control the effects of... 12/31/2003
Fire Safety in Schools, Building Our Future: Scotland's School Estate. Describes the statutory duty of the local education authority and headteacher in preventing school fires, satisfactory means of escape in the event of fire, and the fire dangers associated with... 12/31/2002
Fire Safety in Schools. Designed to reduce the number of potential fire incidents in schools, this covers fire prevention in laboratories, classrooms, gymnasiums, kitchen and home economics rooms, industrial arts, office... 12/31/2010
Fire Safety Systems. Reviews fire safety in schools, including sprinkler systems, egress safety, evacuation plans, proper building and fire system maintenance, and fire safety design team selection. 07/31/2007
Fire Safety. Managing School Facilities Guide 6. This booklet discusses how United Kingdom schools can manage fire safety and minimize the risk of fire. The guide examines what legislation school buildings must comply with and overs the major risks... 12/31/1999
Fire Safety: Checklist for Success. Discusses fire safety inspection, testing, maintenance, record-keeping, and typical trouble spots. 12/31/2009
Fire Safety: Finding the Weakest Link. Highlights typical fire safety oversights such as sprinkler valve condition, security measures that inhibit egress, storage in stairwells and electrical closets, and occupants' lack of awareness... 03/31/2006
Fire Stopper. Reviews the benefits of intumescent paint as a fire retardant, noting recent advances in the product that make it more affordable and easier to work with, as well application procedures. 10/31/2007
Fire Systems Go Hand in Hand with Human Factors. Emphasizes the importance of inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire prevention systems. Examples of negligence that have contributed to fires are provided, as are steps for inspection and... 05/31/2008
Fire-Safety Challenges Facing College Campuses. Advises on fire risk in campus dormitories, greek housing, and off-campus residences. Ignition potential in staff areas and laboratories is also discussed, with 20 tips on reducing fire risk in... 06/30/2007
Flexible Design Can Improve Fire Safety An alternative to prescriptive building codes, performance-based designs are tailored for specific facilities, such as educational facilities configured around an elaborate atrium. The performance-... 08/31/2006
Focus on Fire. Discusses inspection and maintenance of fire alarm and suppression systems, emphasizing training of personnel, possible outsourcing of the work, and the benefits of vigilance. 08/31/2009
Form and Function. Discusses recent advances in glass technology that allow more extensive use of glass for daylighting and security, but offer fire resistance as well. 11/30/2010
Frequently Asked Questions: School Decorations and Regulations. Provides 20 questions and answers concerning classroom decorations and furnishings allowable under the Massachusetts fire and building codes. 12/31/2009
General Fire Requirements: Self Inspection Checklist. Provides a 31-item checklist for fire safety in schools, in accordance with New Jersey regulations. The checklist covers access, storage, fire supression systems, decorations, and facility condition. 02/28/2010
Getting ahead of the Curve on Upcoming Fire Door Inspections. Details Georgia State University's program to inspect, document, and maintain all of its fire doors in advance of state requirements for mandatory annual fire door inspections. 11/07/2008