Funding Options -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
Efficiency and Costs in Education: Year-Round versus Traditional Schedules. Explores the cost savings (efficiency) of a year-round schedule versus a traditional 9-month schedule for 115 schools in Clark County, Nevada, including real-estate capital in the estimated cost... 05/31/2001
Energy Efficiency in Schools: State Incentive Options. Several states have enacted incentives to help school districts reduce their exposure to volatile energy prices and save money by being more energy efficient. Primarily, assistance for energy... 09/30/2002
Estate Strategies: A Guide to Good Practice. This guide explores key points in the development and execution of estate strategies for institutions of higher education, including discussions on the benefits of an estate strategy; a list of self... 12/31/1999
Facilities Financing. New Models for Districts That Are Creating Schools Now. This report outlines innovative ways school districts are meeting their facilities needs outside the traditional sources of facilities financing. Non-traditional funding strategies include private... 01/31/2004
Facilities Financing: Monetizing Education's Untapped Resource The enormous costs and burdens of outmoded facilities arrangements represent an immense opportunity for the nation's school systems. In this paper, the author explores the causes of the nation... 08/07/2011
Facilities Funding Thaws. Discusses the trend toward public-private partnerships in higher education construction. Privatized housing is highlighted, as are benefits of federal stimulus funds and the tight bond market.... 12/31/2009
Fair and Adequate Funding for School Facilities The nation's schools are facing multiple problems regarding facilities and capital outlay needs for new buildings, additions, and renovations to support technology and instructional... 12/31/1997
Fee Contingent Services. Describes this arrangement between a school district and a contractor soliciting facilities funding on behalf of the district. Various percentage and flat fee arrangements are described, as are their... 10/31/2008
Financing Alternatives Call for Flexibility, Creativity One page discussion of methods that can be used alone or in combination to fund school facilities: lease or lease-purchase plans; establishing business/community partnerships; imposing school impact... 08/31/1998
Financing an EnergySmart School. Describes ten creative financing methods that can be used to create an energy-smart school, and includes three case studies. 12/31/2007
Financing Capital Improvements in 2001 and Beyond Demographic changes between elementary, secondary, and college populations call for a different philosophical approach to methods of financing educational capital improvements. Demographic changes... 02/28/1989
Financing Facilities in Rural School Districts This paper addresses how rural school facilities are financed. It provides an overview of school facilities funding in the United States as summarized by the literature, a mini study of school... 05/01/1998
Financing Facilities. Who Pays for School Construction, and How Much? Recent Litigation is Likely to Alter the Landscape of Construction Funding. Reviews several issues having implications for the future nature and funding of school construction, including recent state educational adequacy and equity litigation, smaller class sizes, full-day... 09/30/2002
Financing Facility Improvements for Out-of-School Time and Community School Programs. Strategy Brief. Vol. 1 No. 4. This strategy brief presents general principles and strategies for financing facility improvements and highlights five examples of innovative strategies, including: (1) accessing school construction... 07/31/2000
Financing School Facilities. The purpose of this paper is to provide information regarding the financing of Georgia school facilities in the past, the current method of financing needed school facilities, and possible... 11/27/2000
Financing School Facilities. This report is the result of research investigating school facility issues, assessing the scope of the problem, and making recommendations to the membership of the Association of School Business... 11/30/2002
Financing School Facilities. Summarizes a report published by the Association of School Business Officials on the status of school facilities in the United States. Three areas that require school facility financing to meet... 03/31/1999
Financing School Infrastructure: What Are the Options? Describes local, state, and federal school infrastructure funding options. Local funding options include bond issues, special local-option sales taxes, and voter-approved mills and sinking funds.... 11/30/2001
Financing Schools. Articles in this publication look at the educational and financial issues facing states today, including the link between school funding and student outcomes; the distribution of funding for schools... 12/31/1996
Finding Funding. Identifies sources of funding to help build green schools, including federal and state programs, foundation grants, and partnerships with business. 02/28/2009
Fiscally Responsible Debt Policy for School Building Purchases/Renovations A debt policy is a formal document governing when, how, for what purposes, and to what extent school districts (or other government agencies) may issue debt. A sound debt policy offers many benefits... 11/30/2002
Fixing Our Schools Now! Qualified Zone Academy Bonds: A New Approach to Financing School Renovation and Repair. This booklet examines the Federal government's Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs) system for helping school districts carry out needed school renovations and repairs, discusses why QZABs are... 03/31/2000
Formula for Success: Building an Equation for School Construction. Details the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' technique for prioritizing school capital improvements by means of complex calculations involving demographics, enrollment, facility condition, and... 03/31/2008
Found Money. Discusses the alternative funding avenues school districts have used to support facility construction and improvements when tax levies and state aid are not enough. Acquiring donations, creating... 05/31/2000
Foundation Center The Foundation Center conducts and facilitates research on trends in philanthropy,provides education and training on the grantseeking process, ensures public access to information and services online...