Funding Adequacy and Equity

Title Abstract Publication Date
School Facility Investments in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Analyzes patterns of investment for public school construction in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area from 1995 to 2004. The greatest investment was for new school construction in the outlying... 03/31/2007
School Finance Litigation and Beyond As of February 2005, 45 states have been involved in some form of school finance litigation. These school funding lawsuits have addressed such issues as the state's role in assuring equitable... 03/31/2005
School Finance Litigation: A Review of Key Cases. Summarizes court rulings in the major school finance cases that have been decided over 20 years, and highlights a number of issues that policymakers must address in the process of reforming funding... 11/30/1994
School Finance Litigation: The Promises and Limitations of the Third Wave Equity and adequacy in school finance has been a concern of scholars and reformers since the early 1900s and became a subject of court litigation in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Despite... 12/31/2003
School Finance: Per-Pupil Spending Differences Between Selected Inner City and Suburban Schools Varied by Metropolitan Area. This study focuses on per-pupil spending, factors influencing spending, and other similarities and differences between high-poverty, inner city schools and selected suburban schools in seven... 11/30/2002
School Finance: State Efforts To Equalize Funding between Wealthy and Poor School Districts. Report to Congressional Requesters Disparities in funding for education have resulted in lawsuits in more than 40 states since 1970. To better understand states' accomplishments in equalizing educational funding, the Government... 02/04/1997
School Finance: Three States' Experiences with Equity in School Funding. GAO reviewed the experiences of three states that reformed their school finance systems, focusing on the: (1) reforms made to each school finance system; (2) legal, budgetary, and political pressures... 11/30/2009
School Funding Caught Up in Tax Reform Battles. Legislators in at least two-thirds of the states in 2005 are considering overhauling the way they fund elementary and high schools. But efforts to fix school finance are liable to run aground in... 02/01/2005
School Funding Litigation: Changing the Face of Public Education. Reviews the effect of school funding adequacy litigation in Arkansas. Various cases and the funding formulas applied as a result are described, including the reasons why they failed or were otherwise... 10/31/2006
School Overcrowding: Limiting Hispanic Potential. Reports that 69 percent of overcrowded Chicago elementary schools have enrollments that are more than 50 percent Hispanic. Also reported is that whereas Hispanic students make up 43.5 percent of... 03/31/2009
Selected Laws Relating to the Construction and Repair of Public School Facilities in North Carolina. Schools in North Carolina are governed by numerous laws pertaining to construction and repair. Financial concerns constitute the bulk of these statutes, covering areas such as bids (financial outlay... 01/31/1997
Selected Laws Relating to the Construction and Repair of Public School Facilities in North Carolina. Focuses mainly on financial concerns covering areas such as bids, sources of state funds, selling or buying school property, bonds, capital outlay funds, and general loan information. Other statutes... 06/30/2010
Separate But Equal. Advises on how equally distribute construction efforts in a school district, so that citizens feel that everyone is being fairly served. Districts should plan construction efforts simultaneously,... 01/31/2005
Short-Term Effects of State Deregulation on the Adequacy and Equity of School Facility Projects. In 1995, the Indiana Legislature deregulated state controls over public-school construction projects by reducing the status of required specifications to guidelines. Also, local taxpayers were given... 12/31/2001
State School Finance Litigation: A Summary and an Analysis This report offers an analysis of school finance litigation during 1998. It summarizes cases in New Jersey, Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and New York. These states were sued... 09/30/1998
State Support of Educational Facility Construction: A Policy Study. This study examines the extent to which states fund local school district school construction projects and explores the governance of that funding. It determines if the state participates in funding... 08/03/1998
States' FY 1998 Education Budgets Increase 7.2%. State Fiscal Brief, No. 44. Examiniation of education budgets passed by state legislatures, contrasted with proposed gubernatorial budgets. The generally strong economy allowed state legislatures to increase total state FY 1998... 12/31/1996
Statewide Facility Assessments: Leaving No School Behind. A statewide facility assessment provides education officials with a comprehensive overview of all education facilities so that they can develop a master plan to correct inequities. This article... 06/30/2005
Survey of State Education Finance Legislative Activity and Trends, 1994-1997 This paper presents the results of the second annual survey of state school-finance legislation conducted by the Education Finance and Economics Program of the National Education Association's... 02/28/1998
Taj Mahals or Decaying Shacks: Patterns in Local School Capital Stock and Unmet Capital Need Despite growing interest in the condition of school facilities as a dimension of school finance adequacy, reliable measures of capital stock for large samples of schools are hard to come by. In this... 12/31/2005
Taking Adequacy to the Courts: Examining School Finance Litigation This outlines current school finance adequacy court cases and legislation pending at both state and federal levels. 04/30/2005
Task Force to Study Public School Facilities: Final Report. Presents the results of two years work by this task force to examine the adequacy and equity of Maryland's public school construction program. The Task Force began with a facility assessment of... 01/31/2004
Tattered Promise. Examines why tribal leaders are saying that deteriorating Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) schools are a symbol of the Federal government's unfulfilled pledge to the education of Native American... 03/02/1999
Tax Increment Financing and Chicago Public Schools Construction Projects Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is one of Chicago's leading financing tools for development. This white paper examines the nature of TIF funded public school construction projects. The paper... 05/31/2012
Texas State Support for School Facilities, 1971 to 2001. Reviews 30 years of state efforts to support school-facilities construction and renovation in Texas. Describes recent state programs to provide direct funding for school facilities: Instructional... 09/30/2001