Funding Partnerships

Title Abstract Publication Date
Revitalization by Design: A Guide for Planning and Implementing School Improvement Projects through School-Community Partnerships. This manual is intended to be used by parents, teachers, school administrators, students, community organizations and residents as a guide to identifying, planning, implementing, and maintaining... 05/31/2002
Revitalizing Rural Education. Community Facilities Programs and Organizations Concerned about Rural Education. This handbook informs school personnel and the business community about the opportunities available to assist rural community's efforts in revitalizing their education systems.The handbook'... 12/31/1999
Robin Hood in Queens. Case study of the funding and design of a new library space in Public School 42 in Queens, New York. The Robin Hood Foundation's Library Initiative, launched in partnership with the New York... 07/22/2008
Robin Hood L!brary Initiative : A Conversation with Architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien With support from the New York City Mayor, corporate donors, and a team of volunteer architects, the Robin Hood Foundation and New York City Department of Education are developing a blueprint to turn... 10/10/2004
Satellite Charter Schools: Addressing the School-Facilities Crunch Through Public-Private Partnerships. The charter school movement is perhaps the fastest-growing reform movement in education. But with this speed comes increasing pressure for facilities. Traditional public schools, facing enrollment... 03/31/1999
Satellite Schools: The Private Provision of School Infrastructure The private-sector provision of school infrastructure in the form of satellite schools is discussed in this paper. Following the introduction, section 2 presents a case study of Satellite Learning... 12/31/1992
Saving Neighborhoods. In St. Louis, public school officials, administrators, civic groups and developers are testing the premise that a public-private partnership can revitalize a neighborhood, strengthen education, and... 10/31/2001
School as the Heart of the Community. Discusses how Niagra Falls (NY) High School was able to help in the rebirth of its declining neighborhood by rebuilding its high school to give the community something to relate to. Financing efforts... 04/30/2001
School Building in Today's Crisis. Presents findings from a survey on the effect of the 2008-2009 economic crisis on educational building programs. The survey covered the impact of the crisis on publicly funded projects, the impact on... 05/31/2009
School Concurrency: Lessons Learned from Broward County, Florida. Revised. This paper presents an overview of the intergovernmental planning and cooperation in a failed effort to defend a regulatory program for school concurrence in Florida's Broward County public... 09/24/2000
School Construction Defies Fiscal Doldrums. This first of a three-part series reports on record school construction beginning in 2002, despite a sagging economy. Reasons for the increase include bond issues passed during the strong economy of... 03/16/2004
School Construction: Building a Better Schoolhouse. This discusses several innovative ways to fund school construction using public-private partnerships, including municipal/capital lease plans, operating lease plans, a service contract structure, and... 12/31/2002
School Facility Projects in Latin America. Describes school building initiatives in five Latin American countries, citing programs that accommodate community use, students with disabilities, and public/private partnerships for school... 09/30/2004
School Infrastructure Funding Alternatives. Examines alternative funding methods for school construction, with each method illustrated by a case study that provides a description and explanation about the financing method, how it has helped... 12/31/2007
School Officials Study Facility Costs. A rural school district in Arizona, facing a huge population boom, is using public and private partnerships coupled with simple school design to pay for much needed new schools. Rather than ask... 10/29/2002
School Planning: Lessons Learned at the Celebration School. Discusses the lessons learned from Disney's K-12 Celebration School when trying to apply the latest research on teaching and learning to the school's design. The future of business/school... 07/31/1998
Schooling's Crumbling Infrastructure: Addressing a Serious and Underappreciated Problem. Reviews the poor condition of America's schools, how the situation has not improved since significant coverage of the situation in the late 1990's, and how the condition of school... 06/14/2005
Schools Adapt Old Lesson: Share and Share Alike. This article discusses several schools in New York City that are sharing spaces either with other schools or with noneducational entities. Examples include shared spaces with community centers, the... 09/17/2002
Schools and Economic Development. Discusses schools' evolving relationships with private industry and local government entities, which are providing mutually beneficial results. Examples include the community services located in... 03/31/2003
Schools and Parks: Developing Partnerships. This report outlines various ways in which schools and parks-and-recreation departments can share facilities, which allows the two parties to split the cost and double the benefits to local citizens... 12/31/1992
Schools As Centers Of Communities: KnowledgeWorks Foundation Concept Paper. An increasing number of community leaders and educators recognize that schools can be a much greater resource to the community in order to strengthen community life. This paper seeks to define where... 03/31/2004
Schools For Sale. Discusses corporate sponsorship/advertising in the public school system as a means of funding educational programs and student sporting events. Opposition to this approach is highlighted raising the... 06/30/1999
Schools Sharing Buildings: A Toolkit. Principles and Practices from the Chicago Public Schools. Much like office buildings that house several companies, a school building can house several autonomous schools, each with their own administration, faculty and budgets. This toolkit describes... 12/31/2002
Schools, Developer Partner Up On Denver Project. What used to be Denver's Stapleton Airport is now the largest current redevelopment project in the country. Stapleton is also a laboratory for creative school financing and planning that offers... 03/23/2004
Schools: More Space/Less Money. A Report. Explores a range of alternative solutions to provide school space in the most economical fashion. These alternatives include: 1) using found space in existing school buildings or non school buildings... 10/31/1971