Title Abstract Publication Date
Roots and Research in Urban School Gardens Explores the history of school gardens and shows the value of these small urban plots to educators, students, and the communities served by these gardening projects. Highlights small gardens by... 12/31/2010
School Design and Students' Relationships with the Natural World This qualitative study is an exploration of intermediate students' experience of the natural world as mediated by indoor/outdoor elements. The fieldwork for this project was conducted in the... 03/31/2012
School Garden Brings Learning to Life. Teachers show their elementary school garden bearing many fruits. It's an important part of the curriculum: children make mason bee boxes, grow colonial medicinal plants, learn of other cultures... 08/31/2008
School Garden Checklist Step-by-step guide, which offers important information about how to safely grow fruits and vegetables with students. Discusses site selection, soil health, designing for students, plant palette.... 04/30/2012
School Gardens Includes step-by-step guide to building a school garden, nutritional benefits, ideas and curricula, building an indoor growing science center, resources, and more. Website created by the Department...
School Gardens - A Classroom in Every Garden
School Gardens. Constance Carter, head of the Science Reference Section at the Library of Congress, describes the history of the school garden in America and offers reasons why school gardens are making a comeback... 01/31/2009
School Gardens: Raising Environmental Awareness in Children. This paper explores the reasons for gardens and natural spaces on school campuses and the effects that such exposure to the natural world has on the students. Blending case studies, observational... 12/31/2000
School Greenhouse Guide This online guide to school greenhouses is a basic overview of key issues relevant to educators planning to run—or currently running—a school greenhouse program. It covers both operational and... 10/31/2010
Schoolyard Lessons: More and More Schools Are Finding Ways To Take Education Outdoors. School gardens can teach kids about cooperation, nature, science, creativity, and community service. Gardens also help teachers address students' diverse needs and interests. Tips for school... 06/30/2001
Schoolyard Mosaics: Designing Gardens and Habitats The book offers advice on involving students in the planning and design process, building community support, and integrating the project with curriculum and learning goals. Includes 11 garden plans... 12/31/2001
Student Gardens and Food Service. Advises on how to incorporate student gardens into the school food service. Sections of the document describe planning the garden, growing the produce, promotion within the school, social bonding... 12/31/2007
The Case For More High School Gardens. While the use of gardens as educational resources has been predominantly limited to primary schools, the skills gained through gardening are beneficial to students of all ages. Since they involve... 12/31/1994
The Edible Schoolyard. Introduces the Edible Schoolyard Project (ESP) in which students create a garden, watch it grow, and develop a bond with nature. Chapters include: (1) Implications of the Edible Schoolyard Project (... 12/31/1998
The Edible Schoolyard. On the campus of Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, in Berkeley, California, students grow and prepare their own school lunches, getting a seed to table experience that reinforces the connection... 03/10/2004
The Edible Schoolyard: Seed-to-Table Learning. This video profiles the Edible Schoolyard, located on the campus of Martin Luther King Junior Middle School in Berkeley, California. This 1-acre urban garden and fully equipped kitchen are the home... 12/31/2007
The Growing Classroom. Garden-Based Science. [Revised edition] Teacher's manual featuring step-by-step instructions and strategies for setting up outdoor classroom activities and a garden-based science program. Topics include working together in the garden... 12/31/2006
Urban Agriculture Notes: School Gardens Published by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture, this page provides useful links to urban schoolyard programs and projects, a bibliography, and other related organizations.