Funding Options -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
Saving America's School Infrastructure. Research in Education Fiscal Policy and Practice. This book addresses funding for school facilities. Contents of section 1, Overview and Scope of the Problem, are: (1) Unmet School Infrastructure Funding Need as a Critical Educational Capacity Issue... 12/31/2002
School Bond Guide. The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a guide to the Kansas statutes relating to the issuance of school bonds and the construction of school buildings. Statutory citations are provided. Samples... 07/31/2004
School Building Assistance Program[Massachusetts]. Massachusetts' School Building Assistance program is designed to help communities undertake important school building projects by having the state assume a significant portion of all costs... 12/31/2003
School Building in Today's Crisis. Presents findings from a survey on the effect of the 2008-2009 economic crisis on educational building programs. The survey covered the impact of the crisis on publicly funded projects, the impact on... 05/31/2009
School Construction Handbook. Advises school board members on a variety of school condition and construction issues, including the impact of facilities on student achievement, how to get started with capital improvements, new... 12/31/2003
School Construction. Policy Report. This paper discusses the policy and political issues surrounding school construction, and it illustrates how infrastructure banks would work to address this challenge. The paper explores the problems... 05/31/2001
School Construction: Building a Better Schoolhouse. This discusses several innovative ways to fund school construction using public-private partnerships, including municipal/capital lease plans, operating lease plans, a service contract structure, and... 12/31/2002
School Facilities Funding and Capital-Outlay Distribution in the States. Traditionally, financing the construction of school facilities has been a local responsibility. In the past several decades, states have increased their support for school facilities. Using data... 12/31/2008
School Facilities. Construction Expenditures Have Grown Significantly in Recent Years Report to the Chairman, Committee on Education and the Workforce, U.S. House of Representatives. A General Accounting Office report examines how states and local school districts have been dealing with the issues facing their public school facilities: (1) the trends since 1990 in elementary and... 02/29/2000
School Facilities. States' Financial and Technical Support Varies This report examines the role of states in supporting school-facilities improvements. Specifically, the study gathered information about state actions to provide funding, technical assistance, and... 01/31/1995
School Fees. This paper explains that California school districts are charged with significant and varying responsibilities in both the requirements they must follow to adopt the amounts of Statutory School Fees... 10/10/2001
School Finance and the Conditions of Schools Problems relating to school environment and building concerns eat up school budgets and negatively influence the overall fiscal condition of school districts. The article examines three issues... 03/31/1994
School Finance Project, Consortium for Policy Research in Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison The School Finance Project, a part of the the Consortium for Policy Research in Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explores the link between school finance and instructional...
School Infrastructure Funding Alternatives. Examines alternative funding methods for school construction, with each method illustrated by a case study that provides a description and explanation about the financing method, how it has helped... 12/31/2007
School Property Funding in New Zealand. Describes New Zealand's school funding mechanism, which allocates to schools a fixed budget drawn from three pots of the educational property funding structure. The government's use of... 09/30/2004
SchoolGrants This site lists grant opportunities for elementary and secondary schols and provides links to grant makers, web sites that offer advice on grant seeking, grant writing tips, and sample proposals....
Schooling's Crumbling Infrastructure: Addressing a Serious and Underappreciated Problem. Reviews the poor condition of America's schools, how the situation has not improved since significant coverage of the situation in the late 1990's, and how the condition of school... 06/14/2005
Schools, Developer Partner Up On Denver Project. What used to be Denver's Stapleton Airport is now the largest current redevelopment project in the country. Stapleton is also a laboratory for creative school financing and planning that offers... 03/23/2004
Short-Term Effects of State Deregulation on the Adequacy and Equity of School Facility Projects. In 1995, the Indiana Legislature deregulated state controls over public-school construction projects by reducing the status of required specifications to guidelines. Also, local taxpayers were given... 12/31/2001
Sitting on a Gold Mine Many districts are holding property that could be put to better use. With a creative strategy for planning, analyzing, and implementing a plan for these public properties, local boards and... 02/28/1998
Soft Sell, Hard Numbers. Where's the Money for K-12 Schools? This gives advice to facility executives to do their homework on facility conditions and costs while seeking public support. The following steps are discussed: 1) Let the academic plan and enrollment... 02/28/2001
Solar Schools Assessment and Implementation Project: Financing Options for Solar Installations on K-12 Schools. Details best practices for financing and installing photovoltaic (PV) systems on school buildings. The report focuses on financial options developed specifically for renewable energy and energy... 09/30/2011
Some New Ideas Are Overcoming School Building Ills Examples of several school districts using innovative financing to build new schools, including a public private partnership arrangement in Greenville, South Carolina. Other methods discussed include... 02/28/2006
Sources of School Funding. Examines where school funding comes from, the different levels of funding districts are able to acquire, and provides some examples of unique funding mechanisms. The future of school funding is... 12/31/1999
Special Education Facilities Funding Report: An LAO Report. This report reviews the method and level of funding for special education facility needs in California and recommends modifications. It begins by summarizing special education programs, describes... 12/31/1999