Title Abstract Publication Date
Five Unique Ways to Go Green If You're Living in a Dorm. Advises college students on how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, particularly in situations where sustainability initiatives are not prevalent on campus. Reducing energy and paper use, using... 02/01/2010
From Living Buildings to Living Campuses. Details four higher education case studies undertaking building projects with an emphasis on sustainability. New student centers at Wentworth Institute and Clarkson College, as well as science... 09/30/2009
From Waste to Energy. Discusses opportunities for generating energy for campuses using materials previously considered waste. These included wood chips, plant parts, chicken litter, and sewage sludge. Processes for... 03/31/2008
Furnishing for Sustainability. Cites what materials are preferred for environmentally friendly furniture, the rising demand for it in higher education facilities, and the costs related to certifying and acquiring it. 09/30/2008
Game On! Describes endeavors at the University of Florida, Oberlin, and Duke University to increase recycling and save energy through dorm-to-dorm competitions that sometimes offer cash incentives. 09/30/2008
Gas Pains. Discusses ways campus administrators are cutting down on gasoline expenses, including not warming up vehicles and limiting idling time, limiting take-home car use, replacement of cars with bicycles... 08/31/2008
Georgetown Goes Greener. Describes a number of ways that Georgetown University is conserving energy, including motion sensor lights in classrooms, offices, and public spaces; updating solar panels; energy-efficient lighting... 07/04/2007
Georgia Southern University: Actively Going Green. Details the advances made in sustainability in building and operations at this university, in the areas of new construction, renovation, cleaning, site management, groundskeeping. 03/31/2008
Getting to Green This is the blog of an administrator who pushes, on a shoestring budget, to move his university and the world toward a more sustainable equilibrium. 12/31/2010
Go Big Green. Discusses the increasing environmental awareness of college students, some practices of notably green campuses, and the role that sustainability might play in recruiting. 11/30/2007
Go Green Initiative Supports a comprehensive environmental action plans for schools, businesses, organizations and homes. By promoting environmental stewardship on campuses from preschools through universities, the GGI...
Go Green. Discusses ten significant reason to embrace sustainable design in school design and construction: to save energy, water, and money; reduce pollution; improve health; provide educational opportunities... 11/30/2007
Going Bold, Going Green. Profiles sustainability efforts at Messiah College, which include extensive use of solar hot water and photovoltaics, a community garden, using environmentally sound paper, updating HVAC systems, and... 03/31/2011
Going Green Midway Through the Process. Narrates the conversion of the University of Miami's Biomedical Research Building to a LEED-certification seeking facility after it had already been designed. The adjustments to achieve... 11/30/2008
Going Green. Describes the early planning required to achieve LEED certification points for site selection and landscaping. The way this process was undertaken in a higher education science facility and also a... 04/30/2005
Going Green. Discusses the benefits that schools and universities can gain by adopting environmentally sensitive practices in their design and operations. Includes resources for locating additional information... 06/30/2001
Going Solar. Describes cost savings to a school by using solar power. The article also addresses financing options and available rebates. 04/30/2011
Green Acres. Profiles some higher education and K-12 efforts at creating sustainable schools, either by following the guidelines of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) or of the Green Building... 09/30/2006
Green as the New Norm. Reviews the advent of sustainable school design from a cult topic to a standard in the last five years. While only 120 K-12 facilities have received LEED certification so far, more than 1,000 schools... 01/31/2009
Green at the Forefront. Advises on coordinating the entire school design and construction team for sustainability at the outset of the project, in order to achieve maximum results. The use of current sustainability rating... 10/31/2009
Green Building Programs in the United States. Reviews recent updates and proposed changes to the most prominent North American green building programs, including LEED, the NAHB National Green Building Standard, and GBI's Green Globes... 02/28/2009
Green Building Reaches the Tipping Point in Higher Education. Reviews the status of green building design and construction at higher education institutions, based on a survey of members of three major higher education professional associations. Attention to... 10/31/2007
Green Building Studio. Web-Based Energy Analysis Software. GBS is a web-based service that enables building design teams to integrate whole-building energy analysis into the early stages of the design process. Architects and engineers use their existing... 12/31/2010
Green Buildings and the Bottom Line. Examines financial considerations of green building across many building types, with one chapter each devoted to the practice in higher and K-12 education. Current attention to and financial... 10/31/2006
Green Buildings Research White Paper. Covers green building awareness and practice across a variety of building types, with two specific chapters for higher education and K-12 education, respectively. These chapters interpret survey data... 09/30/2007