Floor Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
Great Planes. Details advances over the past 25 years in the technology involved in athletic surfaces, including natural turf, synthetic turf, hardwood floors, tracks, tennis courts, and ice sheets. 06/30/2002
Green Floors. Reviews green flooring, citing the features of sustainable production, off-gassing, durability, and certification that can be factored into their selection. 02/28/2007
Greening the Floor. Describes terrazzo's contribution to school environmental quality as a zero-emissions product that can also contain considerable recycled content. 03/31/2006
Health Considerations When Choosing School Flooring. Evaluates the health impact of carpet, VCTT (vinyl compount tufted textile), linoleum, terrazzo, ceramic tile, concrete, and rubber, with an emphasis on the indoor air quality impact of each. The... 12/31/2004
How to Avoid the Landfill: Being Environmentally Conscious with Your Carpet. Acknowledges that carpet is rarely considered in discussions of recycling and green considerations. The author proposes substituting a cradle to grave approach to carpet selection with a cradle to... 04/30/2011
How To Make an Educated Carpet Choice. Carpeting helps prevent falls, absorbs sound, reduces fatigue, and adds warmth to a school environment. New technologies make carpet more stain- and wear-resistant than it was only a few years ago. 02/28/1997
Indoor Air Pollution by Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) Emitted from Flooring Material in a Technical University in Switzerland. Reports the results of a case study at a technical university where employees and students complained about deteriorated indoor air after the building had been renovated. Some employees even suffered... 12/31/2001
Indoor Environmental Quality within an Elementary School: Measurements of Felis Domesticus I, Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides Farinae I, And Blatella Germanica in Carpeting. Quantifies the concentrations of cat (Felis domesticus I), dust mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus I, Dermatophagoides farinae I), and cockroach (Blatella germanica) allergens in carpeting in an... 12/31/2008
Is Rubber Flooring Right for Your Facility? Discusses the benefits of rubber flooring for college fitness areas and what to look for when buying it. Money savings tips when selecting rubber flooring are discussed. 05/31/1999
Is Your Flooring Sustainable? Presents an interview with a floor company's marketing director discussing a seminar on LEED 2.0 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards offered by the firm. 02/28/2002
Keeping Carpet Clean. Discusses elements to be considered when selecting carpet, including fiber type, construction, dye type, color, pattern, installation, and maintenance. A cleaning program is outlined that includes... 08/31/2005
Knowing Their Stuff. Describes unsatisfactory conditions for the installation of flooring and emphasizes the selection of installation professionals who are thoroughly trained and certified. Even installers with... 04/30/2004
Laying Down the Facts about Modular Carpeting. Ennumerates the virtues of carpet tile, emphasizing its decorative and wayfinding advantages, along with its ease of installation, cleaning, and replacement. The heavily constructed tiles are... 11/30/2004
Laying the Groundwork. Discusses typical varieties of school flooring, their cost, and installation and maintenance requirements. 05/31/2009
Life Cycle Costing of Interior Materials for Florida's Schools. The tight schedule of developing, designing, and managing educational facilities limits the time and resources needed to correctly assess the full cost of building materials. As a result, the... 09/30/2001
Life Cycle Costing. Controlling Total Flooring Costs Means Considering All Angles. This article covers life cycle comparison and more accurate budgeting through life cycle analysis of flooring materials. Key points include: comparison of the performance characteristics of rubber,... 04/30/2003
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Flooring. Provides guidance in assessing the life expectancy and costs of ownership for flooring. Consideration of factors such as suitability for the area, years of use, maintenance, and cost of removal at... 06/30/2004
Maintaining Your Cover. Discusses appropriateness of carpet and hard flooring in different school areas and the significance of choosing environmentally friendly products. With whatever surface is chosen, it is essential to... 03/31/2004
Making the Grade. Explains the importance of choosing wood flooring for athletic facilities and why the grade of wood specified can significantly impact sports-facility aesthetics. The three types of wood grades are... 10/31/2000
Maximizing Floor Safety. Advises on selecting and maintaining floors for safety, particularly tripping and slipping. Developing a decision matrix to choose the right flooring for a space, installation, and matting are... 06/30/2011
Meeting Flooring for Schools Performance Needs In education institutions, specialty spaces deserve special attention when it comes to flooring decisions. This looks at the performance benefits of rubber flooring for athletic facilities, science... 02/29/2012
National Survey of Public School Teachers. Presents the findings of a national survey of 1,050 public school teachers. The survey, which examines teachers' opinions regarding the relationship between interior design and academic... 02/28/2001
New Flooring — Without Snags This provides five basic tips that can help the facility manager choose the right floorcovering for a space. 08/31/2006
New Three R's in School Design. Advocates the use of carpet in schools to increase comfort, control noise, and reduce glare. Current techniques enable manufacturers to create carpet that is recyclable and consumes very few... 07/31/2010
Polished Concrete: It's All in the Finish. Reviews the virtues of dyed and dry-polished concrete as a flooring choice. This materials offers attractive and durable floors at prices typically below comparably hard surfaces. Design, cost,... 10/31/2007