Funding Adequacy and Equity

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Abbott School Construction Program. NJ Department of Education Proposed Facilities Regulations: Analysis of Preschool Issues This report on preschool facilities analyzes regulations proposed by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE)to implement the Educational Facilities Construction and Financing Act. The report... 01/31/2004
The Abbott School Construction Program: Report on the NJ Department of Education Proposed Regulations on Long-Range Facilities Plans According to findings contained in this report, Abbott districts must develop new five-year facility improvement plans next year, but lack guidance from the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE)... 02/15/2004
The Best Possible Environment for the Most Productive Learning There has been no significant legal action to force states or localities to equalize school facilities, despite U.S. public education's equal treatment philosophy. Another facilities issue is... 06/30/1997
The Condition of School Funding in Arizona. This brief examines how Arizona's public education funding has evolved over the last 25 years. It includes an extensive discussion of the Student FIRST legislation that established a new Arizona... 12/31/2003
The Equity of School Facilities Funding: Examples from Kentucky. This article presents an analysis of the school capital funding system in Kentucky since 1990, using the operating-revenue analysis concepts of horizontal equity, vertical equity, and fiscal... 07/31/2009
The Forgotten Side of School Finance Equity: The Role of Infrastructure Funding in Student Success. Traditionally, local school districts have shouldered the burden of funding school infrastructure in the name of local control, relying upon local property tax revenues and the willingness of local... 12/31/2003
The Grand Irony of Equity. Discusses concepts of equity and viability in schools, recommending student success after graduation as a measure of fairness in educational delivery. The author advocates examination of viability of... 12/31/2005
The High School Space Race: Implications of a School-Choice Market Environment for a Michigan Metropolitan Region. Examines the implications of competition between school districts in a mid-Michigan metropolitan area. Over the past decade, many urban and suburban districts have found themselves competing over per... 10/31/2008
The Impact of Litigation on School Facilities Funding in Ohio. Describes Ohio's efforts to fund school facilities following a state court decision that Ohio's Constitution required adequate facilities. Explores political and economic factors for... 09/30/2001
The Impact of Property Wealth and Income Wealth on School Bond Elections. Examines the linkage between facility bond elections and the indicators of wealth (property valuation and income) and the appropriateness of relying on property valuations as the primary indicator of... 12/31/1996
The Property Tax-School Funding Dilemma. Addresses the issues of school funding through property taxes in an era where taxpayers are increasingly opposed to this mechanism. Chapters of the report explain the link between property taxation... 12/31/2006
The Road to Equity. Describes the lengthy litigation that preceeded Arizona's Students FIRST (Fair and Immediate Resources for Students Today) legislation. To ensure proper funding of school facilities in tax-poor... 12/31/2002
The Role of State Courts in Securing School Facility Adequacy and Equity. Examines the problem of school facility disparities in Michigan and the prospects of litigation to address the problem. The report examines the impact of facilities on students, teachers and... 01/31/2010
The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America. Reports on the re-segregation of America's educational system, focusing on overcrowded and underfunded urban schools, and the unsatisfactory disciplinary and instructional experiences of the... 12/31/2004
The Shifting Sands of School Finance. Briefly describes history of public-school funding, including tuition and charity-support schools and flat grants. Discusses contemporary school-funding approaches from the perspective of educational... 11/30/2002
The State of Washington's School Finance System. The largest share of Washington's operating budget is devoted to K-12 education. This paper portrays critical features of Washington's school finance system. It first examines current and... 02/28/1997
The Unending Search for Equity: California Policy, the New School Finance, and the Williams Case. This paper examines school finance as a potential solution for inequity, identifying problems with the conventional solution of simply providing additional funding when inequities and inadequacies... 12/31/2001
The Williams v. California Settlement: The First Year of Implementation. Reviews how California's Williams Settlement Agreement and its subsequent legislation, together with action from parents and community members, teachers, school administrators, and school... 10/31/2005
Third Report to the Governor by the Interagency Working Group for School Construction. Recommends that the New Jersey legislature authorize an additional $2.5 billion for school facilities projects in New Jersey's urban or Abbott districts, along with $750 million for projects in... 09/13/2006
Understanding Equitable Infrastructure Investment for California. Addresses equitable distribution of infrastructure funding in California, including school facilities. Recent state bonds show promise, but a lack of a comprehensive statewide school facilities... 06/01/2005
Unequal and Inadequate. Funding Litigants Eyeing Facilities Issues. This explores whether or not a challenge to the adequacy of school facilities for rural areas under a state constitution education clause provides a second chance in states that have already upheld... 02/28/2001
Unlevel Playing Fields. Reports on inadequate athletic programs and facilities in District of Columbia schools. The report shows how the District lags in critical areas, such as funding and facility management; compares the... 12/31/2007
Urban Renewal. Discusses the court-ordered, multibillion-dollar infusion of funds to New Jersey cities for improving their school facilities and whether these additional funds will cause an urban renaissance. Some... 06/12/2001
Vermont's Act 60 The Vermont legislature passed Act 60, The Equal Educational Opportunity Act, in June 1997, following a February state Supreme Court ruling in a class-action suit that Vermont's method of paying... 12/31/2000
When Money Matters: School Infrastructure Funding and School Achievement. Discusses a new paradigm for analyzing the effect of investment in physical capital on student achievement. Includes a comprehensive definition of school infrastructure as including deferred... 10/31/2011