Food Service Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Facility Focus: Food Services. Describes four new higher education food service facilities that feature dynamic and open social spaces, with flexible food service facilities that can accommodate various capacities efficiently. 01/31/2006
Facility Focus: Foodservice Facilities. Profiles three new higher education dining facilities that feature open design, market- style service, and a variety of seating configurations. 02/28/2007
Facility Focus: Foodservice Facilities. Profiles four recently built or renovated higher education foodservice facilities which offer attractive spaces for eating and socializing, as well enabling an expansion of menu options. 04/30/2008
Farm to Fork. [School Lunches Go Back to the Land.] Profiles the work of Anthony Geraci in the the Baltimore School District. He first converted the menu to present more locally sourced and fresh food. He then created the student-operated Great Kids... 11/30/2009
Following the Food: Where Students Eat. Traces the history of higher education campus dining facilities design and describes current trend to accommodate faculty and student desires to eat anywhere at anytime. Several examples of new and... 03/24/2005
Food and Fuel: Biogas Potential at Broward Dining Hall. Presents results of a study to determine biogas production and implementation potential at the University of Florida's Broward Dining Hall. Food waste quantity and current disposal methods were... 12/31/2007
Food Safety and Food Defense for Schools. It is recommended that schools adopt a multi-hazard approach to addressing their vulnerabilities. Food service operations--including school cafeterias, central kitchens, warehouses or food delivery... 06/22/2006
Food Service and Foods and Beverages Available at School: Results from the School Health Policies and Programs Study 2000. Presents School Health Policies and Programs Study 2000 findings about state- and district-level policies and practices regarding various school food service issues, e.g., organization and staffing,... 08/31/2001
Food Service Equipment: A Guide for Purchasing Food Service Equipment. This manual guides school foodservice management in purchasing conventional foodservice production equipment using a decision-making process and critical pathway approach. Guidelines examine industry... 12/31/1997
Food Service. Describes the renovation of McMahon Dining Hall at the University of Washington in Seattle and the design of the Cyber Cafe at Northeastern University. 03/31/2003
Foodservice Facilities Planning This covers the planning process and team; feasibility study; functional planning; workplace design; equipment requirements, selection and design; equipment and facility maintenance; layout of... 12/31/1996
Getting to WOW with Creative Dining Hall Solutions. Offers eight steps to advance dining hall service: 1)Define the overall objectives of the food service program. 2) Analyze the existing conditions. 3) Involve students and other dining customers. 4)... 12/31/2004
Green to Go. Describes the use of reusable carryout food containers in higher education food service operations. This avoids the disposal of used Styrofoam or compostable containers that end up in the institution... 03/31/2011
Guidance for School Food Authorities: Developing a School Food Safety Program Based on the Process Approach to HACCP Principles. This document serves as USDA guidance for the implementation of a HACCP-based (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) food safety program in schools participating in the National School Lunch... 05/31/2005
Guidelines for Equipment To Prepare Healthy Meals. The National Food Service Institute (NFSI) has conducted a project to develop guidelines on the type of preparation equipment needed in school kitchens to produce meals that meet the nutrition... 12/31/1995
Healthy Children Ready to Learn: Facilities Best Practices. This looks at how educational design can contribute to healthier children through such design solutions as improved food service and physical education facilities, and site selection to encourage... 12/31/2005
High School Food Courts: A New Evolution in Student Dining. Discusses how traditional high school cafeterias have changed in recent years into food courts and dining areas usually found in shopping malls. Areas examined include food court design, traffic... 07/31/2000
Hope Commons Dining Hall. Profiles this University of Rhode Island food service facility, featuring four distinct food service venues ranging from convenience store snacks to relaxed, private dining. Building statistics, LEED... 10/31/2007
Hot Potato in the School Cafeteria: More Districts Outsource Their Food Services, but Some Raise Questions about Personnel Relations and Savings School food service departments must operate as nonprofits, yet they need to make enough money to be self-sufficient. In this article, the author discusses the increasing number of school districts... 08/31/2004
How Smart Cafeterias Could Fight Childhood Obesity. Describes how serving station arrangement and food display can increase the consumption of healthy foods in school lunchrooms. 09/30/2010
If You Can't Stand the Heat. Food service facilities are demanding energy users. This describes how appliances and HVAC in kitchens and dining halls can be energy efficient, with attention to systems and performance. Includes a... 11/30/2011
Issues Related to Equipment and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In 1994, the National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI) began to identify the opinions of school food service directors on key equipment issues and equipment status in their schools. This... 02/29/1996
Keep It Clean. Offers ideas for cleaning and maintenance management of school food service areas to avoid possible waste, injuries, unsanitary conditions, and unnecessary risk to those using the facilities.... 10/31/1998
Kent Denver School Dining Hall In Englewood, Colorado, Semple Brown Design achieves the first LEED Platinum certified dining hall in the United States. Describes dining hall for a college preparatory day school for grades 6-12... 01/31/2012
Kitchen Serves up Flexibility. Describes a state-of-the-art food service facility at Shiprock school on the Navajo Reservation. The centrally located cafeteria and media center radiate from the central courtyard and recall the... 06/30/2005