Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
Combined Libraries: A Bibliography. This is a selected list of articles, books, and web sites covering the subject of combined and joint-use libraries. It covers the two most common types of combined libraries: public libraries... 10/31/2003
Combined School and Public Libraries: Guidelines for Decision Making. This helps communities and school districts determine whether a combined school and public library will provide the most efficient library service for all community residents. Topics covered are:... 12/31/1997
Community Campus Plan, Pass Christian School District, Pass Christian, Mississippi. Relates how a hurricane-destroyed school was replaced by a community campus that includes the also-destroyed Boys & Girls Club and public library. Gathering all these participants on one site... 12/31/2006
Cooperative Joint-Use Educational Centers: Toward a Model for California. Develops a model for a cooperative, joint-use educational center to meet the future needs of California. Based on case studies of two such existing educational centers in Denver, Colorado and Yuma,... 06/30/2001
Coral Park Education Center. Profiles this multi-building campus funded by a lease-back arrangement between the developer and the local school district. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, a... 04/30/2009
Corning's Choice. Discusses Corning, Inc.'s relationship with the surrounding community and the problem that arose when a large Corning-backed campus-style high school was proposed that brought objections from... 06/30/2001
Corning, N.Y., Debates Company's School Plan. Corning, New York's largest employer, Corning Inc., has promised to pay what would be the local taxpayers' share of a proposed school construction project, about $60 million over 30 years... 06/19/2001
Creating a School for the Future: John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School: A Case Study. Describes the inception and realization of this revered community school created within a restored 1911 St. Paul, Minnesota, high school building, and combined with an adjoining new YMCA facility.... 12/31/2003
Creating Schools at Work Sites. Reports the trend that finds major businesses across the U.S. providing work-site school facilities for their employees' children, wherein the corporation provides the facility space, utilities... 10/31/1998
Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities Awards Describes the U.S. Department of Education awards made to grantees for charter school facilities from 2001 through 2008. 12/31/2007
Cut the Cost of Borrowing with Zero-Interest Federal QZAB Funds. Explains how the U.S. Government's Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) loans work, who qualifies, how they are obtained, and what the money may be used for. 11/30/2008
Design Quality and the Private Finance Initiative. Presents the Commission's perspective on the British private finance initiative (PFI) to deliver well-designed public buildings (including schools), and considers what policy interventions are... 12/31/2004
Designed to Share: Oregon Academic Facility Pioneers New Approach. Profiles a joint venture between Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College to build an academic facility in downtown Medford. Components of their shared vision and the challenges of... 02/28/2007
Designing Schools Based on Brain Research.[Audiotape] An audiotape explains an Iowa rainforest project that promotes experiential learning for children, and explores the effects of the physical environment on the brain. The project is a one-of-a-kind... 05/02/2000
Detroit School Repair Program: A Model for Others A marathon ten-week effort in the summer of 1999 resulted in some major improvements to Detroit's public schools. But the effort could not have succeeded without the cooperation and involvement... 10/10/1999
Developer Builds New Community School. The North Lake Park Community School/YMCA in Orlando, Florida is a developer-owned, school-district maintained, mixed-use enterprise. Five partners joined to build the campus: Orange County Public... 04/30/2000
Developer, D.C.District Team Up to Build New Elementary Schools. Describes a public-private partnership between the District of Columbia and a developer that built both a new eleven million dollar elementary school, the Oyster School, and a nine-story upscale... 09/04/2001
Development of Joint-Use Educational Facility Agreements between California Public School Districts and Community Entities: A Cross-Case Analysis of Strategic Practices, Barriers, and Supportive Elements. The purpose of this study was to describe strategic practices (defined as priority-based actions) used in the development of joint-use agreements for educational facilities between California public... 07/31/2000
Development Plan for Relocation to the Nichols Avenue School. Submitted by Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School A plan for the renovation of and improvements to the Nichols Avenue School building and site in the District of Columbia, for the future home of Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School. This... 03/28/2004
District and Builder Beware! Developer Built Schools. [Powerpoint presentation] School districts and developers working together on new schools in new communities is the norm for many California communities. However, the emerging strategy of developers constructing those schools... 02/27/2007
Doing Business with Entrepreneurial America: Protecting School District Interests. This paper attempts to identify benchmark considerations when entertaining the question of private management of public school facilities. Management possibilities include contracting for services... 10/31/2002
Doing More with Less: Using Real Estate Assets to Fulfill the Institution's Mission. Describes a business approach to management of a higher education institution's real estate holdings, with quantified goals for return that accommodate sale, leasing, and joint ventures. 03/31/2005
Dougherty Valley High School. Profiles this new California school that was largely financed by the developers of the surrounding community. Sophisticated performing arts and athletic facilities are featured. 10/31/2008
Education and Culture: Public-private Partnerships (P3s) for School Construction. Presents Nova Scotia's plan to construct all its new schools through public-private partnerships. The history, current status, and future plans of the program are presented with detailed audit... 12/31/1996
Education Goes Mickey Mouse Walt Disney is shaping a public school and a teacher-training center as part of an engineered-from-scratch residential community called Celebration near its EPCOT theme park in Florida. Disney's... 09/30/1995