Funding -- Federal

Title Abstract Publication Date
Report to Congress on Department of Defense Education Activity's Military Construction Program. Provides a comprehensive list of all current DoDEA schools with corresponding quality assessments. Includes a comprehensive list of all MILCON construction projects with associated costs required to... 09/30/2009
Report to Congress on the Department of Defense Education Activity's Design Process and Procedures to Provide Outstanding Schools. Reports on how the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) will establish a formal process whereby the best practices and design innovations in public and private school construction can be... 08/31/2010
Revenue Enhancement-The Other Side of the Coin. Describes how the Missouri's Lee's Summit School District cut costs and even made money by recycling, replacing its gas-powered vehicles with electric (with a federal grant), and accessed... 05/31/2010
Revitalizing Rural Education. Community Facilities Programs and Organizations Concerned about Rural Education. This handbook informs school personnel and the business community about the opportunities available to assist rural community's efforts in revitalizing their education systems.The handbook'... 12/31/1999
Rundown Schools: Whose Responsibility? Discusses the problem of school deterioration and why it happened, the costs for repair, and the lack of federal relief in correcting it. Arizona's state funding effort for school maintenance... 08/31/1997
School Construction. Policy Report. This paper discusses the policy and political issues surrounding school construction, and it illustrates how infrastructure banks would work to address this challenge. The paper explores the problems... 05/31/2001
School Facilities and Tax Credit Bonds. Describes the federal government's Qualified School Construction Bonds, Qualified Zone Academy Bonds, and Build America Bonds. Details of amounts available, eligibility, and links to application... 12/31/2008
School Facilities Infrastructure: Background and Legislative Proposals. Summarizes the federal government's role in direct and indirect financing of school construction and renovation, which continues to be an issue in Congress. Also discussed are recent upward... 08/27/2003
School Facilities. Construction Expenditures Have Grown Significantly in Recent Years Report to the Chairman, Committee on Education and the Workforce, U.S. House of Representatives. A General Accounting Office report examines how states and local school districts have been dealing with the issues facing their public school facilities: (1) the trends since 1990 in elementary and... 02/29/2000
School Facilities. Reported Condition and Costs To Repair Schools Funded by Bureau of Indian Affairs This report presents information on the funding required to repair Native American educational facilities, the condition the school buildings, adequacy of the school environment for instruction, and... 11/30/1997
School Facilities: America's Schools Not Designed or Equipped for 21st Century Report to Congressional Requesters. Findings of a General Accounting Office study that examined the extent to which America's schools have the physical capacity to support learning into the 21st century. Specifically, it looked at... 03/31/1995
School Facilities: America's Schools Report Differing Conditions. Report to Congressional Requesters. A 1995 General Accounting Office (GAO) study found that about one-third of schools nationwide serving 14 million students reported needing extensive repair or replacement of one or more buildings.... 12/31/1995
School Facilities: Condition of America's Schools. Report to Congressional Requesters. Presents information on the amount of funding the nation's schools need to improve inadequate educational facilities, and on the overall physical condition and prevalence of schools that need... 12/31/1994
School Facilities: Physical Conditions in School Districts Receiving Impact Aid for Students Residing on Indian Lands. The Department of Education's (Education) Impact Aid Program provides funding to school districts that are adversely impacted by a lack of local revenue because of the presence of federal land,... 09/30/2009
School Facilities: Profiles of School Condition by State. Report to Congressional Requesters. Reports on the conditions of America's school facilities, this report organizes state-level information gathered into individual profiles for the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The... 12/31/1995
School Modernization: George Miller & Ben Chandler. [Video] Rep. George Miller, Chairman of the Education and Labor Committee, and Rep. Ben Chandler, sponsor of the 21st Century Green High-Performing Public School Facilities Act, speak to the need to... 06/03/2008
School Renovation, IDEA and Technology Grants Fact Sheet. The FY 2001 Omnibus Appropriations Act provided $1.2 billion for grants to local educational agencies for urgent school renovation, activities authorized under part B of the Individuals with... 05/01/2001
School Renovation, IDEA, and Technology Grants Program: Guidance for Fiscal Year 2001. Guidance for applying for and using School Renovation, IDEA and Technology grants that are designed to help local educational agencies (LEAs) make school repairs and renovations and meet special... 12/31/2000
Secure Our Schools Program. COPS Secure Our Schools (SOS) grants provide funding to state, local, or tribal governments to assist with the purchase and development of school safety resources based upon a comprehensive approach...
Shovel-Ready Facilities Project Funds Tossed. Discusses how higher education facilities funding was eliminated from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). 02/28/2009
Spending on School Infrastructure: Does Money Matter? Furthers development of an emerging thread of quantitative research that grounds investment in school infrastructure in a unified theoretical framework of investment in human, social, and physical... 12/31/2008
Stimulus Funding and Tax Credit Bonds for School Construction. Summary chart of continuously updated information on sources of Recovery Act funding for school, college, and university facilities from the U. S. Departments of Education, Treasury, Energy, Interior... 04/30/2011
Stimulus Offers Funding Support for Ed. Facilities. Reviews potential sources of school facilities improvement funds in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. School facilities needs will have to compete with a variety of other interests... 04/21/2009
Stimulus Response. Discusses distribution of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds through the educational community, describing how some building programs have been enabled by grants and various low- or no-... 02/28/2010
Stimulus to Help Meet the Changing Needs of Today's Students and Communities. This describes funding available from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act(ARRA) to upgrade school and college facilities. Information sources about school facilities includes a description of... 03/25/2009