Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
Guajome Park Academy, Vista Village Learning Plaza, Vista, California. Case study of an 8,000-square-foot technology and learning environment for the Guajome Park Academy, a charter school in Vista, California. The project was the result of a public-private partnership... 12/31/1997
Guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining Community Partnerships for Better Schools, Better Communitites, Better Opportunities, Better Students. Proposes a set of guidelines to be considered when establishing a public/private partnerships. The planning, budgeting, design and scheduling steps to be undertaken by the partnership are detailed in... 12/31/2002
Guiding Principles for Business and School Partnerships. Presents principles designed to help educators and business leaders develop relationships that support mutual goals, and offer long-term, sustainable benefits for students and schools. The principles... 08/31/2002
High School Becomes an Educational Park. Shows how the Allen,Texas school district shared its high school space with the surrounding community and saved taxpayers money while providing a sense of ownership and community support for the... 03/31/2001
HJR 105: Joint Subcommittee to Study the Level of Assistance to Localities Necessary for Developing Adequate K-12 School Infrastructure. [Virginia] Report of a subcommitee on the following issues: the physical and technical infrastructure needs of K-12 schools throughout Virgina; availability of local funding sources to meet those needs; public-... 09/20/2004
How Public-Private Partnerships Can Facilitate Public School Construction. There is a growing number of proposals to develop a federal school construction program that shares the financial burden with local governments for renovating their obsolete school facilities or... 02/22/1999
Industry Takes a Leading Role in New Skills Center. Profiles the Northwest Career and Technical Academy in Skagit County, Washington. The new technical and career training facility is the result of a coalition of the local school system, Skagit Valley... 07/21/2010
Innovative and Workable Ideas for Building Schools. Public/Private Partnerships: A New Way To Fund and Build Schools. This report presents case studies illustrating successful public-private financing of school construction. The efforts occurred in Canada, Florida, South Carolina, New York, the District of Columbia... 09/30/2001
Innovative Approaches to Financing Facilities. Innovative joint ventures between government, business, and philanthropy are helping finance child care facilities through various combinations of loans, grants, and technical assistance. A few of... 05/31/1996
Innovative Methods to Fund Public School Construction. Describes three non-traditional methods of funding school construction: 1) construction/leaseback, where developers build schools and lease them to the school system, but retain ownership; 2) local... 09/30/2002
Innovative School Facility Partnerships: Downtown, Airport, and Retail Space. Policy Study No. 276. This document examines three locations that schools have utilized in partnership with private enterprises to help ease school overcrowding: downtown areas, airports, and malls. The downtown model... 11/30/2000
Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3) IP3 provides governments, bi- and multilateral assistance agencies, non-governmental organizations and private businesses with the training and technical assistance needed to foster successful...
Integrated Existence. Discusses the design and delivery of the Cronkite School at Arizona State University. The article focuses on this joint city/university project, the time and site constraints, and the project... 02/28/2010
Intergovernmental Cooperation in Parks and Recreation. Cooperative efforts can eliminate unnecessary duplication of services, reduce overall park and recreation costs, and can more effectively allow taxes to meet the educational, recreational, and... 11/30/1999
It Takes Two. Discusses planning points when negotiating joint ventures for designing public recreational facilities. The obstacle and impact of money in the negotiations is examined as are handling the definition... 07/31/2000
It's in the Details. Discusses planning and funding a high school whose design simultaneously addresses the changing nature of education, aesthetics, and security while enhancing the learning process. The concept of... 07/31/1997
Joint Occupancy: Profiles of Significant Schools. Discusses the concept of schools that pay for themselves by sharing facilities with other occupants known variously as joint occupancy or mixed or multiple use of land and buildings. A financial... 05/31/1970
Joint Use Agreements: A How-To Guide. Joint use agreements provide a school district and another entity, whether it be a city, county, non-profit, or private organization, with the opportunity to construct a facility and share both the... 04/21/1997
Joint Use Facilities Provides examples of joint-use projects, joint-use analysis and recommendations, and joint-use policies from throughout California and the nation. 12/31/1999
Joint Use of Public Schools: A Framework for a New Social Contract. Explores joint use as a way to provide services to children and families in convenient locations, improve opportunities for physical activity of youth and adults, leverage capital investments, and... 12/31/2009
Joint-Use Facilities Where Everybody Benefits. Profiles three joint-use schools in three different states: Hector Godinez High School, Santa Ana, California; GlenOak High School, Canton, Ohio; and Hubble Middle School, Wheaton, Illinois.Details... 05/31/2008
Joint-Use Libraries: More Bang for Your Bucks. Discussion of joint-use, or cooperative, libraries focuses on a partnership between public and school libraries in Nevada. Highlights include benefits in enhanced services, user needs, location of... 10/31/1994
Joint-Use School Facility Agreements Strengthen School Communities. Examines joint-use facility agreements that encourage the shared use of school facilities by school districts and community entities. Explores the positive impact that these arrangements have on... 12/31/2000
King's College in London Uses Private Financing Tool to Acquire New Teaching and Research Facilities. As U.S. government funds become less available and research institutions seek greater autonomy, the British Private Finance Initiative (PFI) model may be worth exploring in the United States. With... 09/30/2004
Law Gives Charter Schools Access to Tax-Exempt Bonds. A change to federal law permits local school districts and charter schools to enter into public-private partnerships to take advantage of tax-exempt bonds for developing new school facilities as well... 03/31/2002