Funding Adequacy and Equity

Title Abstract Publication Date
Education Law Center Non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of equal educational opportunity on behalf of poor, minority children and children with disabilities, especially those attending public schools in New...
Educational Adequacy Assessments: Making a Difference Where Our Children Learn. Describes the assessment of educational facilities for adequacy to the educational program, covering issues of capacity, educational program support, technology, security, equipment, physical... 12/31/2002
Educational Equity and School Structure: School Size, Overcrowding, and Schools- Within-Schools. Discusses educational equity in relation to school size, school overcrowding, and schools-within-schools. The article is an interpretive summary of existing studies of these topics, concentrating on... 09/30/2004
Educational Facilities Construction and Financing Act: Moving the Program Forward. Reflects on New Jersey's struggle to comply with the Abbott vs. Burke decision. Recommendations for improvement include: 1) bridge funding to move stalled projects forward; 2) encouragement of... 02/14/2006
Equal Access to Quality School Facilities Discusses the relationship of student achievement to school environment in light of the deteriorating school facilities attended by many disadvantaged and minority students. 02/28/1997
Equity and Adequacy in School Funding. Traces the history of school finance litigation, discussing methods of measuring funding equity and methods of calculating an adequate level of funding for all schools. Although equity is usually... 09/30/1997
Equity and Adequacy. Relates the history of educational adequacy litigation, its legacy of multiple appeals and legislative inaction, and details ongoing actions in New York and Idaho. Only five of 50 states — Delaware,... 04/30/2005
Equity and Public Education in Virginia Virginia's school funding system is characterized by large inequalities and inadequacy. Disparities are increased when the state fails to pay for the full cost of education, state funding is... 08/31/1999
Estimating the Cost of Educational Adequacy: A Comparison of Approaches. Examines three common approaches of estimating the cost of educational adequacy: empirical identification approach, resource cost model, and cost function approach. Discusses the steps for estimating... 02/28/2002
Facilities in School Funding Adequacy Cases. This chart reflects the scope of school funding adequacy cases and includes new, in-process, and already resolved cases. Some states have more than one adequacy case, and therefore appear in more... 11/30/2007
Facilities Spending Criticized as Uneven This article features a report on states and school districts spending almost $600 billion on building and renovating schools from 1995 to 2004, an amount that far exceed earlier expectations. The... 10/31/2006
Facilities: Fairness and Effects. Evidence and Recommendations Concerning the Impact of School Facilities on Civil Rights and Student Achievement. Report to the U.S. Department of Education Excellence & Equity Commission on school facilities impact on educational equity. The report reviews court cases and studies and provides... 07/26/2011
Fair and Adequate Funding for School Facilities The nation's schools are facing multiple problems regarding facilities and capital outlay needs for new buildings, additions, and renovations to support technology and instructional... 12/31/1997
Final Report: New School Construction Grant Adequacy Study. Reports results from a study to determine whether or not new construction allocations under the California Office of Public School Construction School Facilities Program (SFP) are adequate to build... 01/23/2008
Finance Project The Finance Project is a national initiative to create knowledge and share information on federal and state financing issues and options including school finance issues. Produces papers on finance...
Financing Facilities in Rural School Districts This paper addresses how rural school facilities are financed. It provides an overview of school facilities funding in the United States as summarized by the literature, a mini study of school... 05/01/1998
Financing Facilities. Who Pays for School Construction, and How Much? Recent Litigation is Likely to Alter the Landscape of Construction Funding. Reviews several issues having implications for the future nature and funding of school construction, including recent state educational adequacy and equity litigation, smaller class sizes, full-day... 09/30/2002
Financing New School Construction and Modernization: Evidence from California. Examines the level and distribution of school facilities spending in California. While spending on school facilities has increased in the past decade, California's per capita spending is still... 05/31/2001
Financing Public School Facilities in Texas: A Case Study. A case study is presented of a Texas educational facilities program that was developed to provide long-term state assistance to school districts for the construction or renovation of these facilities... 09/30/1999
Financing Schools. Articles in this publication look at the educational and financial issues facing states today, including the link between school funding and student outcomes; the distribution of funding for schools... 12/31/1996
Formula for Success: Building an Equation for School Construction. Details the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' technique for prioritizing school capital improvements by means of complex calculations involving demographics, enrollment, facility condition, and... 03/31/2008
Funding for the Next Generation. Discusses the success of Oregon's West Linn-Wilsonville School District in passing school bonds. Each bond issue typically proposes funding for a variety of projects, thus helping to ensure... 03/31/2008
Good Buildings, Better Schools: An Economic Stimulus Opportunity with Long-term Benefits. Advocates federal spending to improve the condition of school buildings, noting the respective short- and long-term economic benefits of construction industry promotion and an improved learning... 03/31/2008
Growth and Disparity: A Decade of U.S. Public School Construction. Analyzes who has benefitted from $600 billion of United States school construction expenditures from 1995-2004. The report reveals that construction funds have not been equally distributed, with the... 09/30/2006
How Level a Playing Field?: The Search For Equity In Charter School Funding Presents findings of an analysis of funding disparities existing between charter public schools and traditional public schools in Minnesota. School district revenue data from the 1995-96 school year... 12/31/1997