Food Service Facilities

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Outsourcing Question. (Should You Outsource Your Food Service Program?) Reviews the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing school food service. Situations where it has worked and districts are saving money are described, as well as those where it has not. Employee... 05/31/2008
The School Foodservice Handbook. This revised guide is intended to help school administrators successfully manage their school foodservice function, covering such topics as administration, organization, financial management,... 12/31/1998
University of South Carolina's Food Service: On the Road to Renovation. Describes the University's partnership with the food service vendor, wherein the vendor paid for updating the food services facilities in return for a 15-year contract. By this means, the vendor... 10/31/2004
Variable Speed Comes to the (Kitchen) 'Hood. Profiles technology that reduces kitchen hood ventilation rates during slow periods, making it possible for institutions to significantly reduce the amount of wasted energy. Lower fan speeds also... 08/31/2008
Water Conservation Tips and Information, Relating to the Construction and Maintenance of Public Schools in North Carolina. Offers water conservation tips for school kitchens, athletic fields, and restrooms. 12/31/2007
Welcome to the Machine. Reviews selection and maintenance considerations for campus kitchen appliances. These include water treatment to sustain the life expectancy of major appliances that use water, the wider array of... 06/30/2008
What Students Want On campus food service facilities benefit both students and the entire campus community, especially when students are invited to participate in the design process. Discusses four dining halls and... 12/31/2011
Wiring the Dining Experience. Describes web-based utilities that allow students to check their meal plan balances, menus, and nutritional content; order breakfast to be delivered to their first class; and order meals in advance... 09/30/2006
You Learn What You Eat: Cognition Meets Nutrition in Berkeley Schools. In the past 5 years, the Center for Ecoliteracy's Food Systems Project has grown from one schoolyard garden to the complete reinvention of Child Nutrition Services throughout the Berkeley... 06/30/2001