Funding Options -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
Funding Building Projects in a Tough Economy Outlines sources for hidden funding to help construct and maintain school buildings, including local and state tax revenues, with some limited support from state and small federal initiatives; Local... 03/31/2012
Funding for the Next Generation. Discusses the success of Oregon's West Linn-Wilsonville School District in passing school bonds. Each bond issue typically proposes funding for a variety of projects, thus helping to ensure... 03/31/2008
Funding Our Future: Creative Financing Boosts School Construction Public-private partnerships (P3s) are emerging as a promising way to tap the resources needed to address schools' capital needs. Discusses public-private partnerships that are focused on... 05/08/2012
Fundraising Help and Information. Links to information about nonprofit fundraising compiled by the web site. Includes a collection of articles, planning for fundraising, new ideas, donor management software, and practical...
Georgia Schools Tap New Source For Construction. In 1996, Georgia voters approved a measure that gave local districts access to a 1-cent sales tax for school construction and renovation, to be charged in addition to an existing state sales tax of 4... 06/02/1998
Grant Information: The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Though not a grantmaking organization itself, the George Lucas Foundation maintains a web page with annotated listings of web sites and periodicals with grant information, corporate and foundation...
Grants & Funding Resources (AASA online) With limited budgets, it is essential that school leaders make the most of available grants and funding resources. Since it's not always easy to find funding, AASA has compiled a list of... 12/31/1999
Greening the Bottom Line: The Trend Toward Green Revolving Funds on Campus. Reports on a survey conducted about green revolving funds (GRFs) in higher education. Research for the report took place between November 2009 and January 2011 and includes data from 52 universities... 01/31/2011
Growth and Infrastructure Costs: Legal Constraints for Shifting the Tax Burden. Reviews legal challenges to property tax formulas to fund schools, with particular attention to actions in California and Florida. Remedies and alternative funding instruments are discussed,... 03/31/2008
Guide to Alternatives for Financing School Buildings Graves discusses the need for funding for new schools and renovation of older facilities. He comments on eight methods of financing school buildings noting that laws vary from state to state and that... 10/31/1983
Guide to Alternatives for Financing School Buildings. A Report. Describes nonconventional methods initiated by school districts to finance new school construction. This guide is primarily designed to assist school administrators. Accompanying the basic... 10/31/1971
Guide to Financing EnergySmart Schools. Addresses common barriers associated with new construction, major renovations, and retrofit projects in high performance schools. The guide summarizes existing methods of financing and looks ahead to... 09/30/2008
Guidelines for Success. A Case Study Reveals how an Illinois school district built a new elementary school over two years before a traditional funding process would have allowed it. It examines a planning process that included using the... 12/31/1998
Hard Times, Hard Cuts. (Getting Your Schools Through Tough Budget Times.) Describes the ways that several school districts are managing during the current economic slowdown, facing declining property tax revenues and increasing expenses. Particular attention is given to... 04/30/2008
Hearing on Revenue Provision in President's Fiscal Year 2000 Budget. Testimony before the House Committee on Ways and Means. In an address to the House Ways and Means Committee on the Revenue Provision in the Year 2000 Budget, Gery Chico, President of the Chicago School Reform Board of Trustees, discusses four basic... 03/09/1999
Housing-Leveraged Facilities Finance: A Model for Child Care Centers This describes financial barriers to feasible early childhood facilities such as low fees and subsidy reimbursement rates and the high costs of child care facilities. The article discusses the... 12/31/1999
How Public School Districts Can Improve Their Bond Ratings. Bond ratings have a substantial impact on a borrower's cost of funds, with the difference between ratings having a potential impact of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on debt service... 12/31/2001
How Public Schools Are Financed. After summarizing the philosophy behind the financing of public schools, this document reviews the division of legal responsibility for education between the state and federal governments; outlines... 12/31/1990
How Public-Private Partnerships Can Facilitate Public School Construction. There is a growing number of proposals to develop a federal school construction program that shares the financial burden with local governments for renovating their obsolete school facilities or... 02/22/1999
Identifying and Mitigating Sources of School Revenue Erosion. Advises on how identify and counter threats made to school district revenue by shifts in tax collection. Tax increment financing districts, property tax reduction litigation, property tax abatement,... 08/31/2009
Impact Aid Expanded with Construction Revenue Bond Option. Reviews the creation and make-up of the federal government's Impact Aid program, the revenues from which can be pledged as security for the issuance of bonds. An example of how these funds have... 08/31/2007
Improving Rural School Facilities for Teaching and Learning. This digest examines the problem of upgrading rural school facilities, focusing on specific rural issues, conditions that interfere with teaching and learning, and new funding approaches. Almost half... 11/30/1999
Improving Rural School Facilities: Design, Construction, Finance, and Public Support. Most rural school districts face similar issues as they consider new facility construction, renovations, or additions. These issues are how to gain public support for funding, how to make the best... 12/31/1999
Innovative Approaches to Financing Facilities. Innovative joint ventures between government, business, and philanthropy are helping finance child care facilities through various combinations of loans, grants, and technical assistance. A few of... 05/31/1996
Innovative Finance. Summarizes the use of educational buying cooperatives, energy performance contracting, public-private partnerships, and non-profit foundations in the search for additional funds for school... 06/30/2005