Food Service Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
Lawrence Community Kitchen Proves to Be Next Logical Step. Describes the Lawrence (Massachusetts) community kitchen project which trains community members in the food service industry in an after-hours program held at a public school. Trainees provide 50... 11/14/2001
Lunch by Design Discusses planning criteria to consider in the design of a K-12 kitchen and cafeteria that effects mechanical, electrical, plumbing, space, adjacencies and durable materials. 12/31/2011
Lunch is Served. How a School Redesigned its Cafeteria to Make Better Use of Space. This describes the successful redesign of the George Rogers Clark Middle School/High School cafeteria in Hammond, Indiana that resulted in an upscale-style dining area where students do more than... 12/31/2001
Maintaining Food Service Areas. Advises on the particular cleaning needs for food service facilities, emphasizing attention to the different types of surfaces, materials, and equipment; written cleaning procedures and goals;... 02/14/2006
Making the Grade. An Analysis of Food Safety in School Cafeterias. Conditions in America's school cafeterias could trigger potentially disastrous outbreaks of food poisoning at any time. CSPI analyzed inspection reports from high school cafeterias in 20... 12/31/2006
Modern Eats. Discusses current expectations for dining hall design and amenities. Chief among these are food selection and quality, customized food preparation, a variety of spaces for socialization, and... 07/31/2010
More School Cafeterias Looking Like Restaurants More schools are moving away from institutional cafeterias, replacing them with open-air, restaurant-style environments with self-serve lines, salad bars and buffets. 12/26/1998
Multiple Choice: Trends in Dining Design. The cafeteria, as we all once knew it, no longer exists. Schools have entered the age of the cafetorium, the auditeria, and the food court. Some emphasize the food function, but adapt easily for use... 04/30/1999
Musical Chairs Not every school across the country boasts a separate space for its cafeteria, study hall, auditorium, gymnasium, school dance and meeting place. In fact, in many schools, one room must serve many... 11/30/1997
National Association of College & University Food Services NACUFS is the trade association for foodservice professionals at over 600 institutions of higher education in the United States, Canada and abroad. This site includes publications, resource networks...
National Food Service Management Institute The National Food Service Management Institute promotes the continuous improvement of Child Nutrition Programs. This site provides publications, research, an information service, education...
Never Worry about Your Child's Lunch Money Again. Discusses biometric scanning for school food service, noting its advantages over cash, swipe card, and PIN systems. 11/30/2007
New Building Type Unifies Lecture Halls and Food Court. Profiles Kuztown University of Pennsylvania's new academic building which consists of seven high-tech lecture halls surrounding a 55-foot atrium featuring a central food court and comfortable... 12/31/2006
New Curve in System Ceilings. Case study of a 10,000-square-foot cafeteria at Niles West High School in Skokie, Illinois. Part of a larger renovation, the cafeteria features a specialty ceiling that is open and airy, and that... 02/14/2003
New School of Management, Delaware State University, Dover, Delaware. Presents features of Delaware State University's New School of Management designed to stimulate positive gains in teaching and learning. The design incorporates state of the art distance... 12/31/2000
Organizing for Better School Food. Specific guidelines on campaigning for better school food consist of building a community coalition that holds public meetings, learning about the school food-service system, setting realistic goals... 12/31/1990
Outsourcing on American Campuses: National Developments and the Food Service Experience at GWU. The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth examination of the outsourcing of food services on a university campus. The paper uses a detailed case study including interviews with university... 12/31/2006
Planning and Designing Innovative and Modern School Kitchens and Dining Rooms. Highlights the planning and design process involved with building a new school foodservice facility. Design intent and planning the school foodservice facility is discussed, with depiction of actual... 01/31/2010
Provide an Environment That Allows Students to Experience a Healthy Life Style. Promotes a school environment that encourages students to make healthy life style choices, especially concerning food. Promotion of healthy eating should extend beyond the cafeteria to vending... 11/30/2003
Relationship of the Physical Dining Environment and Service Styles to Plate Waste in Middle/Junior High Schools. Presents the results of a research project designed to measure aspects of the physical environment in relation to actual food consumption during lunch. Researchers measured environmental factors (... 01/31/2003
Renovate & Recreate Some tips for surviving a kitchen facility, servery, or dining room redesign. 12/31/1996
Right at Home. Describes trends in higher education campus dining design that emulate retail food establishments, with a variety of smaller themed eateries distributed throughout the campus, as well as facilities... 02/28/2006
Sanitation and Safety for School Food Service. This manual contains criteria, prototype policies, procedure, and forms for establishing a comprehensive sanitation and safety program in Wisconsin public schools. The section on policy and procedure... 12/31/1991
School Cafeterias/Food Preparation Areas. Discusses three key factors that contribute to the creation of school cafeterias as social learning spaces: access, ambience, and function. 02/01/2002
School Food and Nutrition Service Design Manual. This manual suggests strategies for identifying components for creating and developing a successful food service and nutrition facility. It focuses on the process involved in creating such facilities... 12/31/1995