Funding -- State and Local

Title Abstract Publication Date
Maryland Public Education Facilities Act. Senate Bill 736 This bill establishes the Maryland Public Education Facilities Act to: 1) encourage the use of alternative financing mechanisms, private capital, and other funding sources for the construction and... 12/31/2003
Massachusetts School Building Authority School Building Grant Program. Covers the authority and constitution of the Program, with sections detailing the program's authority, applicability, scope, purpose, definitions, general requirements, general site and school... 09/21/2006
Massachusetts Unlocks $2.5B for Schools. Reviews Massachusetts release of long-awaited funding for school construction and renovation. The disbursement of funds follows a statewide assessment of school buildings, with funds going first to... 12/31/2007
Mayoral Leadership and Involvement in Education: An Action Guide for Success. Assists mayors with understanding educational issues that may affect their cities, provides strategies to assist them in getting involved in education, and conveys information about school finance... 12/31/2005
Mayors and School Districts. Discusses the increased involvement of mayors in education and school facilities issues. Examples of programs from seven metropolitan areas illustrate creative partnerships and programs that build,... 02/29/2004
Meeting School Facilities Needs: A Conceptual Proposal for Consideration in the 1998-99 Budget. [New York] The recent defeat of New York's statewide School Facilities Bond Act did not eliminate the pressing need for additional funds for school capital needs. This report discusses ways in which the... 12/31/1996
Methods of Financing Educational Facilities in the United States. In February 1990, special hearings were held by the Kansas Senate and House Education Committees on the physical condition of school facilities. This document offers a three-part synopsis: a brief... 12/31/1989
Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority The Authority makes loans to participating educational institutions, assists public school districts with loans to fund shortfalls in operating funds during the school year, and oversees the state...
National Conference of State Legislatures Information, research, and publications on critical state issues including school financing.
National Impact Fee Survey: 2007. Summarizes the results of a detailed survey of impact fees that individual jurisdictions across the country are charging. Unlike in-kind developer exactions, impact fees are expressed in dollars and... 07/31/2007
National Impact Fee Survey: 2008. Summarizes the results of a detailed survey of impact fees that individual jurisdictions across the country are charging. Unlike in-kind developer exactions, impact fees are expressed in dollars and... 10/03/2008
National Spending on Capital Outlay. Spending on Capital Outlay and Interest on School Debt: 1919 to 2000 (Local, State and Federal) This table illustrates the breakdown of total capital outlay spending for education facilities from 1919 to 2000. It includes figures on: 1) Capital Outlay; 2) Interest on School Debt; 3) Capital... 01/31/2004
Nebraska School Facilities: Educational Adequacy of Structures and Their Funding. In 1991, Nebraska school superintendents and building administrators were surveyed about the physical condition of school facilities, their adequacy for instruction, and each district's fiscal... 09/30/1993
Necessity of School Construction.[Rhode Island] Presents the Rhode Island Department of Education's guidelines for preparing the necessity of construction application, which is the process by which local districts request state reimbursement... 12/31/2005
New Jersey School Construction Corporation Annual Report. Presents the report of the Corporation's work in calendar year 2003. The Corporation is charged with ensuring that the state complies with court mandated full funding of school construction in... 12/31/2003
New Jersey Schools Agency Pushes to Be Best in Class. Objectively discusses the accomplishments of the New Jersey School Construction Corporation, while citing difficulties in site acquisition, funding uncertainties, cost overruns, political turmoil,... 11/07/2004
New Jersey Schools Development Authority: Audit Report. Raises questions about the 2008 master plan for New Jersey's multi-billion school construction program, saying that some of the school projects in the plan may not have been most critically... 06/09/2010
New Jersey's Schools on the Mend. Analysis of the need for, and initiatives to finance facility improvements in New Jersey's public schools. 12/31/1998
New Mexico's Model for Funding School Facilities' Greatest Needs. New Mexico's assessment and ranking model, widely regarded as a national best practice, is its primary tool for allocating state capital to school facilities' needs. Describes New Mexico... 10/31/2011
New Schools for a New Millennium: Court-Mandated School Facilities Construction in New Jersey. Describes history of state school-finance litigation and legislative efforts related to the construction and renovation of school facilities in New Jersey. Provides a detailed description of the... 09/30/2001
News from Los Angeles: Billions for Schools and Who Is Watching? Proposition BB and Architects. Discusses the role of Los Angeles Unified School District's Proposition BB Blue Ribbon Citizens' Oversight Committee, charged with overseeing $4 billion in school construction, and... 06/30/1999
Niagara Falls Project May be a Watershed in Privatization Privatization is being used to help fund the building of a single, $60 million structure to replace 2 high schools in Niagara Falls, New York. The plan involves selling the 2 schools and $15 million... 05/11/1997
NJPSA Recommendations on School Facilities Funding Draft Legislation. [New Jersey] This report details NJPSA's recommendations regarding the draft school facilities legislation. The analysis reveals that the NJDOE proposed models do not address the needs of New Jersey students... 12/31/1999
No Place to Learn: California's School Facility Crisis. Describes the state's difficulty building schools, due to bureaucratic delays and regulations that drive up construction costs. A plan for reform is proposed that includes exemptions from the... 12/31/2003
No Room for Johnny: a New Approach to the School Facilities Crisis. A study was conducted to discover ways to improve California school district facilities improvement processes so that the state can accommodate the increasing numbers of students projected by the... 06/29/1992