Floor Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
Digging up the Dirt. Explores ways of maintaining school floors and carpeting that ensure students and staff are comfortable, safe, and healthy. Carpet maintenance for high- to low-traffic areas and cleaning procedures... 05/31/1997
Doing More with Less. Reviews floor cleaning and finishing considerations that lower maintenance time and costs. Ten tips for floor stripping and refinishing are included, as is a brief discussion of green floor care. 06/30/2007
Eat My Dust: Matting Systems and Green Cleaning. Discusses potential environmental hazards that can be tracked into a school, and describes the function and placement of scraper, absorber, and finish mats. 03/31/2008
Enhancing the Life and Look of Flooring This reviews the most common types of flooring available today, along with an update of the newest flooring options. A discussion of installation and maintenance is included. 06/30/2005
Equipment Maintenance Strategies Central to keeping floors clean is an arsenal of floor care equipment that delivers reliable, long-term performance. The challenge for housekeeping managers is to ensure that mechanics and equipment... 08/31/2000
Extending the Longevity of Carpet. Explains how a well-planned maintenance program can result in a longer-lasting carpet and examines each of the plan's components, including vacuuming, spot removing, and interim restorative... 02/28/1999
FacilitiesNet FacilitiesNet, a comprehensive site for professionals who design, construct, manage and maintain buildings, features online editions of Building Operating Management, Maintenance Solutions, and...
Feet First. Discusses the high priority nature and maintenance needs of keeping playing surfaces to sports and recreation facilities. Grass and synthetic field and track surface maintenance are discussed as are... 06/30/2000
Five Ways to Prevent Mold in Flooring and Carpets. Discusses five simple ways to prevent mold: 1) Design roofs with overhangs. 2)Install wall board 1/4 inch above the floor. 3)Make sure all concrete is dry before installing flooring. 4) Keep indoor... 06/30/2004
Floor Care 101: The Basics of Vacuuming and Damp Mopping. Examines six steps to maintaining hard wood and resilient floors in educational facilities to provide a high level of appearance, safety, sanitation, and damage prevention. Specific cleaning... 03/31/1999
Floor Care Basics. Reviews cleaning and maintenance procedures for carpet, rubber, wood, and terrazzo floors, with detailed advice on the removal of a variety of stains from wood floors and advice on the selection and... 05/31/2005
Floor Care Equipment: Dedicated or All in One. Briefly narrates the evolution of floor care machinery from dedicated single-task machines to all-in-one machines, citing improvements in both types that can justify investment in either. Advantages... 04/30/2008
Floor Care: Five Tips to Stretch Your Dollars. Advises on precise knowledge of a facility's flooring types and the type of maintenance they need, employee-friendly equipment and chemicals, purchase of quality products, versatile equipment,... 08/31/2009
Floor Chemical Basics. Discusses the issues to consider when selecting floor-care chemicals, including the floor-finish systems for hard-surface floors and the care of carpeted floors. Thoughts on cleaning chemical usage... 03/31/1998
Floor Health. Discusses the benefits to indoor air quality of floor cleaning with high filtration equipment. Reduction of dust and allergens in various studies are cited. 09/30/2010
Floor Maintenance and Economic Hard Times. Offers cost-saving ideas for floor maintenance in the areas of chemicals, equipment, and personnel. Concentrated and longer-lasting products, investing in equipment that saves staff time, and... 11/30/2008
Floor Maintenance Tips from the Experts. Presents advice from three university maintenance directors on what they see as the most important parts involved in keeping floors in top shape. Training, staff motivation, flexible scheduling, and... 08/31/2001
Floor Shields. Discusses specific protection strategies for types of flooring typically found in schools. Manufacturers' treatments, sealers and finishes, and cleaning strategies are addressed. 11/30/2007
Floor Shields: Flooring Experts Recommend the Best Protection for Carpet, Stone, Tile Vinyl, and Wood Floors. Advises on protective coatings for these floor types, emphasizing recent developments in the products that obviate former practices for cleaning and sealing. 11/30/2008
Flooring's Trade Secrets Revealed. Presents tips from experienced facility professionals for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of flooring and carpet. 04/30/2003
From Classroom to Courtside: Extending the Benefits of Carpet in Schools. Discusses the use of carpeting in athletic facilities, why it is a good idea, how it would look, and cleaning and maintenance issues. 09/30/2000
Getting More From the Floor Floor coatings and proper maintenance combine to help concrete, resilient flooring and wood retain their appearance. 05/31/2005
Green Cleaning: Effective and Environmental Floor Care Products. According to some estimates, more than a third of the cleaning products used today to clean schools contain ingredients that can have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Floor care... 09/30/2005
Green Floor Care. Reviews environmentally responsible options for vacuuming, floor care chemicals, and floor equipment. Training personnel in green cleaning practices is emphasized, and additional advice for carpet... 12/31/2007
Green Floor Cleaning and Care This defines green floor care and discusses the key elements of green floor care including prevention, scheduling, training, safety, documentation and validation, chemicals. equipment, and products. 03/04/2007