Fire Safety

Title Abstract Publication Date
Underground Fuel Storage Tanks. Owners of underground storage tanks often fail to realize the legal requirements—federal, state, and local—associated with their ownership as well as the liability associated with leaking tanks.... 04/30/1996
University Housing Fires (2007-2009) Addresses the characteristics of university housing fires reported to the National Fire Incident Reporting Systems between 2007 and 2009; an estimated 3,800 university housing fires occurred in the... 07/31/2011
Unlocking the Mystery: Electrified Hardware and Electronic Access Control Systems. Reviews the benefits of electrified door hardware to security and life safety, describes electromechanical versions of locks, and discusses the components of an access control system, including the... 10/31/2007
What Is the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act and How Will It Affect Colleges and Universities? Explains details of this act, including what constitutes a fire, reporting requirements, and the potential benefits to higher education institutions. 10/31/2009
What You Don't Know. Alerts readers that fire marshals and inspectors are more vigilant in testing theatre or auditorium fire curtains, smoke vents, and stage curtains. New products, codes and inspection standards are... 04/30/2010
Where's the Fire? Describes the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act, part of part of the Higher Education Act which initiates new federal fire incident reporting requirements for higher education institutions. 01/31/2009
Where's the Fire? Discusses fire safety training priorities for higher education staff, faculty, and students, and includes a case study of fire safety awareness at Montana State University. 01/31/2008
Wildfires and Schools. Discusses conditions that feed wildfires, how a building catches fire, determining your school's risk, creating a survivable space for the school, the importance of maintenance, the fire-... 09/30/2008