Funding Adequacy and Equity

Title Abstract Publication Date
Public School Facilities: Providing Environments that Sustain Learning. Despite evidence demonstrating the importance of quality facilities, a number of obstacles impair efforts to build and maintain schools that are conducive to learning, including: state funding... 12/31/2003
Public School Funding Litigation: Recent Decisions and Directions. This article briefly reviews recent public school funding litigation decisions in five states (Alabama, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Tennessee) and discusses possible future directions of this... 06/30/2003
QZABs: An Underutilized Resource for Renovating Poor Schools. About 100 school districts nationwide are renovating schools with federal assistance through Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs), but many others have not taken advantage of this program because... 02/21/2000
Recent State Policies/Activities: Finance--Facilities. The Education Commission of the States continuously updates summaries of policies enacted in state legislatures on issues related to the financing of school facilities. Summaries are collected from...
Recommendations for a State School Capital Funding Program in Colorado. Details numerous recommendations to resolve inequity in the state's school capital, including conducting a statewide facility assessment; adopting statewide minium standards for building... 07/31/2005
Recommended Policies for Public School Facilities, Section 4: Public School Facilities Funding Policies. Provides policy guidance and recommendations to officials and administrators at the state, local, and school district level to improve facilities funding. Policy recommendations cover long-term... 04/30/2005
Resource Allocation Through Space Guidelines in Alaska. Describes the history and implementation of Alaska's allowable space guidelines, used by the state to allocate school construction funds. Space per pupil formulas are used rather than dollars... 12/31/2002
Responsibility+Results+Renewal=the 3R's of School Construction: New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation 2004 Annual Report. Presents a report of the Corporation's work in calendar year 2004. The Corporation is charged with ensuring that the state complies with court mandated full funding of school construction in... 12/31/2004
Rural Action Strengthens Ties between School and Community during Appalachian Ohio's Long Fight for Equitable School Funding. Rural Trust Featured Project. Because school systems throughout America depend on local property taxes for much of their revenue, districts with poor property valuations, especially rural districts, are facing fiscal crises. In... 12/31/2000
Rural School Facilities: State Policies that Provide Students with an Environment to Promote Learning. Defines the essential components of a fair and effective state school facilities policy and suggests a series of policies in five key areas: 1) Setting priorities for approving and funding school... 05/31/2004
Rural Schools Score Major Victory in Arkansas Supreme Court. The Arkansas Supreme Court issued a decision on November 21, 2002 in Lake View School District v. Huckabee concluding that the state's system for funding education is both inequitable and... 12/31/2001
Safe and Adequate: Using Litigation to Address Inadequate K-12 School Facilities. Explores the significance of the school facilities funding issue through case studies of “comprehensive” and “focused” approaches in nine states that have experienced school funding adequacy... 06/30/2006
Safety, Growth, and Equity: School Facilities. Examines the role that some states are taking to resolve school facility inequities between wealthy and poor districts. Litigation, standards and assessment, targeting of high-need areas, increasing... 09/30/2006
Savage Inequalities. Documents the segregated and unequal public education of children from poor families in the inner cities and less affluent suburbs, and describes how children of poor families get less real education... 12/31/1990
Saving Public Education. Illustrates the abandonment of public education consciousness as expressed in the de-funding of school facilities efforts. 03/31/2011
School Construction and Renovation Spending: Who's Benefiting? Summarizes recent data that shows a doubling of school construction spending from 1995 to 2004, how the money was divided between new construction and renovation, how the states compare in spending,... 12/31/2006
School Construction Defies Fiscal Doldrums. This first of a three-part series reports on record school construction beginning in 2002, despite a sagging economy. Reasons for the increase include bond issues passed during the strong economy of... 03/16/2004
School Construction. Background Paper 97-4. [Nevada] Examines the background and current practices in Nevada school construction capital funding and what some other states are doing to fund their school construction projects. Funding policy... 12/31/1996
School Design, Site Selection, and the Political Geography of Race in Postwar Philadelphia Through a close exploration of site selection and school design, this article seeks to demonstrate the continued significance of school buildings on the landscape of Philadelphia. By assessing the... 12/31/2005
School Facilities Equity in California: An Empirical Study. This is an equity study focusing on the crowdedness and adequacy of California's public school facilities. Facilities data are from a 1988 state survey and include information about building... 04/30/1996
School Facilities Funding and Capital-Outlay Distribution in the States. Traditionally, financing the construction of school facilities has been a local responsibility. In the past several decades, states have increased their support for school facilities. Using data... 12/31/2008
School Facilities Funding [Texas]. Examines the Texas Supreme Court's January 1995 final opinion in the Edgewood vs. Meno case, the latest in a series of rulings on the constitutionality of the Texas public school funding system... 02/28/1995
School Facilities. Construction Expenditures Have Grown Significantly in Recent Years Report to the Chairman, Committee on Education and the Workforce, U.S. House of Representatives. A General Accounting Office report examines how states and local school districts have been dealing with the issues facing their public school facilities: (1) the trends since 1990 in elementary and... 02/29/2000
School Facilities. Reported Condition and Costs To Repair Schools Funded by Bureau of Indian Affairs This report presents information on the funding required to repair Native American educational facilities, the condition the school buildings, adequacy of the school environment for instruction, and... 11/30/1997
School Facility Financing: A History of the Role of the State Allocation Board and Options for the Distributions of Proposition 1A Funds. [California] In November 1998 California voters passed Proposition 1A, a bond measure that provides $6.7 billion for public K-12 school construction and repair and that establishes two new programs for the... 01/31/1999