Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
Learning to Share. Describes two programs where schools and their communities successfully share athletic fields and a swimming facility. Cooperation of the parties has been continuous from construction through... 10/31/2003
Lease-Leaseback Construction. The Sudden School. Recognizing that drafty classrooms and crumbling ceilings don't exactly inspire students to learn, school districts are constantly looking to upgrade or construct new facilities. But inadequate... 04/30/2006
Less Is More: Collaborative Learning Environments for the Next Century. Examines approaches to enhancing school learning environments. Provides several examples of collaborative initiatives that expand the boundaries of the classroom into the community. Includes case... 02/28/1998
Let a Developer Build Your School. Advocates for use of public-private partnerships in school buildings, which enables districts to access the skills and efficiencies of private developers, while minimizing the financial risk by... 07/21/2010
Leveraging One of an Institution's Most Valuable Assets. . . The Land. Asserts that the land on which an urban campus is built can be a key asset, and describes how San Jose State University made plans to leverage its land to fund needed capital improvements through... 04/30/2002
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Educational Facilities Financing Center
Looking beyond Traditional Resources. Describes how public-private partnerships between the St. Louis School District and a handful of corporate and not-for-profit institutions with interests in neighborhoods surrounding certain schools... 06/30/2002
Lucrative Partnerships. Discusses affinity marketing as a fund-raising technique, in which supporters of an institution patronize a particular business, and a portion of the funds are returned to the institution. Criteria... 12/31/2008
Maryland Public Education Facilities Act. Senate Bill 736 This bill establishes the Maryland Public Education Facilities Act to: 1) encourage the use of alternative financing mechanisms, private capital, and other funding sources for the construction and... 12/31/2003
More Public Schools Seek Private Funds This describes the Renton Ikea Performing Arts Center project, a cooperative development of Renton School District, the city of Renton, and the Renton Community Foundation. The local Ikea store... 08/19/2002
Museum, School District Collaborate To Build An Unusual Hybrid. In South Central Los Angeles, a partnership between the district and a state-owned science museum will result in a neighborhood elementary school with a math- and science-focused curriculum and as a... 02/01/2004
National Council for Public-Private Partnerships A US-based non-profit and non-partisan organization, the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships website provides information on conferences, seminars, workshops, industry meetings,...
Natomas Superintendent Seizes Opportunity Thinks outside the Box. Describes how the superintendent of Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento, California, along with three other educators and local government officials, teamed to create a joint-use campus... 05/31/2003
Need Space? School-Facility Public-Private Partnerships: An Assessment of Alternative Financing Arrangements. Examines a variety of options for public-private partnerships in school facilities financing. Methods of structuring the debt and partnering for construction are illustrated with case studies. Issues... 12/31/2003
New Approaches to School Funding. Details a turnkey approach to school construction, simplified by the creation of a nonprofit corporation joining civic, school district, and private entities that then raises funds as a charitable... 05/31/2008
New Concepts Create Niagara Falls High School The 400,300-square-foot, $64 million Niagara Falls High School is the first privately financed, privately managed school construction project completed in New York. The new school replaces two aging... 09/29/2000
New Law Boosts School Construction with Public-Private Partnerships A little-known provision in the major tax bill signed into law will give towns and cities throughout the country the opportunity to build public school facilities faster, better, and at lower cost by... 08/30/2001
New Life. Suggests ways to preserve historic schools, including examples of partnerships with the private sector to reuse schools for other purposes. Where some people see decaying eyesores, many educators,... 03/31/2005
New Markets Tax Credits: Issues and Opportunities. This describes the key characteristics of new markets tax credits, key issues in implementation, results so far, and their future potential. Includes a case study of how Excellent Education... 03/31/2005
New Schools = New Opportunities for Youth Groups This discusses how joint-use agreements can make the best use of school facilities in many neighborhoods. Two case studies discuss the Metcalfe Park Project in Milwaukee, a three-way partnership... 09/30/2003
New Schools Better Neighborhoods New Schools / Better Neighborhoods (NSBN) is a civic advocacy organization formed to promote a 21st Century vision for California's urban school districts: new schools should be centers of...
New Schools for Chelsea Describes Boston University's (Massachusetts) attempt to build new schools to replace out-of-date facilities in the Chelsea (Massachusetts) public school system. The school replacement process,... 12/31/1993
New Schools for Older Neighborhoods: Strategies for Building Our Communities' Most Important Assets. The case studies in this booklet highlight how five communities, in big cities and small towns, overcame the obstacles inherent in creating good new schools in existing neighborhoods. There is... 12/31/2001
New Tax Law Boosts School Construction with Public-Private Partnerships. The Heritage Foundation Backgrounder No. 1463. This report describes a provision in a tax bill implemented in June 2001 that allows towns and cities to build public school facilities faster, better, and less expensively by forming public-private... 07/31/2001
New Tax-Exempt Bond Program for Public School Construction. Feds Expand School Bonds Rebate Exception. Effective January 1,2002, federal tax law will provide two new incentives for school construction. The first creates a new type of tax-exempt private activity bond to encourage faster, more... 06/30/2001