Green Cleaning

Title Abstract Publication Date
Greening the Maintenance Arsenal. Reviews green cleaning equipment and products, while also profiling the University of Tennessee's long-certified program for green cleaning and its Center for Clean Products. 05/31/2008
Guide to Green Cleaning: Healthier Practices and Products for Schools. Offers guidance to schools and parents concerning non-toxic cleaning practices and products. Resources for assessing products and cleaning practices are provided. 12/31/2005
Guide to Healthier Cleaning & Maintenance: Practices and Products for Schools. This paper helps those concerned with keeping schools clean and properly maintained in adopting healthier cleaning and maintenance practices and promoting the purchase and use of environmentally... 12/31/2004
Guidelines and Specifications for the Procurement and Use of Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and Maintenance Products for All Public and Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools in New York State. Advises on green cleaning practices and products for New York State schools. Sections of the document cover the state green cleaning legislation, a definition of green cleaning products,... 04/01/2010
Guidelines and Specifications for the Procurement and Use of Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and Maintenance Products for All Public and Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools in New York State. Advises on green cleaning practices and products for New York State schools. Sections of the document cover characteristics of green cleaning products, best cleaning management practices, consulting... 08/03/2006
Guidelines for Green Building Housekeeping and Maintenance. These guidelines have been designed to help an owner/manager of a facility understand the relevant issues and to insure that the correct or best practices are being employed. The guide presents... 12/31/1998
Health Hazards Manual for Custodians, Janitors and Housekeepers This reviews the principal occupational health hazards and exposures themselves and some of the related issues, looking closely at the chemical composition of cleaning products to see what components... 09/30/1990
Healthy Cleaning Goes to the Head of the Class This looks at the price of implementing green cleaning, various programs available to make green cleaning easier for custodial crews, and LEED for schools. 01/31/2007
Healthy Schools Campaign The Healthy Schools Campaign is a broad-based coalition of unions, public health groups, health organizations, and community groups which advocates for policies that make schools environmentally...
Improving School Environments Through Green Cleaning As research mounts about the link between indoor air quality and health, and as more children enter school with respiratory problems, schools, districts, and even whole states are switching to more... 02/04/2007
Irritants and Allergens at School in Relation to Furnishings and Cleaning In order to study the influence of furnishings and cleaning on the indoor air quality at school, 181 randomly chosen classrooms were investigated. The amounts of open shelves, textiles and other... 05/31/2001
Keeping It Clean by Going ‘Green.' This discusses how to integrate highly productive equipment with environmentally friendly and cost-effective products to enhance the level of cleanliness in restrooms. Using the resources of such... 05/31/2003
Keys to Success. Describes 10 ways that schools can overcome and move beyond impediments to providing safe, healthful, and high-quality education. The 10 areas include finances, sustainable design, operating... 11/30/2010
Law Could Force Schools To Go Green. Reviews a proposal in the Connecticut legislature that will require green cleaning products in schools withing two years, as state buildings and school districts already do currently. Concerns about...
LEED 2009: Impact on Operations and Maintenance. Discusses how the LEED v3 rating system will affect building operations and maintenance. The three enhancements detailed are harmonizing prerequisites and credits for increased consistency, adjusting... 05/31/2009
Making Green the Way to Go. Briefly reviews state green-cleaning legislation and recommendations, and discusses the advantages of touchless cleaning in achieving them. Spray-and-squeegee technology is reviewed. 12/31/2008
Naturally Green. Notes that needs of maintaining clean and sanitary restrooms can go unnoticed, and that some administrators are unconvinced that green products are affordable and efficacious. The article documents... 02/28/2011
New Research Links School Air Quality to School Cleaning Supplies. Reports on tests of 21 cleaners used in 13 California school districts indicating that when used as directed, the products released six chemicals known to cause asthma, 11 contaminants that are known... 12/31/2008
New York's Green Cleaning Program. Provides public facility managers, school administrators, educators, parents, and citizens free information and tools to promote adoption of effective green cleaning practices, leading to healthier... 12/31/2010
Northeast-CHPS Operations and Maintenance Guide. Advises on a wide range of topics from energy and water efficiency in a school, to incorporating renewable energy systems, as well as technologies for improved school indoor environmental quality.... 03/31/2010
On Board with Green Cleaning. Discusses gaining the cooperation of janitorial staff and building occupants when instituting a green cleaning and green bathroom supplies program. Sources of resistance, the need for training with... 04/09/2010
Primary Green Product Standards and Certification Programs: A Comparison. Compares eight programs identified in as primary market movers for standardization and certification of green building and building maintenance products. These are Energy Star, WaterSense, Cradle to... 12/31/2008
Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health This book covers the following topics: methods of high quality cleaning for good health; the global environment's effect on the built environment; why you should be environmental managers,... 12/31/1993
Q & A on Green Cleaning and the Use of Green Vacuums If workers are not vacuuming with high performance green vacuums that are comfortable, with efficient filters that are easy to change, and if they are not using a green protocol that includes a... 04/10/2006
Quality Partners. Outlines steps in the process of getting started with green school cleaning partner: determine reasons for going green, assess the building, evaluate the provider's janitorial products, request... 08/31/2006