Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Greener Restroom. Discusses why electric hand dryers, while unpopular, are still the best alternative for school restrooms. Cost savings in paper towel purchases and disposal expenses are addressed as is the better... 02/28/2001
A Guide to Designing Sustainable, Environmental Systems. This enumerates 21 tenets of sustainable roofing, and provides as a case study the Highland Park, Illinois High School science classroom roof system design solution. 09/30/2001
A High Performance School Case Study: Northern Guilford Middle School. Profiles this Greensboro, North Carolina school as an example of a commitment to promoting sustainable design. The school features a set of green strategies that include: 1) a holistic water cycle... 12/31/2006
A History of School Design and its Indoor Environmental Standards, 1900 to Today. Looks back at the designs of school buildings of the recent past, identifying trends in energy consumption, ventilation, heating, air quality, lighting, and acoustics. Sections include: Safety,... 12/31/2011
A Model School Facility for Energy Building energy modeling predicts a facility's energy use and it can be a powerful tool for managing energy-reduction concepts for an institution. This describes energy modeling that can be... 08/31/2011
A Move towards Green Schools. This article discusses the cost-effectiveness of choosing to build a high performance school facility, what makes a school green, and explores why more new school construction projects are not taking... 03/31/2002
A New Kind of Integration: Sustainable Design and Student Learning. Describes Elk River Area (Minnesota) School District's positive experience with sustainable design as an influence on school building design and environment, lower life cycle costs, and improved... 09/30/2005
A Perfect MATCH Case study of the Media and Technology Charter High School (MATCH) in Boston, Massachusetts. The new charter school was designed as a renovation and adaptive reuse of a concrete-framed building. The... 01/31/2004
A Plaque Is Just a Plaque. Advocates for the creation of high performance school buildings, emphasizing green features that add little or no construction cost. The sustainable operation of a building, not just its green design... 12/31/2007
A Practical Guide to Planning, Constructing, and Using School Courtyards The Maryland Department of Education guideline for courtyard design is for use by local planning committees and architects in designing new schools and developing major renovation/addition projects.... 07/23/2012
A School Waste Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Composting and Buy Recycled Resource Book. Advises on improvement of recyling and waste reduction in New York schools. The guide aims to move schools beyond the state mandate for waste reduction with suggestions for handling of paper, bottles... 12/20/2004
A Student Perspective on Greening Schools: Analysis of an Austin, Texas High School as a Model for Rethinking in Green. Presents a student's perspective on the necessity of green remodeling of existing schools. Austin's 1974 Lyndon Banes Johnson High School is described as an example where initial... 12/31/2007
A Sustainable Approach. Describes elements of sustainable school design in the areas of HVAC efficiency, windows, insulation, roofing, landscaping, and recycling. 06/30/2006
Absenteeism, Performance and Occupant Satisfaction with the Indoor Environment of Green Toronto Schools. This study aimed to compare a number of quantitative and qualitative aspects of usage across a sample of 10 conventional, 20 energy-retrofitted and three green Toronto schools. Student, teacher and... 06/14/2011
Academic Achievement: A school expansion in our nation's capitol introduces a wetland to a dense urban site. Profiles Washington D.C.'s Sidwell Friends Middle School, a LEED Platinum-certified facility featuring onsite wastewater management, a wetland, extensive use of natural and recycled materials,... 06/30/2007
Advancing Green Building Policy in the States: 2011 Victories from Alabama to Wyoming. Details legislation relating to high-performance, resource-friendly, healthy and green buildings considered or passed by state legislatures in 2011, including policies on green schools. 07/31/2011
AIA Committee on Architecture for Education 2015 Educational Facility Design Awards This publication, replete with color photographs,presents the nine recipients of the American Institute of Architects Committee on Education (CAE) 2015 Design Awards, The 2015 awards jury this year... 01/08/2106
Aiming for the Green. Discusses the trend toward sustainable design for schools, motivated by energy savings and environmental conscientiousness. Typical features of sustainable design are briefly described, and the... 01/31/2007
All LEED Projects to Provide Actual Performance Data. Reports that in LEED Version Three (April, 2009, new rules require building owners to submit performance data on an ongoing basis for five years after certification. If they do not comply, their... 07/13/2009
All Signs Point to Sustainability. Discusses the role of signage in green buildings, noting that most popular green materials do not meet code requirements for accessibility and fire safety. Modularity and reusability is offered as... 12/31/2009
America's Top 10 Green Schools. Describes this online journal's selection of the ten most environmentally conscious schools. The schools were selected for their LEED certification, healthy lunches, school-wide green... 06/30/2005
An Analysis of LEED and BREEAM Assessment Methods for Educational Institutions. Examines the differences between two environmental assessment methods for the K-12 education sector: the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED Schools Version 3.0 and the British... 12/31/2009
An Elementary School with a Global Perspective: The Building as a Teaching Tool. Profiles the District of Columbia's Stoddart Elementary School. The renovated facility features a ground source heat pump system, LEED Gold certification, and a curriculum that emphasizes energy... 12/31/2010
An Update on the Greening of Virginia's Schools. Briefly reviews the numbers of and progress with green schools in Virginia. The report shows a 100 percent increase in LEED registered schools from November, 2007, to April, 2008. Also illustrated... 05/07/2008
Annotated Bibliography on Green and Healthy Schools. Provides annotated citations to one book and ten articles describing green and healthy schools research. 04/30/2008