Floor Selection

Title Abstract Publication Date
Power to the People. Describes the benefits of cellular flooring systems to schools. Delivery of electrical, data, and HVAC services through raised floors allows more flexibility, along with improved fire safety and... 04/30/2006
Preliminary Study of Flooring in School in the U.S.: Airborne Particulate Exposures in Carpeted vs. Uncarpeted Classrooms. Reports on analysis of data from 16 schools (grades K-6 and a Junior High), spanning 5 southwestern states to examine classroom airborne particulate levels and the buildup of contaminants on flooring... 12/31/2001
Proper Installation Improves Carpet Life. Explains how proper carpet installation can add to carpet life, including tips to consider before signing a carpet installation purchasing agreement that can make the new carpet a better investment.... 05/31/1998
Real-time Measurement of Dust Levels in a Carpeted and Non-carpeted School Gym Room. Reports on research where particle data were collected in two school gyms for fifteen weeks in Kennebunk, Maine. The floor coverings of the two gyms were vinyl composition tile (VCT) and vinyl... 12/31/2001
Recyclable Flooring. Reviews the recylcability of various floor coverings, an increase in carpet recycling, and obstacles to flooring recycling. 12/31/2007
Recyclable Flooring. Discusses the recyclability of typical school floor coverings, many of which are not recycled even though they are made of recyclable content. A process for recycling the material and selling the... 11/30/2008
Residence Hall Flooring Solutions. Advises on floor coverings for various surfaces in dormitories, detailing issues of durability and aesthetics for rooms, common areas, and transition areas. 02/28/2007
Resilient Flooring. Discusses PVC, linoleum, cork, non-chlorinated polymer, and rubber floors, comparing their first costs, maintenance requirements, life expectancies, and the manner in which they wear. 05/31/2005
Right from the Start--Constructing a Healthy School. A new high school in Stillwater, Minnesota, was completed in June 1993 with the objectives of creating a safe indoor environment, minimizing health risks to construction workers, and avoiding a... 05/31/1994
Rolling Out the Carpet. Describes improvements in carpet that make it more durable, cleanable, and appropriate in educational settings. Comparisons of cleaning and replacement costs between hard flooring and carpeting are... 11/30/2003
Routine Maintenance and Its Impact on the Specification. Advises on considering maintenance requirements when specifying a floor. Ten questions to ask are presented, covering cleaning agents and frequency, resistance to chemicals and spills, sanitation,... 10/31/2010
Scientific Data Dispels Urban Myths. Presents research evidence in support of the contention that carpet holds and traps allergens in the fiber, effectively keeping them out of the breathing zone until they can be removed with an... 04/30/2003
Selection and Care of Resilient Flooring Discusses the selection and care of the most common categories of resilient flooring, including linoleum, vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl composition tile, and specialty flooring. Covers pre-installation... 09/30/2001
So You Think You Can Dance. Discusses performance flooring for dance and sport classes, citing the need to determine the main use of the room, dangers to the body from improper flooring, types of subflooring, and advice on... 09/30/2006
Solid Footing. Based on one school district's experience, discusses raised access flooring systems for schools. Addresses the nuts and bolts of such flooring systems, integrating an air delivery system below... 12/31/2001
Something's Underfoot. Examines the decision-making factors when selecting school flooring. Areas to consider include what the area being covered is used for and the flooring's life-cycle costing. Suggestions on the... 09/30/1997
Sports Floor Flavors. Discusses how athletic facility directors can select the right sports surface material and design for their facilities. Several flooring surface characteristics are highlighted. 04/30/2001
Sports Floors Go Green. Discusses sustainable wood and synthetic sports flooring options. Wood floors should be of FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)-certified wood. Synthetic and composite flooring should consists of low-VOC... 02/29/2004
Square Roots. Discusses modular sports flooring, which is resilient, easily maintained, less expensive than wood, and may be permanently or temporarily installed. Maintenance of these floors, their recyclability,... 09/30/2007
Study the Options. Describes the advantages of carpeting in schools, including noise reduction, impact- dampening, and improving indoor air quality by trapping contaminants. Questions to ask when selecting classroom... 09/30/2006
Sustainable Flooring in School and Hospital Facilities. Discusses the advantages of rubber flooring as a sustainable product that has low VOC emissions, long live, low maintenance, comfort, and pleasing aesthetics. 12/31/2009
Terrazzo: The Original Recycled Flooring. Discusses the composition and virtues of terrazzo flooring, which use recycled materials, have extreme durability, no off-gassing, and is locally sourced. A review of LEED points obtainable through... 11/30/2008
The Bottom Line For Air Quality. Discusses how the right type of flooring can help schools reduce indoor-air-quality problems. Using vinyl composition flooring to handle moisture and reduce fungi growth is examined as are the... 10/31/2000
The Facts Underlying Polyurethane Carpet Backing. Describes the typical construction of carpet pile and backing. The performance properties, noise reduction, comfort, and protection from liquid spills of polyurethane backing are emphasized. 08/31/2009
The Finish Line. Details what is expected in a good floor finish for athletic facilities, and explores the different categories of finishes and their content within the context of environmental regulation and... 10/31/1998