Floor Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
Seeing Results in Flooring for Schools. Schools can implement a cost-effective, sustainable floor cleaning program to meet green initiatives. 08/31/2011
Selection and Care of Resilient Flooring Discusses the selection and care of the most common categories of resilient flooring, including linoleum, vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl composition tile, and specialty flooring. Covers pre-installation... 09/30/2001
Solving the 10 Most Common Carpet Problems. Identifies the 10 most common carpet problems in school facilities and offers solutions. These include: transition areas, moisture, spot removal, recurring spots, cleaning agents, allergens, wicking... 02/28/1998
Solving Your Summer Floor Care Woes. Discusses major school floor cleaning that is best realized during the months when the school is unoccupied. Working in teams, improved equipment and chemicals, analysis and refinement of the... 06/30/2011
Suck it Up. Reviews LEED and other considerations for vacuum cleaners, including capture rates for particulates, lift power, ergonomic design, and durable construction. 02/29/2008
Summer Floor Repair Throughout the course of the school year, the facility's finished floors can take quite a beating. This describes the importance of using the most durable floor finish, a powerful supportive... 03/14/2006
Targeted Cleaning. Discusses the creation of an effective carpet vacuuming program by combining area usage assessment and vacuuming requirements with a scheduling plan. It also explains vacuum cleaner suction and... 05/31/1998
The Carpet and Rug Institute's Carpet Maintenance Guidelines for Commercial Applications. Presents guidelines for carpet cleaning in non-residential settings, including schools. Chapters advise on the elements of a maintenance plan and schedule, developing a carpet maintenance plan,... 01/31/2004
The Hard Way. Describes vinyl, rubber, terrazzo, resin, and wood flooring, their histories, and their maintenance requirements. 02/28/2005
The Importance Of Floor Maintenance Takes a closer look at floor and rug cleaning machines and discusses what factors should be considered before purchasing. 12/31/1998
The Lowdown on Today's Vacuums Presents information about the increasing sophistication of vacuum cleaners over the last 20 years, noting the growing number of options that housekeeping managers have and the importance of... 11/30/2000
The Problem That Won't Go Away: IAQ and Floor Care. Briefly reviews the consequences of poor indoor air quality, and discusses the use of matting, green carpet cleaners, and low moisture/hot water extraction for floor care that does not negatively... 12/31/2008
The Real Dirt on Carpets. Argues that carpets do not contribute to student complaints of respiratory problems, allergies, and asthma as long as they are properly cleaned with high-efficiency microfiltration bags. Discusses... 11/30/2001
The Secrets of Effective Floor Care. Discusses the importance of staff training and a maintenance program to the care of hard floors. Describes four key features to look for in a computer-based training program and types of floor pads... 04/30/2002
The Sports Floor Score. Discusses the issues to be considered when replacing an old gymnasium floor with a new. Issues involving aesthetics, safety, maintenance, and costs are addressed. 04/30/2000
The True Benefits of Cleaning Green. Cites the health risks from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in carpet cleaning compounds, advises on how to identify environmentally compounds and methods such as encapsulation. Advantages of dry... 06/30/2009
The ‘Craft' of Carpet Care A growing array of chemicals forces managers to revisit their approach to a once-straightforward task. Carpet cleaning has changed to become a science and a craft. Instead of selecting from a limited... 10/31/2000
There's More to Floors than the Shine. Discusses floor cleaning techniques that reduce the amount of dust thrown into the air. Passive vaccum systems, proper preparation for burnishing, burnishing pad and finish compatibility, quality and... 04/30/2005
Thinking Green. Discusses a proactive approach to maintaining and improving the indoor environment through proper purchasing, maintaining, and recycling of carpeting. Considerations regarding vinyl asbestos tile... 03/31/1997
Thorough Control. Reviews cleaning strategies for carpeted and hard school flooring, including vacuuming, spot removal, mopping, and polishing. 02/29/2008
Tips for Cleaning Floors and Carpets. Provides advice on developing an effective floor and carpet care program for public schools. It considers eight primary elements: writing cleaning procedures; establishing accountability policies;... 09/30/1998
Tough Rubber. Describes the benefits of using rubber floor coverings in a gym's free-weight and cardiovascular equipment areas. Tips on purchasing rubber floor are highlighted as is an annotated list of... 04/30/1994
Treat Your Terrazzo Floor Right. Discusses terrazzo floor care after installation, and on a daily, weekly basis, and semi-annually basis. Cautionary notes on the types of cleaners to use are provided. 03/31/2000
Trends in Hard-Floor Care Reports on the range of hard flooring in use today and the challenges related to keeping these floors clean and fit. New and updated materials may prompt managers to revisit their facilities'... 12/31/2000
Unsightly Walkways. Analyzes the usual causes of soiling of hallway carpeting and content of the soil. The most effective prevention is carefully planned matting with 5 feet of scraper matting outside the building entry... 05/31/2011