Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Name Game. Discusses the selling of naming rights for school sports complexes as a way of funding the construction of school athletic facilities. It explains how schools can effectively manage such arrangements... 07/31/1998
The Ohio School Facilities Commission. Revamping the State's School Construction Projects. Presents an interview with the Ohio School Facilities Commission's (OSFC) Executive Director Randy Fischer who discusses the OSFC's history and its work in managing K-12 school facilities... 02/28/2001
The Paradox of Support: Charter Schools and Their Institutional Partners. Nonprofit organizations, private foundations, and for-profit corporations interested in shaping public education regularly partner with charter schools in New York. State law allows charter schools... 03/31/2002
The Partnership Principle: Get Help Getting Funded. Provides tips on how a school can improve their odds in getting needed grants to fund their technology needs. Strategies are discussed for creating partnerships that can increase the likelihood of... 05/31/2000
The Promise of a Public-Private Partnership for School Construction. Describes partnership between public and private sectors to build an elementary school in Abbotsford, British Columbia, including the context, the participants, the school, special features of the... 11/30/2001
The Public-Private Educational Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002. Procedures. [Virginia] Provides guidance for submission and completion of projects under Virginia's Public-Private Educationl Facilities and Infrastructure Act.The intent of this statute is to provide a vehicle for... 04/30/2006
The Public-Private Partnership that Built a Traditional School. A Case Study from British Columbia. SAEE Research Series No. 7. This study examines the management and outcome of the public- private partnerships (P3s) school construction project used in the Auguston housing development in Abbotsford, British Columbia to build... 12/31/2000
The Role of Partnering Organizations in New York City Charter Schools. In December 1998, New York State passed charter legislation allowing 100 new charter schools and an unlimited number of public schools to convert to charter status. The charter law has provided... 03/31/2002
The School Libraries Project. . This describes a community-based, public/private partnership effort to renovate libraries at eight District of Columbia schools. The goal is to turn school libraries into first-class libraries with... 12/31/2009
The Schoolhouse of Quality: How One Voice Built a Better School. The forces of democratization of centralized governments and institutions and the pursuit of companies to deliver customer-defined quality in their goods and services require better schools to... 12/31/1997
The United Kingdom's Part-Privately Funded Business Academy Bexley. Describes the funding mechanism and design of this public-private partnership school for ages 11-18. The open plan complements the unconventional, business-oriented curriculum. 05/31/2004
The Urban Complex in Cattolica, Italy. The Italian city of Cattolica has developed an urban complex, the Piazza della Repubblica, that offers a wide range of public services. In renovated facilities it provides a modern architectural... 05/31/2003
The Value of Partnerships. Profiles a years-long partnership between Aurora University and the Aurora (Illinois) School District that operates a middle school as a learning laboratory for the University's education majors... 12/31/2006
Thinking & Building Outside the Box. School Facilities Construction and Renovation Support for Public-Private Partnerships. Position paper in support of public-private partnerships, outlining recommendations, background, trends, advantages, and case studies. Discusses municipal/capital leases and operating leases. 04/30/2005
Transformation. Presents examples of how state and local governments, spurred by legal mandates, have cooperated in funding new school construction projects to replace their crumbling school facilities with... 09/30/2001
Under One Roof: How Public Spaces at Schools Help Entire Communities Grow Many communities are finding that agreeing to pool their monetary resources together can be a way of giving the local school and the local community room to have academic and nonacademic events. Four... 06/30/1998
Unleashing the Potential of an Emerging Creative Class: the Restoration of Maggie L. Walker High School. Describes the restoration of Richmond's 1937 Maggie L. Walker High School through a public-private partnership. A double-loaded corridor design was opened up and equipped with the latest... 12/31/2002
Utilization & Sharing of School Facilities. Asserting that as Georgia moves into the 21st century, its public education sector must examine alternative means of utilizing and sharing buildings and facilities, this paper explores the... 09/06/2000
Viewing School Facilities as Community Development Projects: The Case of Hinesburg, Vermont. Instead of accentuating differences among agendas through competition for scarce resources, community members, educational planners, and community development planners cooperated in renovating a high... 02/28/2001
What's the Secret? Confidentiality in Planning Infrastructure Using Public/Private Partnerships. Examines suppression of information when public infrastructure, including schools, is planned by design-build-finance-operated public/private partnerships. The author studies the case of a public/... 09/30/2007
When Gown Builds Town: Schools that Do Good Business. Describes several higher education projects that have created academic, residential, and joint-use facilities sensitive to their community surroundings. 10/31/2003
When Times Get Tough, The Tough Get Creative! Lists creative cost-saving and revenue-generating plans that some school districts are implementing to close budget shortfalls. 02/28/2010
Where the Action Is. Discusses how the city of Clayton, Missouri, forged a relationship with its school district to simultaneously maximize public dollars while solving its need for two types of facilities: a new high... 07/31/2001
Why Invest in Innovation for Education? Briefly describes foundation and other non-profit efforts to improve education, including school design. 04/30/2010
Worksite Charter Schools Take the Edge Off Commuting. Medical Center Charter School was designed to educate the children of some of the 50,000 employees who work nearby in the 675-acre Texas Medical Center. The idea itself is not new. At least 30 public... 03/24/1998