Funding Adequacy and Equity

Title Abstract Publication Date
California School Finance 1998-99: More Money for Schools, but What Will It Buy? A summary of proposed K-12 educational spending in California for 1998-99, comparing today's proposals with expenditure patterns of the recent past, is presented in this report. The text... 04/12/1998
California's K-12 Educational Infrastructure Investments: Leveraging the State's Role for Quality School Facilities in Sustainable Communities Report takes a comprehensive look at the state of K-12 school facilities in California, focusing on state-level policies and funding patterns. The recommendations lay out a detailed framework that re... 06/30/2012
Campaign for Fiscal Equity The Campaign for Fiscal Equity is a coalition of parent organizations, community school boards, concerned citizens and advocacy groups seeking to reform New York State's education finance system...
Capital Improvements. A series of articles discuss funded projects in the Chicago area. The School Reform Board is spending the bulk of its $2 billion in capital improvement dollars on the most basic, urgent projects, an... 10/31/1998
Capital Outlay as an Issue of Equitable Concern Capital outlay for school facilities is receiving interest as focus is turned toward all facets of education, including the condition of the physical learning environment. Recent court decisions have... 08/31/1988
Cash Management: A Financial Overview for School Administrators. This book is a succinct overview of public school finance, blending theoretical concepts and factual information. The information on basic school procedures includes the budgeting and financing of... 12/31/2000
CCC Settlement Agreement Status Report, 2004-2005. Presents a compliance report for district, area, and school staffs, according to the conditions stipulated by an August, 2000, settlement agreement that addressed public school inequity, including... 07/31/2005
Charter School Funding: Inequity Persists. Reports on funding inequities between district and charter schools, with particular deficiencies in funding for charter school facilities. Charts illustrate where funding disparity for charter school... 04/30/2010
Charter School Funding: Inequity's Next Frontier. Examines charter school funding in 16 states and the District of Columbia, determining that charter schools are significantly underfunded relative to district schools, funding discrepancies are even... 07/31/2005
Charter School Type Matters When Examining Funding and Facilities: Evidence From California. Examines the finances of charter schools in California, highlighting their fiscal challenges. Using survey data of California charter and conventional public schools, the results suggest that the... 12/13/2005
Children in America's Schools with Bill Moyers. [Videotape]. A 2-hour videotape presentation explores the crisis in school building quality in the United States as illustrated by those public schools found in Ohio; the challenges dilapidated school facilities... 12/31/1995
Class Struggle. Explores the issue of school district financial needs and the construction of school facilities for low income areas. Discussions on state and federal aid are highlighted. Arizona's experience... 03/31/2000
Class Struggle. Ranks American high schools according to academic opportunities, rather than reputation, and proposes what should be done to maximize learning for the widest possible range of students, not just the... 12/31/1997
Comparing the Level of Public Support: Charter Schools versus Traditional Public Schools. Reports that New York City charter schools receive $300 less per student than district schools, if housed in a public school building, but that charter schools that own their own buildings or lease... 01/31/2010
Comprehensive State Facility Programs. Summarizes the attributes of statewide school facility funding programs in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. These programs, typically created as a result of lawsuits, are designed... 12/31/2006
Corridor of Shame: The Neglect of South Carolina's Rural Schools. Documents decrepit school facility conditions in eight rural South Carolina school districts. The schools profiled date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and reside in districts with... 12/31/2004
Court Rules. Discusses how a recent New York State Supreme Court decision ordering the repair of all facilities within the New York City School system could have far-reaching implications for other districts.... 05/31/1998
Critical Exposure Critical Exposure is dedicated to building public demand for a quality education for all children through the use of compelling documentary photography and first-person narrative to strengthen...
Decent Schools for California This website was designed to provide the public with information about the adequacy and equity lawsuit, Williams v. California, and the state of education in California. This lawsuit addresses...
Detailed Information on the Impact Aid Construction Assessment. Reports on the program to provide grants to districts that lose revenue due to the presence of children who live on or whose parents work on federally owned land in the district, which is exempt from... 12/31/2004
Disparities in Public School Financial Support. Shifts in state funding, improved school facilities, and changes in other measurable resources do not lead directly to improved student achievement. Choice may be exacerbating existing disparities.... 08/31/2000
Doling Out Facilities Aid Proves Tricky. Discusses how state courts are forcing states to shift their focus of funding for school facilities to the neediest school districts. State problems in prioritizing the distribution of school funds... 06/19/2001
Education and Equity Finance: A Look at Judicial Decisions in Four States Analyzes six issues collectively addressed in school finance equity rulings by the supreme courts of New Jersey, Vermont, Ohio, and New Hampshire: responsibility for public education, court... 08/31/1999
Education Commission of the States. Finance. Facilities. ECS has compiled information on the issue of financing education facilities. The Quick Facts section provides detail on state facility expenditures and needs. The What States Are Doing section...
Education Finance Adequacy Lawsuits: Trends and Rulings. Reviews the history of education finance adequacy litigation, describes recent Massachusetts and Kansas cases, the standards used to determine educational adequacy, and the role of funding in... 11/30/2004