Floor Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
Carpeting's Top Tips. Provides 11 tips on how to effectively buy, install, and maintain campus carpeting. An example of carpeting and maintenance specifications used at Worcester Polytechnic Institute are highlighted. 02/29/2000
Characteristics of School Flooring Materials. Presents a succinct table comparing indoor air impact, cost, maintenance, room quality, comfort, safety, environmental, and other considerations of carpet, VCCT, linoleum, vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic... 12/31/2004
Choosing Flooring is a Lot Like Learning to Drive. Offers advice on assessing owner preference, possible donor preference, commitment to maintenance, and the architect's role in floor selection for academic facilities. 11/30/2005
Covering All Options. Reviews attributes of carpet, resilient flooring, and wood as school flooring, with particular attention to suitability, cost, and cleaning practices. 01/31/2011
Creative Floorcovering Installation Techniques. Recommends use of wide, standardized border treatments with flooring in academic offices and student housing, allowing the open space in the center to be changed over according to the tastes of the... 06/30/2004
Cutting Carpet Waste. Describes the extraordinary amount of carpet in landfills today and industry efforts to reduce the amount. Recycling and using old carpet as fuel are alternatives. 12/31/2003
Dave Spreen's Flooring Resources This commercial Web site features links to flooring resources by categories including over 30 flooring associations; 41related online magazines; contractors/designers/installers; carpet, laminates,...
Development of a Consensus Standard for School Equipment: NSF/NSSEA 380 In early 2010, NSF International and the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA) came together to develop quality standards for products and equipment designed for use in schools... 11/30/2011
Dispelling the Myths. Attempts to dispel four myths about sheet vinyl flooring: it emits toxic fumes and poses a health/safety risk; it is a low-class, unstylish flooring option; it is less friendly to the environment;... 09/30/2002
Don't Give 'Em the Slip. Discusses the selection criteria for athletic facility locker room flooring that will provide safety, ease of maintenance, cost savings. Comparative comments are provided on ceramic tile, carpeting,... 09/30/1994
Effects of New Carpet Emissions on Indoor Air Quality and Human Health. This report reviews evidence on new carpet emissions. It compares emissions data from several studies, and describes the dominant compounds found in these emissions. The toxicity of each of these... 12/31/2000
Effects on Health-Related Symptoms of Carpet Removal and Ventilation in Eleven Schools-A Controlled Intervention Study. Reports on an intervention study was carried out in eleven Norwegian elementary schools. Three schools with poor ventilation standard, four schools with carpets, and four control schools participated... 12/31/2001
Expanding Alternatives for Resilient Flooring. Reviews composition options for resilient flooring, including vinyl composition, solid vinyl, rubber, linoleum, and cork. 02/29/2008
Fit for Purpose. Discusses flooring selection for schools, addressing safety, air quality, acoustics, maintenance, repair, and sustainability. 02/28/2010
Floor It. Reviews the costs, advantages, and disadvantages of current options for higher education facility flooring, including resilient floors, terrazzo, polymer, and wood. 06/30/2007
Floor Scores. Reviews LEED considerations for school flooring, including rubber flooring, recycled flooring, locally sourced flooring materials, and indoor air impact of flooring. 06/30/2008
Floored. Discusses the costs, properties, and maintenance procedures for rubber and carpeting as flooring options in schools. 04/30/2006
Flooring for Tough Spaces. Describes flooring considerations for kitchens, laboratories, and industrial arts areas. Durability, traction, and cleanability are the major considerations. Seamless surfaces are favored, as there... 12/31/2004
Flooring in High-Traffic Zones. Discusses flooring considerations in these areas, including location, activity conducted on the floor, cost, lifespan, maintenance, and varieties of flooring available. 02/28/2005
Flooring: What Goes Where? Offers advice on choosing between carpet or vinyl tile (VCT) for college buildings, including issues such as maintenance, acoustics, safety, and aesthetics. 02/28/2003
From Classroom to Courtside: Extending the Benefits of Carpet in Schools. Discusses the use of carpeting in athletic facilities, why it is a good idea, how it would look, and cleaning and maintenance issues. 09/30/2000
From the Ground Up: Floorcovering Recommendations from an IAQ Consortium. Issuetrak: A CEFPI Brief on Educationaly Facility Issues. This brief describes the findings of a consortium on indoor air quality (IAQ) in educational facilities held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The objective was to determine the impact floorcoverings have... 07/31/2002
Getting Beneath the Surface. Provides guidance on choosing between various floor coverings, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of carpet, wood, tile and terrazzo flooring. 08/31/2003
Getting Your Priorities Straight. Advises on floor covering selection, offering four considerations when choosing a floor covering: 1)how the space will be used, 2)the importance of sustainability, 3)maintenance requirements, and 4)... 01/31/2009
Goodbye Carpets, Hello Hard Floors. Describes the pros and cons of three broad categories of hard flooring: terrazzo, architectural finishes, and resilient flooring. Includes a sidebar on floor maintenance. 03/31/2003