Funding Options -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
State Policies for School Facilities. The following information summarizes state and district policies for capital construction and debt service in 1993-94, with definitions of several options, including pay-as-you-go financing, reserve... 12/31/1997
Successful Funding Strategies for Facility Renewal This discussion of college and university capital renewal and deferred maintenance (CRDM) explores issues facing campus managers, presents the successful facilities maintenance strategies of eight... 12/31/1996
Superintendents Apply Local Creativity to National School Facilities Problem. As school district leaders find themselves in communities where only a quarter, or fewer, of residents have children in public schools, the response to bond issue proposals is often less than... 03/20/2000
Support for School Construction: Blending Sales Tax With Property Tax. Describes how opinion by North Dakota's attorney general allows school district and city of Jamestown to collaborate in the issuance of bonds for school construction and renovation projects,... 11/30/2002
Sustainable Funding: What to Do Before the Money Runs Out. Provides advise on how schools and districts can establish continuing sources for their technology projects. Building fund sustainability into grant proposals is examined as are some general ways to... 03/31/2001
Taking Care of Business. Examines one Pennsylvania school district's efforts to upkeep and improve its 30- to 40-year-old school facilities that required no tax increases for 6 years. Highlighted are the district's... 08/31/1999
Tax-exempt Bond Proposals To Increase Public Elementary and Secondary School Facilities. Statement Submitted for the Hearing Record, Senate Finance Committee Federal financial support for public elementary and secondary schools has traditionally been minor compared to state-local support; is usually targeted to the disadvantaged, the disabled, system... 03/02/1999
The Bond Buyer The Bond Buyer is the authoritative daily source dedicated to the municipal bond market. In addition to a daily newspaper, there is an online service, archive, yearbook, and directory for contact...
The Charter School Facility Finance Landscape. Provides a national directory of private nonprofit and public providers of funding and financing for charter school facilities. Based on research and interviews with over 50 charter school... 04/30/2005
The Community-Use Trend. Examines how school district/community organization alliances help fund new school construction as well as provide students and the general public with extended services. Examples of how school/... 12/31/1997
The Development of Educational Facilities Through Joint Use Mechanisms. This paper was prepared as an outgrowth of a Getty Center symposium sponsored by New Schools Better Neighborhoods (NSBN) and its partner organizations in May 1999. The subject of joint use,... 01/17/2000
The Finance Gap: Charter Schools and Their Facilities. This study examines the facilities experiences of charter schools in fourteen states and the District of Columbia, jurisdictions that house 75 percent of the nations charter schools. The findings... 12/31/2003
The Impact of School Buildings on Student Health and Performance This 30-page report, issued in 2012 by the McGraw Hill Research Foundation, indicates that even with unprecedented investment in school facilities over the last decade, deferred maintenance and... 02/27/2012
The Name Game. Discusses the selling of naming rights for school sports complexes as a way of funding the construction of school athletic facilities. It explains how schools can effectively manage such arrangements... 07/31/1998
The Partnership Principle: Get Help Getting Funded. Provides tips on how a school can improve their odds in getting needed grants to fund their technology needs. Strategies are discussed for creating partnerships that can increase the likelihood of... 05/31/2000
The Search for Security Technology Funding. Explains that although it is difficult to find money to pay for school security technology, there are places to look. For example, the Department of Education has a list serve that summarizes various... 06/30/2003
The Shifting Sands of School Finance. Briefly describes history of public-school funding, including tuition and charity-support schools and flat grants. Discusses contemporary school-funding approaches from the perspective of educational... 11/30/2002
The State of Funding School Facilities' Needs in the United States. Investigates variations in state funding programs for school building needs. Includes table of 2001-02 primary state aid programs for school facilities. Also describes use of local voter-approved... 11/30/2002
The State's Role in Addresssing the School Facility Funding Crisis Between 1994 and 1998, capital outlay funding bills for school facilities, tax bases, and taxation bills experienced the greatest growth in state legislative activity. This article discusses the... 11/30/2000
The Viability of Lease Purchases as a Means for Funding School Facilities. Examines the use of the lease purchase of school facilities in Texas; provides background on the use of lease purchases by Texas school districts; describes factors influencing the use of lease... 03/31/2002
There Are Better Ways. Building Smaller, Safer, Effective and Efficient Public Schools. This paper offers unconventional and innovative ideas for school planning and construction in North Carolina that can create smaller and safer community schools in response to rising enrollment,... 06/16/1999
True to Their Public High Schools.Powerful Alumni Aid Major Fund-Raising; At Boston Latin, Goal is $60 Million Boston Latin School is one of many public high schools across the country that are raising large sums from former students to improve educational facilities and expand teacher training. 02/29/2000
U. S. Department of Agriculture. Community Facilities Program. This office administers programs designed to develop essential community facilities for public use in rural areas, including educational facilities. The program provides direct loans, guaranteed...
U. S. Department of Education. Education Finance Statistics Center. Education finance information for elementary/secondary or post-secondary public or private education, including publications, education finance data, and answers to frequently asked questions in...
U. S. Department of Education. Programs and Funding: Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) provides financial assistance to state and local educational agencies for maintenance and improvement of both public and private preschool,...