Funding -- State and Local

Title Abstract Publication Date
The State of Funding School Facilities' Needs in the United States. Investigates variations in state funding programs for school building needs. Includes table of 2001-02 primary state aid programs for school facilities. Also describes use of local voter-approved... 11/30/2002
The State of Washington's School Finance System. The largest share of Washington's operating budget is devoted to K-12 education. This paper portrays critical features of Washington's school finance system. It first examines current and... 02/28/1997
The State's Role in Addresssing the School Facility Funding Crisis Between 1994 and 1998, capital outlay funding bills for school facilities, tax bases, and taxation bills experienced the greatest growth in state legislative activity. This article discusses the... 11/30/2000
The Value of School Facilities: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design. Analyzes the impact of voter-approved school bond issues on school district balance sheets, local housing prices, and student achievement. The paper uses California's system of school finance to... 11/30/2008
The Value of School Facility Investments: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design. Estimates the value of school facility investments using housing markets: standard models of local public goods imply that school districts should spend up to the point where marginal increases would... 01/31/2011
The Williams v. California Settlement: The First Year of Implementation. Reviews how California's Williams Settlement Agreement and its subsequent legislation, together with action from parents and community members, teachers, school administrators, and school... 10/31/2005
Third Report to the Governor by the Interagency Working Group for School Construction. Recommends that the New Jersey legislature authorize an additional $2.5 billion for school facilities projects in New Jersey's urban or Abbott districts, along with $750 million for projects in... 09/13/2006
Transparency. Describes how four school districts experience failed bond elections, and then rebounded with wins by being more transparent to the community, involving the community in decision making, and exerting... 12/31/2008
U. S. Department of Education. Education Finance Statistics Center. Education finance information for elementary/secondary or post-secondary public or private education, including publications, education finance data, and answers to frequently asked questions in...
U. S. Department of Education. Programs and Funding: Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) provides financial assistance to state and local educational agencies for maintenance and improvement of both public and private preschool,...
Under Construction: Improving New Hampshire's School Building Aid Program. Details challenges to state's school building aid program, explains recent legislative changes to the way it is funded, and suggests new options for the future. Since the 1950s, New Hampshire... 12/31/2010
Understanding Equitable Infrastructure Investment for California. Addresses equitable distribution of infrastructure funding in California, including school facilities. Recent state bonds show promise, but a lack of a comprehensive statewide school facilities... 06/01/2005
Update of School Construction Assistance Programs Survey for Wyoming State Legislature. This report summarizes data collected from all responding departments with school construction facilities budget responsibility in 49 of the 50 sates (Wyoming excluded). Each of the 49 states was... 08/22/2001
Urban Renewal. Discusses the court-ordered, multibillion-dollar infusion of funds to New Jersey cities for improving their school facilities and whether these additional funds will cause an urban renaissance. Some... 06/12/2001
Urban School Construction: A Case Study of Alternative Financing Methods for St. Louis, Missouri. The authors, after discussing the St. Louis school system and its financial history, survey both traditional and innovative construction finance alternatives used across the country. The authors... 12/31/1970
Voter's Choice: The School Facility Health and Safety Bond Act of 1997. [New York City] Fiscal brief to enhance public understanding of a pending bond act to authorize the state to borrow up to $2.4 billion through the issuance of bonds to fund capital projects related to the... 12/31/1996
Wake County Public School System Plan 2004. Provides information and resources to accompany the Wake County Public School System's Plan 2004. The Plan is the result of a $450 million school bond referendum, covers 2004-08, and includes... 12/31/2003
Waste and Abuse: Public School Roofing Projects. This report details the results of a comprehensive inquiry by New Jersey into one aspect of school construction, the repair and replacement of roof systems, which represents the single most expensive... 08/31/2000
Where Is the Money? Finding Facilities Funds. Describes local, state, and federal funding options for school facilities in California. Local funding sources described includes bonds, school facilities improvement districts, developer fees,... 03/31/2006
Williams v. California: The Statewide Impact of Two Years of Implementation. Reviews how California's Williams Settlement Agreement and its subsequent legislation, together with action from parents and community members, teachers, school administrators, and school... 07/31/2007
You're Really Efficient and Effective: Does It Cost More? [California] This document addresses the concept of a year-round educational system (YRES), the associated costs of an extended school year, the operational costs for single and multi-track YRES calendars, and... 12/31/1991
[Illinois] School Construction Capital Development Board - School Construction Law. The School Construction Law (Public Act 90-548) was passed by the Illinois General Assembly in December 1997, largely to address the shortage of classroom space due to population growth or aging... 12/31/1998
[Kansas] State Involvement in Capital Outlay Financing: Policy Implications for the Future This monograph addresses the issues surrounding financing school buildings. Kansas finances school buildings from the property tax base of the school district in which the building is located.... 12/31/1987
[New York] State Education Department Facilities Planning Unit Report. The Education Department's Facilities Planning unit approves state aid for school-district construction projects outside New York City. This report presents findings of an audit that evaluated... 12/31/1995