Funding -- State and Local

Title Abstract Publication Date
Identifying and Funding the Greatest Needs in School Facilities Describes a solution that New Mexico has developed to overcome key challenges common to school programs across the country. The new NM-PSFA system identifies schools and projects ranked according to... 05/31/2012
Identifying and Mitigating Sources of School Revenue Erosion. Advises on how identify and counter threats made to school district revenue by shifts in tax collection. Tax increment financing districts, property tax reduction litigation, property tax abatement,... 08/31/2009
If They Build It.... Impact fees are one-time charges assessed to residential developers that help pay for new roads, libraries, school buildings, and other infrastructure needed for growing populations. The fees'... 05/31/1999
Illinois Educational Facilities Authority: Annual Report for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1996. The Illinois Educational Facilities Authority (IEFA) is a public instrumentality created to provide assistance to not-for-profit, private institutions of higher education. It does so by furnishing... 12/31/1996
Improving Rural School Facilities for Teaching and Learning. This digest examines the problem of upgrading rural school facilities, focusing on specific rural issues, conditions that interfere with teaching and learning, and new funding approaches. Almost half... 11/30/1999
Innovative and Workable Ideas for Building Schools. Public/Private Partnerships: A New Way To Fund and Build Schools. This report presents case studies illustrating successful public-private financing of school construction. The efforts occurred in Canada, Florida, South Carolina, New York, the District of Columbia... 09/30/2001
Instructional Space Review Form and Information on Changes to State Building Aid. [New York] The New York Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) has created a form for school district capital projects involving the construction of new special... 11/30/1998
Iowa Demonstration Construction Grant Program (Harkin Grant) The Iowa Demonstration Construction Grant Program was proposed by Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa and originally authorized by Title III of Public Law 105-78 for $8,000,000 becoming effective September 28...
Iowa School-Building Boom May Yield Little in Way of Bonds Iowa schools are gearing up to spend several hundred million dollars for school construction projects in the next decade, but investors shouldn't count on them to issue a lot of bonds in the... 11/30/1999
Issue Analysis: Are Impact Fees a Viable Resource for School Districts Experiencing Growth? Focuses on the growing student enrollment for M.R. Elementary, a Pre-K through 8th grade elementary district. M.R. Elementary is experiencing this growth due to four new subdivisions that will be... 03/31/2006
Land Acquisition Practices of the Miami-Dade County School District. A Special Review. This review, requested by the Florida Legislature, answers six questions about Miami-Dade County School District's land acquisition practices: (1) Does the district effectively identify its... 04/30/2001
Layers of Debt: Trends and Implications for New York's Local Governments. Details the growth of New York state local debt from $16.9 billion in 1995 to $32.8 billion in 2005. Of this amount, 47% is school district debt, which more than tripled from $4.2 billion to $15.6... 12/31/2006
Lease-Purchase Program Applicant Handbook. This manual guides applicants through the process of acquiring and managing California state funds for public school facility construction projects. Section 1 focuses on determining eligibility and... 03/31/1998
Leaving Children Behind: The Underfunding of D.C. Public Schools Building Repair and Capital Budget Needs. This report analyzes the current status of the District's efforts to modernize its crumbling school buildings. Five years ago, following an assessment of each of the District's school... 06/30/2003
Lesson Plans Are Being Reworked To Stretch Construction Dollars. This article looks at the current school construction situation in Ohio, Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, California, New York, and New Jersey. While school-related capital programs in many towns, cities... 05/12/2002
Liberty Provisions in State Policies for Financing School Construction A study based on policy data from 50 state education departments revealed that all states (except Hawaii) have policies and laws providing moderate or high potential for exercising local control over... 03/31/2001
Linking School Construction Investments to Equity, Smart Growth, and Healthy Communities. Links patterns of public school construction investment to equity, smart growth, and healthy community issues. The study builds on previous research that found tremendous growth in public school... 05/31/2008
Local Bond Elections in California: Some Vital Statistics. EdSource Factsheet This report examines the fate of general obligation (G.O.) bond measures in California from 1986 to 1999. For the entire 13-year period, the passage rate for local G.O. bonds averaged 54 percent.... 12/31/1999
Louisiana Public School Facilities. Presents statistics on Louisiana school facilities, including expenditures per student and statewide facilities spending that is significantly below the national average, the importance of quality... 03/31/2009
Maine High Performance Schools Program. Presents an overview of energy-efficient technologies that may be eligible for financial assistance from the Maine High Performance Schools Program. Artificial lighting, daylighting, mechanical... 12/31/2003
Making Better Decisions about Funding School Facilities This publication identifies the major decision points for policymakers addressing this issue and the key questions to consider, and provides examples of strategies used by other states. Primary... 03/31/1998
Making Charter School Facilities More Affordable: State-Driven Policy Approaches. Profiles policy interventions from eight states and the District of Columbia that have been developed to help charter schools address various facilities-related challenges. While the guide does not... 12/31/2007
Making Plans for School Designs of the Future. Presents an interview with North Carolina's chief of school planning, in which he discusses North Carolina school funding mechanisms and priorities, prototype schools, trends in K-12 school... 02/28/2006
Making the Right to a Sound Basic Education a Reality. Part II. Building Aid Reform, Adequate Facilities for All. Examines New York State's Building Aid Formulas and proposes seven reforms to the system. These reforms are urged to address the New York City's serious facility issues and its present... 04/12/2004
Managing the K-12 Portfolio. Reviews how the city of New Haven, Connecticut, is managing a program to build five new schools and renovate seven others. Financing and project management are covered. 05/31/2007