Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
Building America's Schools: State Efforts To Address School Facility Needs This document provides summaries of each state's activities to address their shortage of school buildings by supporting school construction. It reveals that 11 state subsidize, reimburse, or... 06/13/2000
Building Bridges of Communication: The Columbus Public Schools and the City of Columbus. Details the efforts of the city of Columbus and Columbus Public Schools to effectively communicate through an established standing committee and to encourage the joint use of property and facilities... 12/31/1995
Building Bridges. Discusses how partnerships between municipalities and school recreation departments are providing better facilities and programs for the entire community. Some successful collaborations are examined. 09/30/2001
Building Educational Success Together (BEST) BEST is dedicated to expanding the effectiveness of those working to improve outcomes for children in urban public schools, focusing on the need for healthy, safe, and educationally adequate schools...
Building School Facilities with Public-Private Partnerships. Describes the recent increase in Michigan school construction, reviews Canadian and British models of public-private partnerships for school construction, and illustrates how the same mechanism might... 12/31/2005
Bursting at the Seams: Financing and Planning for Rising Enrollments Using existing and new facilities more efficiently could accommodate increased student enrollment while producing significant savings in capital and operating costs. Ontario's Ministry of... 05/31/1997
Business Classes. News article on corporate sponsored public schools located at, or near, corporate work sites in Minnesota. This discusses the pros and cons of satellite schools. 04/15/1997
Business Partnerships with Schools: Policy Guidelines for Schools Seeking to Establish and Maintain Productive and Ethical Relationships with Corporations. This report focuses on business partnerships with schools. Supporters of school-business partnerships point out many potential benefits to schools, students, businesses, employees, and the community... 12/31/2000
Calling All Classrooms. Presents examples of innovative public/private partnerships that have successfully provided affordable telephone access to school classrooms. Contact information for each of the programs is provided. 09/30/1999
Capital Need: Innovative Financing for New Green School Projects. Describes how projected energy savings associated with new green schools can be guaranteed by an energy service company. The guarantee can be used to trigger commercial financing to cover the... 12/31/2005
Case Study. Browning School and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center. [Milwaukee, Wisconsin] This unique project brought together three partners – a school, a nonprofit community agency, and a city housing authority. Located on land within West Lawn housing complex owned by the U.S.... 12/31/2004
Case Study. Downtown Partnership Elementary School. Tampa, Florida Hillsborough County Public School System entered into a lease with First Presbyterian Church to house a K-5th grade elementary school. Hillsborough County Public School System contracted with Easter... 12/31/1998
Case Study: North Santiam School District. Oregon's North Santiam School District stretched $350,000 into $1.2 million to upgrade antiquated school buildings by implementing energy-saving lighting, heating, and control projects, thereby... 01/31/2003
Case Study: Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center at Renton High School, Washington. In 1999, the Renton community, Renton School District, City of Renton, and Renton Community Foundation formed a unique partnership. The result is an example of private and public entities working... 12/31/2003
Catching the Age Wave: Building Schools With Senior Citizens in Mind. Examining the trend toward an older U.S. population, this publication discusses why educators and school facility planners should consider designing multipurpose schools that specifically contribute... 09/30/2002
Cause and Effect. Profiles public/private partnerships that are helping to build and furnish schools during the present economic downturn. 10/31/2009
Charter Schools-in-the-Workplace Text of Florida's Charter School Legislation relating to schools in the workplace. (Section 228.056, Florida Statutes, as amended through the 1998 Session). In order to increase business... 12/31/1997
Child-Centered School Funding. This report argues, using Arizona as an illustration, for a market-based school funding paradigm characterized by per-pupil allocations that follow each student to the school of their choice. The... 12/31/1997
City Heights Initiative: Educational Programs. Price Charities is funding an educational initiative that partners the San Diego State University School of Education, three City Heights Public Schools and the local teachers union to create a... 12/31/2002
Civic Builders: Building Solutions for Charter Schools Civic Builders is a nonprofit real estate development company that provides high-quality, low-cost charter school facilities for charter schools in New York City. The organization's mission is...
Client Guide: Achieving Well-Designed Schools through PFI. Provides guidance to those involved in delivering new schools through the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). It concentrates on how to place design at the heart of the process and draws on evolving... 12/31/2000
Closing America's Infrastructure Gap: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships. Reports on the increase in public/private partnerships to fund infrastructure needs, describing the benefits and challenges of these mechanisms. For school construction, the typical models for... 12/31/2006
Collaborating for Community-Based Planning Discusses collaboration methods and the possibilities of community participation in planning learning environments. Areas discussed include helping school districts save money through business... 08/31/1999
Collaborative High Schools. [Ohio] This paper discusses the formation of collaborative high schools in Ohio and presents several incentives that the state's General Assembly might offer to encourage their formation. A... 05/31/1999
Collaborative Planning for School Facilities and Comprehensive Land Use. Examines the areas of local jurisdictional cooperation required for successful new school planning that also benefits community development. Reviews responsibilities shared by local municipal... 10/09/2000