Funding -- State and Local

Title Abstract Publication Date
Colorado's Crumbling Classrooms. Provides a summary of information about Colorado's current capital funding needs. 01/31/2005
Communities Need More Flexibility in School Design. Sets forth 36 recommendation of an Ohio working group, emphasizing empowering local districts with flexibility in school planning, funding, and design. Beginning with the assessment process, the... 10/31/2007
Comparing the Level of Public Support: Charter Schools versus Traditional Public Schools. Reports that New York City charter schools receive $300 less per student than district schools, if housed in a public school building, but that charter schools that own their own buildings or lease... 01/31/2010
Comprehensive State Facility Programs. Summarizes the attributes of statewide school facility funding programs in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. These programs, typically created as a result of lawsuits, are designed... 12/31/2006
Concerning the Creation of the Public School Facilities Act to Address Capital Construction in Colorado Public Schools, and Making an Appropriation Therefor. This Colorado legislation establishes an advisory committee within the department of education to develop facility and safety priorities to be used in assessing applications for grants of capital... 12/31/2006
Connecticut Health & Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) CHEFA is a quasi-governmental organization established by the State to provide Connecticut's educational and other non-profit institutions access to low cost capital through tax-exempt bond...
Court Rules. Discusses how a recent New York State Supreme Court decision ordering the repair of all facilities within the New York City School system could have far-reaching implications for other districts.... 05/31/1998
Covering Construction Costs. Across the nation, local school districts are scrambling for much-needed funds to fix up old schools and build new ones to accommodate booming enrollments. The problems go beyond the ability of many... 09/30/1997
Creating and Sustaining School Capacity in the Twenty-First Century: Funding a Physical Environment Conducive to Student Learning. Results of state-by-state study of unmet school infrastructure needs using multiple data sources. Found that aggregate unmet infrastructure needs of $266.1 billion were significantly larger than... 09/30/2001
Crux of the Problem. Discusses the obsolete mode of taxing property to fund schools, in this era where ownership of property does not necessarily reflect wealth. 06/30/2010
Current California Facilities Funding. California voters have approved a number of statewide and local bond measures to help build and maintain school facilities. However, the state's Office of Public School Construction (OPSC)... 12/31/2006
DC Public School and Public Charter School Capital Budgeting. Analyzes District of Columbia Public School and Charter Public School capital projects, budgets, and expenditures, presenting the history of facilities planning and budgeting in the District, and the... 04/03/2005
Dekalb County School System SPLOST II Forensic Program Review: Preliminary Report of Findings and Recommendations. Presents the results of an audit of the County's school construction program that offered 11 major conclusions in regard to program management and oversight by the school system administration... 05/31/2006
Directions in Facility Finance: Alternatives for the Future Reviews the options currently available to school districts involved in capital improvement financing and examines new directions in such financing. 03/31/1990
Doling Out Facilities Aid Proves Tricky. Discusses how state courts are forcing states to shift their focus of funding for school facilities to the neediest school districts. State problems in prioritizing the distribution of school funds... 06/19/2001
Economic Crisis Summit: A New Future for Education Funding. Discusses the impact of the present recession on education funding. The document outlines potential relief in public-private partnerships, venture philanthropy, government intervention, and... 11/30/2008
Education Commission of the States. Finance. Facilities. ECS has compiled information on the issue of financing education facilities. The Quick Facts section provides detail on state facility expenditures and needs. The What States Are Doing section...
Education Law Center Non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of equal educational opportunity on behalf of poor, minority children and children with disabilities, especially those attending public schools in New...
Education Laws and Regulations, 603 CMR 38.00: School Construction. [Massachusetts] Presents Massachusetts' laws for school construction in situations where state building aid is sought. The laws cover general requirements for design, materials, and construction, along with... 12/31/2003
Educational Policy: A Study of the Fiscal Impacts of the College Readiness Program on School Facilities. Investigates the impact of the Texas' 2006 College Readiness Program on Texas public school construction trends, trends in type of facilities constructed, and financial discretion.... 12/31/2009
Educational Reform in the Sunshine State: High Need, Low Funding, and a Disaffected Electorate. Claims that voters and elected officials allow only short-term solutions to financial problems and that Florida fails to address need or adequacy. Efforts to find other funding sources, equity, and... 12/31/1996
Ending School Overcrowding in California: Building Quality Schools for All Children. Reports that the state currently targets school construction funds for anticipated growth districts, but not to relieve overcrowding. Even though the 2002 Critically Overcrowded Schools (COS)... 12/31/2004
Energy Efficiency in Schools: State Incentive Options. Several states have enacted incentives to help school districts reduce their exposure to volatile energy prices and save money by being more energy efficient. Primarily, assistance for energy... 09/30/2002
Facilitating Success: The Impact of Proposition 47 on Student Performance. Reviews research examining the relationship between the quality of school facilities and student success and the value of class size reduction. The value of creating smaller schools and how... 09/30/2002
Facilities Financing. New Models for Districts That Are Creating Schools Now. This report outlines innovative ways school districts are meeting their facilities needs outside the traditional sources of facilities financing. Non-traditional funding strategies include private... 01/31/2004