Funding -- State and Local

Title Abstract Publication Date
Annual Report on the Status of Alternative Procurement, Project Delivery and Financing for Maryland Public School Construction. Reports on alternative financing of public schools in Maryland, describing examples of the leasing and adaptive reuse of commercial buildings in Hagerstown and Bel Air, energy performance contracts... 09/01/2009
Annual Report: School Facilities Construction Program FY 2005. Reports on school construction activity by New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation for the year ending June 30, 2005. The report includes the number of... 02/14/2006
Apple Awards Capital Project: Guidance Manual. Provides guidance for Washington's Apple Award Construction Achievement grants, a program that rewards schools improving their achievement on state tests with grants for capital improvement... 08/31/2006
Arizona Takes on School Construction and Renovation. Spurred by a state superior court deadline for developing a constitutional school capital finance system, Arizona Governor Jane Hull signed legislation (Students FIRST) that dramatically reformed... 07/31/2001
Arkansas Public School Academic Facilities Funding Act. 2005 school funding legislation that includes the Academic Facilities Wealth Index. The Index will be used to determine the amount of the school district's share of financial participation in a... 04/04/2005
Arkansas Statewide Educational Facilities Assessment-2004. Summarizes the state's 2004 assessment of its 6,569 permanent school buildings, with tables displaying numbers of school by type, facility conditions, educational suitability, enrollment growth... 11/29/2004
Asphalt, Fleets, Bricks, and Mortar This explains implementing the new financial reporting model Governmental Accounting Standards Statement No.34, Basic Financial Statements for State and Local Governments. Unlike the present... 10/31/2000
Audit of the Procurement Activities at the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization. Details five findings that describe conditions found during this audit. These are: 1) OPEFM does not have finalized procurement rules. 2) The emergency procurement rules adopted by OPEFM on August 10... 06/28/2011
Auditor's Review of the Operations and Administration of the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization. Reports that the auditor for the District of Columbia office established a procurement contract record management system that did not facilitate a review of school-and project-specific expenditurcs... 05/10/2011
Back from the Brink. Ben Reyes, chief operating officer of the Chicago Public Schools, tells how the district managed, in eight months, a turnaround from no capital improvement funds. Three major investment houses... 05/31/1996
Bond Funding. [California] The State of California is spending $9.2 billion in state school bond funds to modernize and build new schools to begin addressing an estimated $40 billion in statewide school infrastructure needs.... 12/31/1999
Breaking Ground: Rebuilding New Jersey's Urban Schools The Abbott School Construction Program. Recounts the history of New Jersey's Abbott School Construction Program, from 1990 court rulings on school facility deficiencies in poorer school districts to the present. The work of the... 03/31/2004
Breaking the Fall: Cushioning the Impact of Rural Declining Enrollment. Highlights the role that state educational policies have in either magnifying the challenges of declining enrollment, or conversely, mitigating them. The report contains 20 policy recommendations,... 01/31/2006
Build Smart: School Construction in Illinois. Presents successful ideas and identifies common pitfalls in school construction campaigns. Chapters cover the planning process, financing, site selection, design, construction, and community... 10/31/2000
Builder Teams with Municipality to Provide all School Services Pembroke Pines, Florida, is to have the first municipally run open-enrollment charter school, with turnkey educational services being provided by a division of the Haskell Company, a design-build... 04/05/1998
Building a New Role: States and School Facilities. This report presents articles that explore the changing role of the states in addressing the nation's need to build and modernize its public schools. The article, Doling Out Facilities Aid... 05/31/2001
Building a Sustained School Facilities Remedy: Arizona's Innovative Blueprint for Capital Funding. Analyzes the results of Arizona's 1998 school facilities lawsuit, the Students FIRST Act, on the state process for financing and constructing school facilities. The Students FIRST Act was... 06/30/2010
Building Aid Shortchanges the Big Cities: The Distribution of Building Aid to New York State School Districts, 1992-1999. Educational Priorities Panel. This study assesses the funding efforts of New York State's Building Aid program, and it shows that financial support for school district equipment and capital outlays has been less, over the... 01/31/2001
Building America's Schools: State Efforts To Address School Facility Needs This document provides summaries of each state's activities to address their shortage of school buildings by supporting school construction. It reveals that 11 state subsidize, reimburse, or... 06/13/2000
Building Boom. Describes how various states and school districts are coping with the need to repair, renovate, or replace schools built during the 1950s and 1960s. Discusses New Jersey's Abbott districts, Ohio... 05/31/2003
Building Our Future: A Look at the Ohio School Facilities Commission. Describes the establishment, function, and building record of the Ohio School Facilities Commission. The Commission is an independent state agency founded in 1997 to provide funding, management... 12/31/2002
Building Our Future: Annual Report FY 02. This annual report from the Ohio School Facilities Commission reports on the organization and its history and programs. The Ohio School Design Manual, technology assistance, partnering, the financial... 12/31/2002
Building Tennessee's Tomorrow: Anticipating the State's Infrastructure Needs July 2007 through June 2012. Reports that, according to local school officials, 91% of local public schools are now in good or excellent condition. However, they estimate the cost to put the remaining 9% in good or better... 08/31/2009
Buildings for Academic Excellence: A Vision and Options to Address Deficient School Facilities in Baltimore City. Advocates for improving Baltimore's school facilities, to further promote recent advances in the school system's student achievement. After describing those recent advances, the document... 05/31/2010
Bursting at the Seams: Report of the Citizens' Commission on Planning for Enrollment Growth. [New York City] The independent Citizens' Commission on Planning for Enrollment Growth for New York City has concluded that the school system is experiencing explosive enrollment growth, and that current... 12/31/1994