Funding Options -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
Capital Outlay and Bonding. This chapter of Principles of School Business Management provides a generic overview of the major tasks associated with financing a school district's large capital programs. The chapter opens... 12/31/1985
Case Study: North Santiam School District. Oregon's North Santiam School District stretched $350,000 into $1.2 million to upgrade antiquated school buildings by implementing energy-saving lighting, heating, and control projects, thereby... 01/31/2003
Cash Management: A Financial Overview for School Administrators. This book is a succinct overview of public school finance, blending theoretical concepts and factual information. The information on basic school procedures includes the budgeting and financing of... 12/31/2000
Charter School Bond Issuance: A Complete History. Examines the 13-year history of the charter school tax-exempt bond sector. Identifies the universe of 500 rated and unrated facilities transactions, provides cost and pricing information and examines... 05/31/2011
Child-Centered School Funding. This report argues, using Arizona as an illustration, for a market-based school funding paradigm characterized by per-pupil allocations that follow each student to the school of their choice. The... 12/31/1997
Children in America's Schools with Bill Moyers. [Videotape]. A 2-hour videotape presentation explores the crisis in school building quality in the United States as illustrated by those public schools found in Ohio; the challenges dilapidated school facilities... 12/31/1995
Chronicle of Philanthropy Biweekly publication on fundraising issues and strategies.The Web site offers each current issue in full, an article archive, and more than four years of grant listings. Some features are accessible...
Class Struggle. Explores the issue of school district financial needs and the construction of school facilities for low income areas. Discussions on state and federal aid are highlighted. Arizona's experience... 03/31/2000
Comprehensive State Facility Programs. Summarizes the attributes of statewide school facility funding programs in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. These programs, typically created as a result of lawsuits, are designed... 12/31/2006
Concern Turns to Preschool Facilities. This discusses the poor condition of child-care and preschool facilities across the country, and efforts to bring attention to the issue and new financing to help programs find higher-quality... 01/15/2002
Construction Poses Extra Burden For Impact-Aid Schools. Many districts nationally have problems finding funding to build and renovate their facilities. But school construction puts impact-aid districts--particularly those with high numbers of students... 06/01/1999
Covering Construction Costs. Across the nation, local school districts are scrambling for much-needed funds to fix up old schools and build new ones to accommodate booming enrollments. The problems go beyond the ability of many... 09/30/1997
Creating and Sustaining School Capacity in the Twenty-First Century: Funding a Physical Environment Conducive to Student Learning. Results of state-by-state study of unmet school infrastructure needs using multiple data sources. Found that aggregate unmet infrastructure needs of $266.1 billion were significantly larger than... 09/30/2001
Creative Financings. Describes creative bonding procedures including lowering the majority needed to pass a bond so that a district could rebuild tornado-damaged structures, refinancing, paying off bonds early, and using... 07/31/2006
Crux of the Problem. Discusses the obsolete mode of taxing property to fund schools, in this era where ownership of property does not necessarily reflect wealth. 06/30/2010
Decentralisation and Educational Building Management: The Impact of Recent Reforms. Examines the legislative and administrative framework within which schools are planned and built, they way in which resources are allocated for their construction and maintenance, and how they are... 12/31/1991
Decentralisation and the Financing of Educational Facilities. The OECD Programme on Educational Building and the Spanish Ministry of Education organized an international seminar in Toledo, Spain, from February 22-25, 2000, devoted to the procedures for... 12/31/2001
Developer Builds New Community School. The North Lake Park Community School/YMCA in Orlando, Florida is a developer-owned, school-district maintained, mixed-use enterprise. Five partners joined to build the campus: Orange County Public... 04/30/2000
Directions in Facility Finance: Alternatives for the Future Reviews the options currently available to school districts involved in capital improvement financing and examines new directions in such financing. 03/31/1990
Districts Use eBay to Sell Old School Buildings, Desks. As schools struggle with budget shortfalls, an increasing number of districts, as well as towns and government agencies, are selling everything from buildings to reams of construction paper on the... 09/30/2003
Dollars for Excellence: Raising Private Money for Private Schools--and Public Schools. This book was written to help school boards undertake a systematic campaign of fund raising for schools. The introduction describes the importance of fund raising that grows out of a school district... 12/31/1987
Dougherty Valley High School. Profiles this new California school that was largely financed by the developers of the surrounding community. Sophisticated performing arts and athletic facilities are featured. 10/31/2008
Early Returns: Tax Credit Bonds and School Construction. A small federal program piloting tax credit bonds to support school construction, the Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB), has existed since 1997--providing evidence of how tax credit bonds could work... 08/31/2002
Education Commission of the States. Finance. Facilities. ECS has compiled information on the issue of financing education facilities. The Quick Facts section provides detail on state facility expenditures and needs. The What States Are Doing section...
Educational Facilities Planning: Leadership, Architecture, and Management. This textbook on educational facility planning and design covers conceptual, descriptive, and applied aspects of the development of educational facilities. The 17 chapters are organized in eight... 12/31/2005