Green Cleaning

Title Abstract Publication Date
The True Benefits of Cleaning Green. Cites the health risks from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in carpet cleaning compounds, advises on how to identify environmentally compounds and methods such as encapsulation. Advantages of dry... 06/30/2009
Then and Now: Innovations, Ideas Advance Cleaning Process for Healthier Schools Describes Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS), a standardized system for cleaning schools. 01/31/2012
Vacuums: New York School Districts Make Smooth Transition to Green. Examples of how a user-friendly, high-filtration, versatile vacuum can make a school more green and healthy. 07/31/2007
Vaporizing Soils for Effective Cleaning and Decontamination. Discusses steam vapor cleaning that cleans without harmful chemicals and, in some systems, even help prevent re-soiling for a period after the cleaning. The procedure kills mold, germs, is quick, and... 03/31/2007
Water-Tech: Making Green Greener. Lists new opportunities for chemical-free cleaning. Without introduction of petroleum products, water can be electrolyzed, vaporized, heated, pressurized, oxygenated, softened, and filtered for... 03/31/2010
[Green Cleaning] In the News. When schools publicize their green-cleaning programs effectively, it can persuade the entire community to embrace their efforts. This article promotes green cleaning programs, advising on the... 02/28/2007
‘Green' Expectations. As more organizations mandate earth-friendly specification, managers are rethinking and updating traditional approaches to specifying and using products ranging from sustainable building components... 03/31/2003