Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
Privatized Housing Dos and Don'ts. Offers tips for higher education institutions on navigating the relationship with a privatized student housing developer: don't assume the project costs nothing, do understand the difference... 03/31/2003
Public and Private Partnerships for Public Facilities. Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using public-private partnerships to fund school construction. These partnerships can expedite the design/build process and are a particularly viable... 12/31/2004
Public Private Partnership: A Guide for Local Government. The guide describes the characteristics of public private partnership and the various forms it can take, and addresses the following topics: 1)the potential benefits and risks of public private... 04/30/1999
Public Private Partnerships in Flanders. Describes the Flemish government's plan to eliminate a backlog in school construction through a partnership with a single consortium for design, construction, financing, and maintenance of the... 10/31/2006
Public School Construction Partnership Act. S 526 IS. This is the text of a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow issuance of tax-exempt private activity bonds to finance public-private partnership activities relating to school... 03/02/1999
Public Schools, Private Profits. Explains why private companies and schools doing business with one another may be harmful to students. Problems uncovered from a decade of commercialization in the classroom are discussed as are... 01/31/2000
Public-Private Partnerships and the School Building Industry. Discusses capital lease financing of schools, highlighting systemic problems with traditional school project delivery methods, best practices of public-private partnerships, and citing North Carolina... 12/31/2006
Public-Private Partnerships for Schools Resource Center Compilation of resources by North Carolina's Triangle Community Coalition.
Public-Private Partnerships for Schools. North Carolina Senate Bill 2009. This bill authorizes North Carolina's local boards of education to enter into capital leases of real or personal property for use as school facilities. A capital lease entered into under this... 06/30/2006
Public-Private Partnerships Offer Key Option for Academic Lab Buildings. Recommends public-private partnerships for construction of new lab buildings, contracting with a developer rather than with a design/build team. In many instances, the developer also operates the... 02/28/2011
Public-Private Partnerships. Presents an interview with Daniel Barbour, and academy head at Rio Rancho High School in Santa Clara, California. The interview describes the funding of this school by Intel and how public-private... 05/31/2006
Public-Private Twist. Discusses an arrangement in Rensselaer, New York, in which a developer is building the school district a new K-12 school in return for prime waterfront property that the district owns. 03/31/2007
Public/Private Finance and Development Methodology, Deal Structuring, Developer Solicitation Many government, university and school district officials are structuring creative public/private partnerships with private developers to finance, design, develop, construct and sometime operate... 12/31/1999
Public/Private Partnerships for New Construction Discusses how colleges can finance new construction projects during lean financial times by employing public/private partnerships in an off-balance sheet financing format. Construction planning of a... 04/30/1999
Public/Private Partnerships in Quebec. Explores issues surrounding the promotion by Quebec's government of public-private partnerships to rehabilitate public buildings such as schools, including various types of costs and contracts. 01/31/2003
Public/Private Partnerships Offer Innovative Opportunities for School Facilities. Describes increased spending on public school construction over the last decade, attributing it mostly to higher construction costs, a high-intensity replacement cycle for obsolete buildings, and the... 12/31/2004
Public/Private School Partnerships: What Can Be Learned from Corporate School Partnerships. This paper reports on a larger study that described public/private school partnerships throughout the U.S. The study described collaborations in terms of their goals, organizational structure,... 12/31/2000
Publicolor Publicolor is a not-for-profit organization that brings together volunteer communities who transform public spaces in neglected schools and neighborhood facilities through the powers of vibrant color...
Pump up the the Library? Profiles the North Valley Regional Library, located at Boulder Creek High School in Anthem, Arizona. This joint-use facility was created through a three-way partnership of the school district,... 11/30/2007
Putting Health First. Describes the successful public-private partnership between the Austin Independent School District and the Children's Hospital of Austin to provide student health services. 05/31/2003
Reading Room. Describes how the Robin Hood foundation has teamed with architects to ensure that New York City's 650 schools have comprehensive and modern libraries. Offers brief descriptions of the first six... 06/30/2002
Rebuilding America's Schools. A videotape examines how two rural communities (Charlotte City, Virginia; E. Yuma County, Colorado) either built additional facilities or better prepared their students with today's necessary... 03/31/1998
Rebuilding JeffVanderLou. The Vashon Education Compact. Led by developer Richard Baron of McCormack Baron & Associates and Robert Koff of the Danforth Foundation, the Vashon Education Compact is a public/private partnership joining area businesses... 11/30/2001
Recommendation II: Efficient Methods for Developing Abbott Schools. Describes five options that the State of New Jersey and Abbott school districts can utilize to build schools, should the State enable it. These options represent various developmental criteria... 12/31/2004
Recommended Policies for Public School Facilities, Section 4: Public School Facilities Funding Policies. Provides policy guidance and recommendations to officials and administrators at the state, local, and school district level to improve facilities funding. Policy recommendations cover long-term... 04/30/2005