Title Abstract Publication Date
Hardwoods 101: Finish Materials for Green Building Design. Examines use of hardwood in educational settings. Popular for aesthetic appeal, hardwood also has a place in green design, but methods used to grow and harvest must be monitored closely. Third-party... 03/31/2010
Harvesting Hardwood: Native Hardwoods in Green Design. Discusses the variety and properties of American hardwoods and certification of sustainably produced hardwoods. Recent higher education buildings that made effective use of hardwoods, and... 11/30/2008
Head of the Class. Profiles the University of Florida's Rinker Hall, an academic facility that achieved extensive daylighting throughout its three-storey structure, its preparation for photovoltaics, and siting... 12/31/2007
High Performance Public Buildings: Impact on Energy Use is Mixed. Reports that legislation mandating high performance construction in Washington's public buildings has added between 1 and 3 percent in reported construction costs. The impact of these standards... 06/22/2011
High-Performance Education. Details the collaborative design process and results effected at the new academic building at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art located in the heart of Manhattan. Project... 02/28/2011
Higher Education Construction. Building Hallowed Halls for Future Generations. Projects at colleges and universities provide designers and builders with an opportunity to produce quality buildings with an eye towards cutting-edge design concepts and sustainability. Modern... 07/31/2007
Higher Education in a Warming World: The Business Case for Climate Leadership on Campus. Reports on measures taken by various U.S. higher education institutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The report highlights the business, educational, and ethical arguments for reducing... 12/31/2007
Highlights of Sustainability. Highlights higher education's leadership in sustainability, describing the Association for th Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education programs, particularly the Sustainability Tracking... 03/31/2011
Historic Preservation and Green Building: A Lasting Relationship. This article looks at numerous case studies and specific strategies for combining historic building preservation with green building practices. Although new buildings are seen as more energy... 12/31/2006
Historically Green. Profiles the University of Oregon's adaptive reuse of Portland's historic White Stag Block for academic, community, and retail space. Features that helped it earn LEED Gold certification... 10/31/2008
How Green Can You Go? Discusses site planning that can enhance campus environmental sensitivity, including care in street configuration, parking, stormwater and graywater reuse, indigenous plantings, geo-exchange systems... 02/28/2006
How Green Is Green? Developing a Process for Determining Sustainability When Planning Campuses and Academic Buildings. Sustainable planning for academic institutions can reduce the ecological footprint and improve project performance. Structured workshops are proposed as the method to integrate green planning... 03/31/2003
How Green is Your Campus? An Analysis of the Factors that Drive Universities to Embrace Sustainability. Examines the factors that influence the adoption of sustainable practices by institutions of higher education in the U.S. Using data from the Sustainable Endowments Institute, 180 institutions were... 04/30/2010
How Green Is Your Parking Lot? Discusses options for reducing toxic runoff from school parking lots, including porous pavement, rain gardens, and bioswales. 01/31/2011
How To Renovate for Sustainability. Suggests ways to renovate buildings with sustainability in mind, with specific tips in the areas of: (1) lights; energy management; (3) walls and roofs; (4) water; and (5) aesthetics. No one thing... 05/31/2003
How to Select Products for a Green Washroom. Advises on assessing a company's overall environmental record when considering the environmental friendliness of their restroom products. Source reduction of waste, reduction of consumption, and... 06/30/2010
Identifying LEED and Sustainable Design Processes in the State University System in Florida. Explores the processes the State University System of Florida follows to help design sustainable university buildings. The primary goal of the research was to identify the sustainable design... 12/31/2009
Improvement Plans Provide Campus Face-Lifts. Discusses the clustering of building service points when improving campus circulation and aesthetics. The benefits of clustering to purchasing and operating costs, as well as environmental... 08/31/2009
In Search of the Sustainable Campus. Reviews examples of higher education institutions striving to creating a more sustainable campus. These include building green structures, mass transit, manufacture and use of biofuels, locally... 10/19/2006
Indiana University Pushes for Green Living in Residence Halls Describes a program at Indiana University in Bloomington that enables students to have their residence hall rooms certified as “green.” Program specifies 40 criteria that students can review to... 11/09/2011
Indoor Environments and Green Buildings Policy Resource Center (Environmental Law Institute)
Innovative Strategies are Critical in University Settings. Discusses district energy and cogeneration programs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program at Boston's Emerson College is detailed as an example. 02/28/2009
Integrating Sustainability in the Learning Community. Proposes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental education and proposes that sustainability be at the foundation of all design and planning professionals by the year 2015. 12/31/2004
Integrating Sustainability Programs into the Facilities Capital Planning Process. Advises on how to select sustainability initiatives for inclusion into the capital planning process. Considerations include the institutions mission, opportunities for improved efficiency in... 02/28/2011
Intelligent Building Ventilation Creates Greener, More Economical Lab Buildings. Makes the case that the most advanced studies in ventilation indicate strongest benefits from demand control ventilation (DCV), which continuously measures the indoor environmental quality and then... 10/31/2010