Food Service Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Lunch Program: Role and Impacts of Private Food Service Companies Pursuant to a legislative requirement, GAO examined the extent to which schools use private food service companies to operate their lunch programs, focusing on the: (1) terms and conditions of the... 12/31/1995
School Meal Programs: Sharing Information on Best Practices May Improve Programs' Operations This report to the Secretary of Agriculture identified state and local school food authorities' (SFA) management and operating practices recognized as best practice by the United State... 12/31/1996
School Nutrition and Food Service Techniques for Children with Exceptional Needs. Designed to help school food service personnel, teachers, aides, and volunteers extend the benefits of the school meal program to handicapped children, this manual discusses eating problems resulting... 12/31/1981
School Nutrition Association ASFSA is a non-profit professional association dedicated to protecting and enhancing children's health and well-being through school meals and sound nutrition education. This site serves as the...
School Nutrition Facility Planning Guide. This publication is designed to help superintendents, local facilities coordinators, and food-service directors in planning the remodeling of an outdated food-service facility or the building of a... 12/31/1991
Schools Flunk Food Safety. News from Chicago that one in four city schools are cited for rodent and bug infestation in food storage areas, kitchens and cafeterias. Chips of paint float into the cooking pans, and walls are... 12/09/2001
Seamless Expansion. Profiles a new dormitory with dining facilities and a library addition at Rice University. Thoughtful design by an international team of architects carefully respects the campus master plan.... 12/31/2009
Service with a Star. Reviews seven successful higher education dining programs, including facility features that include remodeled dining halls, themed food stations, to go facilities, and restaurant-like installations... 07/31/2007
Serving Students, Enhancing Campus Life. Provides brief profiles of ten new auxiliary facilities higher education institutions. These included residence halls, dining facilities, bookstores, student unions, sports and recreation facilities... 04/30/2007
Serving Up Change. Advises on design of campus kitchens, emphasizing comfort, hood safety, energy conservation, cost-effectiveness, and heat recovery. 06/30/2011
Serving Up Safety. Describes what principals can do to protect children from food-related illness in school: Forming of food-safe school teams, developing food-safety procedures, including food safety in crises-... 08/31/2002
Serving Up Success This discusses upcoming trends in campus food service programs, including: 1) flexibility will play a greater part in the facility design; 2) dining hall design will change to create more comfortable... 10/31/2003
Shaping the Future on Campus. Presents the predictions of several experts on the direction of higher education facility design, including continued increase of collaborative space, neighborhood residential design, building... 12/31/2006
Solving Kitchen Ventilation Problems. Addresses kitchen exhaust concerns by discussing plume containment, hood condition, hood front draft turbulence, cooking line thermal comfort, grease in the exhaust duct or on the roof, return of... 06/30/2009
Some Like it Hot: Trends in Campus Foodservice. Reviews trends in higher education food service and their effect on facility design. Changes in food preparation techniques, display, and delivery, as well as demand for extended hours, food... 06/30/2007
St. Edward's University New Residence and Dining Hall. Profiles this student center that includes dormitory rooms for 300 beds, dining halls, a coffee house, and a health center. The design of the New Residence and Dining Hall is based that of a... 10/31/2009
Steam Cafe, MIT. Describes this collaboration between the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, MIT Dining, and the Sodexho Corporation to create a food-service, meeting, and studying area. Quality food, good... 12/31/2005
Student Gardens and Food Service. Advises on how to incorporate student gardens into the school food service. Sections of the document describe planning the garden, growing the produce, promotion within the school, social bonding... 12/31/2007
Student-Centered Dining Design. Discusses trends in student dining design that include active self-serve and food preparation workstations, spaces that accommodate socializing and studying, and a variety of lighting, colors, and... 04/30/2011
Student-Centered Interior Design. Discusses design of classroom, cafeteria, library, technology and other mobile equipment to accommodate aural, visual, and tactile learners. Flexibility, acoustics, lighting, connection to the... 07/31/2011
Tech Streamlines School Food Service In the last several years, school nutrition professionals have been able to access new tools that are revolutionizing the industry--from cashless transactions on the front lines to state-of-the-art... 06/19/2006
Technology Solutions for School Food Service. Considers ways to include schools' food service departments in technology planning. Discusses school food service software applications, considerations and challenges of automating food service... 01/31/2002
The Age of Cyber Cafes. Describes successful cyber cafes at higher education institutions. Placing computers and coffee where students and faculty pass through, rather than at destination points, is recommended. Stand-up... 04/30/2005
The Comprehensive School Health Manual, Chapter 4: A Safe and Healthful Environment. This chapter of Massachusetts' School Health Manual covers the school environment, including building and environmental standards, indoor air quality, school buses, underground fuel storage... 12/31/2006
The New Design Handbook for School Food Service, Revised. A handbook, created for both designers and users of food service facilities in schools, provides reference information and guidance for making sure schools can provide quality food service. The... 05/31/1997