Funding -- State and Local

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North Carolina Public Schools Facility Needs Survey. Every five years, local North Carolina boards of education are required by G.S. 115C 521(a) to submit their Facility Needs Assessment (long range plans) to the State Board of Education. The results... 03/31/2006
North Dakota's School Construction Approval Process and School Construction Loan Approval Process Reference Guide. The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction has published a guide that includes all documents related to the subjects of school construction approval for schools under, and over, $150,000;... 02/28/1999
Organizations Concerned About Rural Education. OCRE is a coalition of more than two dozen education, farm, rural, technology and utility organizations who have a common concern for modern and effective schools. This web site provide resources for...
Out in the Cold. Discusses how the Alaska state courts are forcing state leaders to improve the condition of schools in the state's far-flung rural areas. The state's response and why it has not done more... 06/12/2001
Outlook 2008: What's ahead for Educational Facilities and Business in the New Year and Beyond. Predicts 2008 trends in school enrollment, construction, sustainability, maintenance, indoor air quality, security, technology, business and finance, and energy use. 12/31/2007
Outlook 2011. Forecasts issues for schools in 2011. Subjects addressed include funding, class size, bond issues, community colleges, security, construction, sustainability, maintenance and operations, technology... 12/31/2010
Outlook for Education in 2011. Describes the impending decrease in federal assistance to states, and cuts made at state levels in response. 12/31/2010
Pacific Region School Finance and Facilities Study. A study of school financing and facilities was conducted in the ten American-affiliated Pacific entities of the United States: American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated... 12/31/1992
Pass or Fail: Schools are Experiencing Mixed Results in Their Attempts to Fund Facilities Repair and Construction. Examines the mixed results from several school districts that attempted to fund their school repair and construction projects. Enrollment, building deterioration, and school construction needs and... 05/31/1999
Pay As You Go: A Better Way of Funding School Construction Pay-as-you-go funding (via local option sales taxes or earmarked property taxes) is superior to floating expensive bond issues to resolve school construction crises. Districts can plan projects more... 05/31/2000
Paying for Schools: Does Smart Growth Matter? Growth Patterns in El Paso County and the Falcon School District. Describes how three factors have combined to create an unsustainable solution for both homeowners and school districts in some of the most rapidly growing areas in the Pikes Peak region: 1) the... 09/16/2004
PK-12 Public School Facility Infrastructure Fact Sheet. Answers basic school facilities questions such as 1) How much PK-12 infrastructure is there? 2)What condition are our public schools in? 3)What difference does facility condition make? 4)How much... 01/31/2011
Planning and Financing School Improvement and Construction Projects. Although a high-quality learning environment is crucial to educating America's youth, numerous studies have shown that the country's schools are in substandard condition. Suggestions and... 12/31/1995
Planning for School Facilities Can Be Improved to Better Serve the Needs of All Students. Addresses accessibility and growth issues for Kentucky schools. The report examines relevant best practices, as well as useful examples of relevant facilities-related policies and procedures in... 10/11/2006
Policy: Facilities [National Access Network] The National Access Network, Teachers College, Columbia University compiles policy analysis and research on school facilities issues, including an overview of the issue, useful resources, recent...
Prevailing Wage Laws and School Construction Costs. An Analysis of Public School Construction in Maryland and the Mid Atlantic States. This study compares school construction costs in states with prevailing wage laws to those in states without prevailing wage laws in the mid Atlantic region; compares school construction cots within... 12/31/1998
Progress Report, Fiscal Years 1998-2003, School Construction Program. Presents a brief overview of the the State of Illinois School Construction Program, tables illustrating how and where funds have been distributed since inception, and a statewide list, by county,... 10/31/2002
Proposed Methodology for Evaluating the Adequacy of State Funding Assistance under the California School Facility Program. Presents the methodology of a California study to determine if new school construction allocations (state assistance grants and local matching contributions) provided to school districts are adequate... 08/31/2007
Proposed November 4, 2008, Bond Resolution. This Los Angeles Unified School District bond proposal also includes correspondence which describes typical repairs and upgrades planned for the schools. These efforts largely address technology... 07/30/2008
Public School Capital Outlay Council and Public School Facilities Authority Annual Report 2004. Presents the annual report for these two New Mexico authorities, reporting amounts and types of expenditures on school construction, progress on energy efficiency and indoor air quality, and... 12/31/2003
Public School Construction Cost Reduction Guidelines. Sets forth best practices and strategies for constructing or modernizing school facilities. Developed through a series of workshops, it identifies some of the key issues and processes that inflate... 04/25/2000
Public School Construction in Utah. Examines Utah's public school construction program in light of creating school equity. Recommendations include streamlining approval of construction projects, the creation of a school facility... 09/10/2001
Public School Facilities: Providing Environments That Sustain Learning. This issue brief on school facilities financing policies discusses the obstacles that impair efforts to build and maintain schools that are conducive to learning, including state funding systems that... 10/31/2006
Public-Private Partnerships for Schools. North Carolina Senate Bill 2009. This bill authorizes North Carolina's local boards of education to enter into capital leases of real or personal property for use as school facilities. A capital lease entered into under this... 06/30/2006
Quality Counts: School Climate. Education Week has recently published its annual Quality Counts, a report on the most significant developments in education policy across the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The section on... 12/31/2002