Funding Options -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
No Place to Learn: California's School Facility Crisis. Describes the state's difficulty building schools, due to bureaucratic delays and regulations that drive up construction costs. A plan for reform is proposed that includes exemptions from the... 12/31/2003
No Room for Johnny: a New Approach to the School Facilities Crisis. A study was conducted to discover ways to improve California school district facilities improvement processes so that the state can accommodate the increasing numbers of students projected by the... 06/29/1992
Overview of Alternative Funding. Presents an outline of alternative school funding, including a description, pros, and cons for each. The methods described are impact fees, excise taxes, sales taxes, proffers, grants and donations,... 10/01/2003
Partnerships between Public Schools and Private Developers. An Investigative Report This report presents findings from investigations of seven public/private partnerships between school districts and the private sector. The report reveals that in all seven cases, school districts... 11/30/1998
Pass or Fail: Schools are Experiencing Mixed Results in Their Attempts to Fund Facilities Repair and Construction. Examines the mixed results from several school districts that attempted to fund their school repair and construction projects. Enrollment, building deterioration, and school construction needs and... 05/31/1999
Pay As You Go: A Better Way of Funding School Construction Pay-as-you-go funding (via local option sales taxes or earmarked property taxes) is superior to floating expensive bond issues to resolve school construction crises. Districts can plan projects more... 05/31/2000
Philanthropic Support for Public Education in the Southwest Region This report examines the relationship between philanthropy (gifts and grants provided by private foundations and business concerns)and public schools in five states -- Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico... 11/30/2000
Planning and Financing School Improvement and Construction Projects. Although a high-quality learning environment is crucial to educating America's youth, numerous studies have shown that the country's schools are in substandard condition. Suggestions and... 12/31/1995
Planning for Capital Reinvestment: Alternatives for Facilities Renewal Budgeting. Describes and evaluates four alternatives to planning and budgeting for higher education facilities capital reinvestment. The purpose is to help facilities directors, budget officers, and other... 01/29/1998
Policy: Facilities [National Access Network] The National Access Network, Teachers College, Columbia University compiles policy analysis and research on school facilities issues, including an overview of the issue, useful resources, recent...
Preparing for a Construction Project. Briefly discusses creative use of school bond funds, public/private partnerships for school construction, prototype schools, and the value of design services in school construction. 12/31/2004
Primer on School Funding. Summarizes state and local school funding sources and the history of direct and indirect federal funding of school construction. Types of federal, state, and private grants are described. 05/31/2005
Private Capital for Public Schools. While still in the early stages, public-private partnerships increasingly are providing a viable alternative to address the need for extensive renovation and development of public school facilities.... 07/31/2003
Public School Facilities: Providing Environments That Sustain Learning. This issue brief on school facilities financing policies discusses the obstacles that impair efforts to build and maintain schools that are conducive to learning, including state funding systems that... 10/31/2006
Public Schools, Private Profits. Explains why private companies and schools doing business with one another may be harmful to students. Problems uncovered from a decade of commercialization in the classroom are discussed as are... 01/31/2000
Public Schools: A Toolkit for REALTORS® Toolkit to help realtors enhance their knowledge and understanding of the public school system so they can become involved in improving their schools and communities. A section on Issues in Public... 05/31/2011
Public/Private Partnerships for New Construction Discusses how colleges can finance new construction projects during lean financial times by employing public/private partnerships in an off-balance sheet financing format. Construction planning of a... 04/30/1999
Public/Private School Partnerships: What Can Be Learned from Corporate School Partnerships. This paper reports on a larger study that described public/private school partnerships throughout the U.S. The study described collaborations in terms of their goals, organizational structure,... 12/31/2000
Qualified Zone Academy Bonds: A Financing Tool That Works for Schools Describes the origin and purpose of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB) and how they work. QZABs were the outgrowth of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 that allowed school districts to borrow money,... 08/31/2001
Qualified Zone Academy Bonds: The QZAB Home Page This commercial site includes a history of QZAB finance, what it takes to qualify for an interest free loan, steps to obtaining and qualifying for an interest free loan, a QZAB map, state by state...
Quality of Life...Investing in Our Children's Future. The Case for Building and Maintaining Our Public Schools. This study examines the problem of deferred maintenance in U.S. public schools, including the repair funding required to comply with federal mandates in the next 3 years; the estimated percentage of... 12/31/1995
Rebuilding Our Schools Brick by Brick. Explores efforts made and lessons learned by the Chicago, Illinois, public school system in rebuilding its public schools. Chapter one examines the connection between the quality of school facilities... 10/31/1999
Recent State Policies/Activities: Finance--Facilities. The Education Commission of the States continuously updates summaries of policies enacted in state legislatures on issues related to the financing of school facilities. Summaries are collected from...
Recommended Policies for Public School Facilities, Section 4: Public School Facilities Funding Policies. Provides policy guidance and recommendations to officials and administrators at the state, local, and school district level to improve facilities funding. Policy recommendations cover long-term... 04/30/2005
Revitalization by Design: A Guide for Planning and Implementing School Improvement Projects through School-Community Partnerships. This manual is intended to be used by parents, teachers, school administrators, students, community organizations and residents as a guide to identifying, planning, implementing, and maintaining... 05/31/2002