Funding Options -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Capital-Financing Plan for School Systems and Local Government A capital-financing plan helps district leaders find a balance between funding operating and capital needs. Plan helps prioritize capital needs, obtain design work, and begin construction on a... 12/31/2011
A History of Progress. Explains how the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools used budget management and community support in successfully building new facilities and preparing the district for expanding instructional... 03/31/1999
A Job for True Political Leaders. Discusses changing the way tax revenue is related to school funding. The author argues that basing school income on real estate taxes, which are increasingly being capped by state and local... 07/31/2010
A National Study of State Tax Appropriations for Capital Needs in U.S. Public Higher Education This study investigated the relationship of key issues related to capital and operating budget practices of state tax appropriations and policies at the state level, including new facilities... 12/31/2010
A Procedural Guide for Planning an Educational Facility. Provides the board of education and administrators with a single document containing information needed to implement an educational facility construction program. The objective is to provide planners... 04/30/1993
A Quarter Century of Turmoil: School Finance in California on the 25th Anniversary of Serrano. Explains problems with complex system of educational finance in California. Addresses issues such as diversity, per pupil expenditure, and equity at district and school level; problems with special... 09/30/1997
Alternative Finance Stretches Dollars. Describes some forms of taxation and partnerships successfully employed by school systems to finance new schools, and the struggles and failures of others in implementing these same arrangements. 02/16/2006
Alternative School Revenue Sources: There Are Many Fish in the Sea To ease fiscal strain, many school districts employ alternative fund-raising initiatives. They are forming local foundations or booster clubs, soliciting businesses or volunteers for in-kind... 06/30/1996
Annual Report on the Status of Alternative Procurement, Project Delivery and Financing for Maryland Public School Construction. Reports on alternative financing of public schools in Maryland, describing examples of the leasing and adaptive reuse of commercial buildings in Hagerstown and Bel Air, energy performance contracts... 09/01/2009
Architectural Services, Construction, and Funding of California Schools. Details various methods of paying for school construction in California, and discusses problems with quick fixes such as stock school plans, relocatable buildings, and shifting of professional... 06/30/1999
Association for Education Finance and Policy The purpose of this organization is to facilitate communication between and among the various groups and individuals in the school finance field, including academicians, researchers, policy makers,...
Association for Governmental Leasing and Finance The AGL&F is a non-profit association of companies engaged in municipal leasing activities. It provides education about tax-exempt leasing and financing. The AGL&F publishes national surveys...
Back from the Brink. Ben Reyes, chief operating officer of the Chicago Public Schools, tells how the district managed, in eight months, a turnaround from no capital improvement funds. Three major investment houses... 05/31/1996
Battling Budget Woes. Addresses how various school districts are addressing school quality on tight budgets. Options discussed include use of portable classrooms, streamlining non-educational services, leasing and... 03/31/1999
Big-Time Fundraising for Today's Schools. A fundraising consultant shows school leaders how to move away from labor-intensive, bake sales and car washes, and into the world of major fundraising. Following the model used by colleges and... 12/31/2005
Building a New Role: States and School Facilities. This report presents articles that explore the changing role of the states in addressing the nation's need to build and modernize its public schools. The article, Doling Out Facilities Aid... 05/31/2001
Building a Third Way on School Construction. Getting Past a Broken-Down Debate to Fix Broken-Down Schools. This policy report reviews the history of the six-year debate over the federal role in school construction that continues to be centered on the details for various tax credit proposals, including... 10/31/2002
Building America's Schools: State Efforts To Address School Facility Needs This document provides summaries of each state's activities to address their shortage of school buildings by supporting school construction. It reveals that 11 state subsidize, reimburse, or... 06/13/2000
Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 2nd Ed. Advises architects, planners, engineers, and their clients through all aspects of school facilities design. Chapters address predesign, circulation, design concerns and process, site planning, codes... 12/31/2009
Bursting at the Seams: Financing and Planning for Rising Enrollments Using existing and new facilities more efficiently could accommodate increased student enrollment while producing significant savings in capital and operating costs. Ontario's Ministry of... 05/31/1997
California School Finance System: Facilities Funding. For the most part, funding for the construction and repair of California's school facilities is separate from funding for operations. The bulk of capital costs are paid for through public bonds... 12/31/2006
Capital Financing for Independent Private Schools. This PowerPoint presentation contains summary materials from a presentation by Wye River Capital, Inc. of Annapolis, Maryland, on capital financing for independent private schools. The main sections... 12/31/2001
Capital Financing For Private & Independent Schools. This paper is a primer for school boards and management. It provides a basic overview of the key issues, considerations and options associated with the use of debt by private schools to address... 02/19/2005
Capital Financing of Schools: A Comparison of Lease Purchase Revenue Bonds and General Obligation Bonds. This article uses Texas as an example of the distinction between lease purchase revenue (LPR) bonds and general obligation (GO) bonds. The study shows that LPR bonds typically have a higher interest... 06/30/2002
Capital Need: Innovative Financing for New Green School Projects. Describes how projected energy savings associated with new green schools can be guaranteed by an energy service company. The guarantee can be used to trigger commercial financing to cover the... 12/31/2005