Fundraising Campaigns

Title Abstract Publication Date
Rising Goals for Raising Money. Discusses the increasing use of multiple-year capital fund raising campaigns to help colleges and universities defray the costs of attracting new students and quality faculty. An example details one... 10/31/2000
Rosenwald Schools Beginning with an historical review of philanthropic funding to promote public education for all groups in the South, the author chronicles the efforts of Julius Rosenwald whose funding gifts were... 06/30/1986
Running a School During a Major Capital Campaign 03/31/2000
SchoolGrants This site lists grant opportunities for elementary and secondary schols and provides links to grant makers, web sites that offer advice on grant seeking, grant writing tips, and sample proposals....
Signs of Hope Across the Nation. Describes the community and corporate support that has allowed Catholic inner-city schools to thrive despite initially bleak predictions for the future. Attributes the growing success and generous... 01/31/1998
Steps for Launching a Capital Campaign This document addresses many of the specifics regarding the proper positioning steps and procedures for a capital campaign in the Catholic elementary and secondary school. Provides a historical... 12/31/1995
Tax-Exempt Bonds: The Secret to Low-Cost Financing. Describes the use of tax-exempt bond financing for private schools that is particularly successful when combined with a traditional capital campaign. Such bonds are successful due to their flexible... 11/30/2003
The Big Gift: A New Fundraising Strategy for Public Schools. Discusses the advantages of organizing sophisticated development offices and hiring experienced fundraisers in public schools. Types of major gifts and the strategies for asking for them are also... 01/31/2006
The Captial Campaign Feasibility Study: Always a Good Idea This article gives the five critically important reasons to conduct a feasibility study, and how one is conducted. 12/31/2000
The Complete Guide to Fund-Raising Management A comprehensive treatment of fundraising principles and practices, including information about creating case statements, record keeping, prospect research, cultivating donors, major gifts, grants,... 12/31/1998
The Latest at Longview: 10. Your Architect Can Be a Powerful Fundraising Tool. The tenth in a series of articles exploring a single building project from commission through occupancy (the expansion and renovation of Longview Community College's Liberal Arts Building), this... 01/31/2002
The Name Game. Discusses the selling of naming rights for school sports complexes as a way of funding the construction of school athletic facilities. It explains how schools can effectively manage such arrangements... 07/31/1998
The Name Game. Discusses why it is important to be cautious and do careful assessment before giving donors name recognition as a reward for their generosity. Examples of how some schools have handled naming rights... 06/30/1999
The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising. 3rd Edition. This comprehensive handbook, a compilation of articles by highly-regarded and experienced fund-raising leaders, covers every aspects of the practice of fund development from preparatory,... 12/31/2000
U.S. Department of Education Forecast of Funding This document lists virtually all programs and competitions under which the Department of Education has invited or expects to invite applications for new awards and provides actual or estimated...
University Collaboration Strengthens School Development. During a seminar on May 5-8, 1990, the university development staff of the University of Notre Dame (Indiana) shared its knowledge with Catholic elementary and secondary school leaders to promote... 08/31/1991
Unplugged Funds. Discusses the necessity of recycling disused electronics and the advantages of removing their clutter from the school premises. Hosting an electronics recycling event is a fund-raising opportunity... 09/30/2009
What Makes a Successful Development Program? Examines five themes related to establishing a successful development program; i.e., articulating institutional aims or mission and the educational program supporting the mission; forming the... 08/31/1985