Funding Adequacy and Equity

Title Abstract Publication Date
Improving the Physical and Social Environment of School: A Question of Equity. This study explored the interplay between quality facilities and school climate, charting the effects of facility conditions on student and teacher attitudes, behaviors, and performance within... 08/31/2010
Intercultural Development Research Association IDRA works for excellence and equity in education in Texas and across the United States. IDRA conducts research and development activities; creates, implements and administers innovative education...
Is School Funding Fair? A National Report Card Report on state-by-state school funding levels reveals that states in the Northeast, along with WY and AK, provide much higher funding per student than Southern or Western states. The study also... 05/31/2012
KidsOhio is an Ohio-led, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to improve the lives and education of Ohio's nearly three million children, especially disadvantaged youngsters. Based in...
Liberty Provisions in State Policies for Financing School Construction A study based on policy data from 50 state education departments revealed that all states (except Hawaii) have policies and laws providing moderate or high potential for exercising local control over... 03/31/2001
Linking School Construction Investments to Equity, Smart Growth, and Healthy Communities. Links patterns of public school construction investment to equity, smart growth, and healthy community issues. The study builds on previous research that found tremendous growth in public school... 05/31/2008
Litigation and School Finance: A Cautionary Tale. Reviews recent school finance litigation, concerning equitable distribution of state funds. Citing cases in several states, the article describes the origins and outcomes of each case. Reflections on... 09/30/2010
Making the Right to a Sound Basic Education a Reality. Part II. Building Aid Reform, Adequate Facilities for All. Examines New York State's Building Aid Formulas and proposes seven reforms to the system. These reforms are urged to address the New York City's serious facility issues and its present... 04/12/2004
Maxed Out: New York City School Overcrowding Crisis. Examines data from every school in New York City to provide an overview of the most urgently overcrowded schools and school districts, and proposes a policy framework for the Department of Education... 04/30/2009
Methods of Financing Educational Facilities in the United States. In February 1990, special hearings were held by the Kansas Senate and House Education Committees on the physical condition of school facilities. This document offers a three-part synopsis: a brief... 12/31/1989
Moving toward School Funding Equity: Implementation of HB 28. Montana's House Bill No. 28, an effort to equalize school funding among Montana public school districts, is described in this report. Included are: the study resolution; summary of committee... 12/31/1989
N.J. Principals Cite Unmet Facility Needs. This article discusses a survey of more than 400 New Jersey principals on the condition of their schools. While most principals give decent grades to the conditions of their facilities, the lowest... 05/18/2004
National Center for Education Statistics, Education Finance Statistics Center NCES provides education finance information for elementary/secondary public or private education. Includes publications, education finance data, and answers to frequently asked questions in education...
National Conference of State Legislatures Information, research, and publications on critical state issues including school financing.
Nebraska School Facilities: Educational Adequacy of Class III School District Structures. Reports on the the educational adequacy of Nebraska's numerous Class III school districts, which offer a wide array of school settings, from urban to extremely rural, and from the third largest... 12/31/2008
New Schools for a New Millennium: Court-Mandated School Facilities Construction in New Jersey. Describes history of state school-finance litigation and legislative efforts related to the construction and renovation of school facilities in New Jersey. Provides a detailed description of the... 09/30/2001
Out in the Cold. Discusses how the Alaska state courts are forcing state leaders to improve the condition of schools in the state's far-flung rural areas. The state's response and why it has not done more... 06/12/2001
Outlook 2012 Education institutions must keep a tight rein on spending in 2012 as they search for signs that the national economy is back on its feet. A slow, uncertain economic recovery has improved finances in... 12/31/2011
Planning for Equity. Reviews the mixed record of magnet schools and school choice as a means to desegregate schools. Twelve planning steps are suggested and detailed that may help establish and maintain desegregation and... 03/31/2006
Policy: Facilities [National Access Network] The National Access Network, Teachers College, Columbia University compiles policy analysis and research on school facilities issues, including an overview of the issue, useful resources, recent...
Prioritization of 31 Criteria for School Building Adequacy. Prioritizes the 31 criteria for school facilities established by the Maryland Task Force to Study Public School Facilities based on the links beteween conditions in school buildings and student... 01/04/2004
Proposed Methodology for Evaluating the Adequacy of State Funding Assistance under the California School Facility Program. Presents the methodology of a California study to determine if new school construction allocations (state assistance grants and local matching contributions) provided to school districts are adequate... 08/31/2007
Public School Construction in Utah. Examines Utah's public school construction program in light of creating school equity. Recommendations include streamlining approval of construction projects, the creation of a school facility... 09/10/2001
Public School Desegregation and Education Facilities. Reviews 1968-1995 school desegregation court cases that have impacted school facilities, noting how the perceived impact of school facility condition on education has carried weight in the courts. 12... 01/31/2011
Public School Facilities: Providing Environments That Sustain Learning. This issue brief on school facilities financing policies discusses the obstacles that impair efforts to build and maintain schools that are conducive to learning, including state funding systems that... 10/31/2006