Title Abstract Publication Date
U.S. Green Building Council USGBC is a national organization devoted to green and sustainable buildings. Members include building owners and managers, product manufacturers, architects/engineers and others with vested interests...
UB High Performance Building Guidelines. Presents a set of building guidelines for University of Buffalo buildings that promote environmentally sensitive design and construction. The guidelines were created in response to an New York... 12/31/2003
University of Buffalo: Setting a Green Example Twenty years ago, colleges and universities relied on academic programs and student activities to attract students. Now, however, prospective students are also measuring their choices of college by... 04/30/2012
University Planning and Architecture: The Search for Perfection. Documents the worldwide evolution of university design from the Middle Ages to the present day, uncovering the key developments which have shaken the world of campus planning. A series of detailed... 12/31/2009
Urban Sustainability. Describes sustainability efforts at Boston's Suffolk University, whose urban campus boasts exemplary waste reduction, supplies conservation, recycling, energy conservation, green cleaning,... 03/31/2011
USGBC Students Guide to Transforming Your Campus, Community and Career. Plan for recruiting and organizing students to build a green campus movement. Step-by-step guide to starting a powerful and functional student group, identifying the greatest needs on campus and... 08/31/2011
Utility Vehicles: Driving Toward Sustainability. Reviews options for campus grounds maintenance vehicles, with particular attention to the limitations and opportunities with electric vehicles, opportunities for bio-diesel and propane vehicles, and... 11/30/2007
Walk the Walk: Architects Leading the Sustainable Evolution. Provides architects and clients with online resources and referrals to help them engage in environmentally conscious design and construction.
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Profiles this satellite building of Arizona State University, built on a tight and reclaimed brownfield site in downtown Phoenix. The use of BIM and other fast-paced construction techniques are... 08/31/2010
Water Efficiency Measures on School Campuses: A Case Study. Profiles George Washington University's Square 80, a sustainable outdoor plaza. Rainwater harvesting, native plants, pervious pavement, roof water collection, cisterns, and biofiltration... 09/20/2010
Web Exclusive: Laboratory Goes Through-the-Roof Green. Profiles a new facility at Maine's Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, focusing on the design and insulation of more than eight inches of polyisocyanurate insulation in the roofing system... 08/31/2009
Yes LEED Can. Presents an interview with Rachel Gutter of the United States Green Building Council. In it she discusses the impact of LEED for schools, hopes for support from the federal level, partnering for... 12/31/2008
‘Green' Expectations. As more organizations mandate earth-friendly specification, managers are rethinking and updating traditional approaches to specifying and using products ranging from sustainable building components... 03/31/2003