Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
New Visions for Public Schools. Facilities and Design. New Visions is the largest education reform organization dedicated to improving the quality of education children receive in New York City's public schools. School facilities has emerged as a...
Niagara Falls High School, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Niagara Falls High School, the first privately financed and privately managed school construction project in New York State, is a example of a true architecture, business, technology, and community... 01/31/2001
Niagara Falls Project May be a Watershed in Privatization Privatization is being used to help fund the building of a single, $60 million structure to replace 2 high schools in Niagara Falls, New York. The plan involves selling the 2 schools and $15 million... 05/11/1997
No Cure-Alls for K-12 Discusses three ideologies relating to school design that attempt to positively address functional and technical trends in school construction. Discussed are privatization and the ideologies of... 09/30/1997
No Room for Johnny: a New Approach to the School Facilities Crisis. A study was conducted to discover ways to improve California school district facilities improvement processes so that the state can accommodate the increasing numbers of students projected by the... 06/29/1992
Off-Balance Sheet Financing. Examines off-balance sheet financing, the facilities use of outsourcing for selected needs, as a means of saving operational costs and using facility assets efficiently. Examples of using outside... 06/30/1998
Overview of Alternative Funding. Presents an outline of alternative school funding, including a description, pros, and cons for each. The methods described are impact fees, excise taxes, sales taxes, proffers, grants and donations,... 10/01/2003
P3 Schools in Nova Scotia. This website considers various issues related to Public Private Partnerships in general and P3 School construction in Nova Scotia specifically. It includes links to a collection of interviews, news... 12/31/2000
Parting Company In a Company Town. After Corning Incorporated played a leading role in developing a plan to rebuild the local district's aging schools, the company pledged up to $60 million to pay for it. Among other elements,... 09/11/2001
Partnerships between Public Schools and Private Developers. An Investigative Report This report presents findings from investigations of seven public/private partnerships between school districts and the private sector. The report reveals that in all seven cases, school districts... 11/30/1998
Partnerships for a Sustainable Future: Schools and Community, The Rosa Parks School. [Video] This video profiles the Rosa Parks School, which opened in 2007 to students in one of the most impoverished areas of Portland, Oregon. Facing a burgeoning population and a tightened budget, Portland... 02/28/2009
Partnerships Help Build High School. After a bond issue failure, community and business partnerships helped a Kentucky school district overcome serious facility deficiencies and dramatically improve its curriculum. 02/28/1997
Partnerships in School Construction One of the biggest headaches facing communities across Michigan and America is how to pay for the construction of new school buildings, and for improvements in existing facilities. School districts... 05/14/1999
Partnerships May Answer School-Building Woes In Europe and in select states in the United States, traditional notions of public procurement are no longer the only alternative in the area of school construction. Massachusetts may be interested... 10/02/2003
PFI in Schools: The Quality and Cost of Buildings and Services Provided by Early Private Finance Initiative Schemes. Reviews the United Kingdom's Private Finance Initiative by comparing 17 PFI schools with 12 traditionally-funded schools. The report found that the quality of school buildings built via... 12/31/2002
Philanthropic Support for Public Education in the Southwest Region This report examines the relationship between philanthropy (gifts and grants provided by private foundations and business concerns)and public schools in five states -- Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico... 11/30/2000
Preparing for a Construction Project. Briefly discusses creative use of school bond funds, public/private partnerships for school construction, prototype schools, and the value of design services in school construction. 12/31/2004
Pretty Cool for a School. Describes the redesigned features of the Edison Schools of New York, a for-profit company which runs 113 public charter schools in partnership with local school districts. Designs are modular... 01/31/2001
Primer on School Funding. Summarizes state and local school funding sources and the history of direct and indirect federal funding of school construction. Types of federal, state, and private grants are described. 05/31/2005
Private Capital for Public Schools. While still in the early stages, public-private partnerships increasingly are providing a viable alternative to address the need for extensive renovation and development of public school facilities.... 07/31/2003
Private Finance for the Delivery of School Projects in England. The findings in this paper are based on case-study research in the Building Schools for the Future scheme (BSF), the largest single capital investment in 50 years to rebuild and renew all of England... 10/31/2008
Private Funds for Public Schools Discusses sources of nontraditional revenue for public school systems: the result of donor activities (the solicitation of goods, services, and money via direct and indirect donations); enterprise... 10/31/2000
Private Sector Public Schools : Fiscal Responsibility Dictates It, Says Nova Scotia. Recommends that instead of publicly financing school construction, Maryland should follow the example of other jurisdictions such as Nova Scotia, the United Kingdom and Florida. Maryland should... 03/31/1999
Privatization a Plus for First-Time Housing Development. Profiles new privately funded, built, or managed dormitory housing projects at four higher education institutions, all of whom were offering student housing for the first time. Lack of housing... 09/30/2008
Privatization Solves Housing Woes. Discusses why, with budget crunches and enrollment increases, privatization is a viable option for higher education administrators needing affordable student housing. 03/31/2003